Chodesh Tov/Happy New Hebrew Month Of “TAMMUZ!” (sun-down Wed. 13th to sun-down Fri. 15th June 2018)….

via Month Of “TAMMUZ”

Who exactly was “Tammuz” and why did the Children of Israel choose to name this month with such a name?

Well, that will be discussed on another page to be added soon.

Note that we don’t worship “Tammuz” in this Ministry!!!
That’s a name that was given to the month over time. It has nothing to do with us. In every day terms, we have to use the name as it is for now, until YAH ALmighty restores all things to HIS original design!

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Click on the above link for more information on this “Month of Tammuz.”

It was in this month month that the golden calf was made and worshipped.

It is also the month in which Korah rebelled against YAH Almighty by challenging Moses’ leadership over Israel.

It was in this month that Rome invaded Israel and destroyed Jerusalem including the Second Temple. The People of Israel became homeless/stateless as they were driven into exile. Wrote about this in one of my posts last year.

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This is the Month of:

  • WORSHIP – True Worship in Spirit and in Truth unto YAHUVEH ELOHIM alone!


AV/ABBA YAHUVEH ALmighty, we thank you and praise you for the gift of life and good health and the fact that you want us to understand the times we are living in particularly on a monthly basis. You do not want us to fall into the snares that are out there. You want us to press through, to enter through the door this month, into the fullness of your blessings and promises, into the complete experience of our inheritance, in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Name, AMEN!

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