Shabbat “PINCHAS/Phinehas” is here (sun-down Friday 6th to sun-down Saturday 7th July 2018)….

via “PINCHAS/Phinehas”

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As you remember and faithfully observe YAH’S True Sabbath weekly, may YAHUVEH GOD ALmighty remember you in every area of your life and respond to all your needs, in YAHUSHUA’S Name, AMEN!

Tell YAH what you wish HIM to remember in your life! YAH remembered various people in the Holy Biblical Scriptures and answered them, for example, Abraham (in terms of Isaac); Rachel (in terms of Joseph & Benjamin); The Children of Israel (in terms of Egyptian bondage); Hannah (in terms of Samuel), Zechariah & Elizabeth (in terms of John the Baptist/Immerser); etc.


This is YAH’S Sabbath on which we are reminded to choose which “God” we really want to live for, worship and serve all the days of lives and most particularly in these perilous end times!

Pinchas chose wisely and was rewarded!

Are you ready to join him?

Click on the link above for the TORAH Portion Reading details….

Also click on the following for some useful Teachings in relation to this TORAH Portion Reading:


  • Lessons from and Themes in “PINCHAS/Phinehas”

  • “MEGIDDO/ARMAGEDDON”: The Final Battle Between LIGHT/GOOD & Darkness/EVIL!

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