It’s been 42 years in 2018! They returned to Israel on this day after victory at Entebbe! Every July 4th, we remember “Operation Entebbe/Operation Thunderbolt!”

via “Operation Entebbe/Operation Thunderbolt:” ENTEBBE RAID & RESCUE (of the Children of Israel)



ENTEBBE RAID & RESCUE (of the Children of Israel)

  • 102 of 106 hostages rescued[1]
  • A quarter of Uganda’s air force destroyed[2]

The rescue mission succeeded with the return of the Israeli hostages safely and well to Israel on 4th July 1976 (Gregorian Calendar) and 6th Tammuz 5736 (Hebrew Calendar).

We especially remember Col. Yoni NETANYAHU who lost his life during the rescue operation at Entebbe.

Operation Entebbe, which had the military codename Operation Thunderbolt, is sometimes referred to retroactively as Operation Jonathan in memory of the unit’s leader, Yonatan Netanyahu. He was the older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel.[22]

We also remember Dora Bloch who was an English woman with Israeli citizenship. She was brutally murdered by Idi Amin Dada as a form of revenge against the Israelis. She was tortured and her body cut up then body parts thrown in various places in Uganda. Sonehow, they were found some years later, possibly with the help of witnesses.

Some Israelis and Ugandans also lost their lives at Entebbe.

Casualties and losses
1 killed
5 wounded
7 killedUganda:
45 killed[3]
11–30 aircraft destroyed[4]
3 hostages killed[5][6]
10 hostages wounded

Click on the link above for more information…

Today (Wed. 4th July 2018), the 21st day of the Hebrew month renamed “Tammuz” (which happened to be 26/06/2018 this Gregorian year), we remember “The ENTEBBE RAID & RESCUE (of the Children of Israel). Throughout the Hebrew month re-named “Tammuz,” we remember “OPERATION THUNDERBOLT” and Rescue of the Children of Israel from the bondage in which they had placed by some Palestianian terrorists in Uganda.

The month of “Tammuz” commemces in June and spills over into July. It’s coming to and soon.

Praise YAH ALmighty for the successful rescue mission by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force)!!!

Uganda is known as the Pearl of Africa and is actually located in East Africa. It is a landlocked country borderd by Sudan (North) Kenya (East), Tanzania South), Democratic Republic of Congo (West), Rwanda (South West) and Burundi (South West). This country appears in the historical records of the Jews/Israelites.

Praise ABBA YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and SHKINYINYAH GLORY/RUACH HA KODESH for their mercies that are new every morning!

Be prayerful! Always seek YAH’S face for direction especially in these perilous end times!

Video: 40 years later: Recollections of the 1976 Israeli Raid on Entebbe Airport (Raid and Rescue)

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