Day 40: OMER COUNT (sun-down Wed. 9th to sun-down Thurs. 10th May 2018)…The BLESSING, READING & PRAYER…

via 40. OMER COUNT: Day FORTY/40



Click on the link above for more information…

Today’s Psalm is:

  • Psalm 119:145-152 for those who have just started reading Psalm 119


  • Psalm 100:1-5 for those who started reading Psalm 119 at the beginning of the Omer Count thereby having completed by now…

We are in WEEK SIX of the OMER COUNT!

It means we have completed five weeks of the Omer Count as per the Mitzvah/Commandment written in Leviticus 23.

We are now left with ONE WEEK (starting today evening) to SHAVUOT/WEEKS/PENTECOST!

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