Today is: “Saturday 7/7/18!” YAHUVEH GOD ALmighty declared the 7th Day and 7th Year as times of rest! Today, also happens to be our “Weekly Sabbath” hence double “Rest, Shalom & Perfection in through YAH!”

via The Number 7; The 7th Month on the Gregorian Calendar: The Month of “July 2018” is unusual hence special!

Image result for july 2018 calendar image

All creation was perfect in YAH’S sight by and on the 7th day of the week as per Genesis 2:1-3!

May this 7th Day of the week and this 7th Gregorian Month be of rest for you both spiritually and physically in YAHUSHUA’S Name, AMEN!

May YAHUVEH ALmighty heal your heart, mind, body and spirit plus perfect fully all that concerns you, in YAHUSHUA’S Name, AMEN!


Click on the above link for more information…

Another Useful Teaching:


Related image

Important Announcements and Compulsion to PRAY Seriously:

There will be an event in London targeted at children in relation to “being or becoming a drag queen.” Please pray that YAHUVEH GOD ALmighty intervenes by not allowing the event to successfully take place on Saturday 21st July 2018 from 2.30pm!!!

Note that it is scheduled to gale place on YAH’S Shabbat. Click here for more information.

Also, pray that YAH re-orders the footsteps of those children who hope to go or stop by, etc.

Let therebe confusion in the camp of the enemy! Let the camp be diffused and scatter by RUACH HA KODESH Fire, in YAHUSHUA’S Name, AMEN!

COVER YOUR CHILDREN plus YOUTH and children plus youth around the world generally MORE IN PRAYER particularly in these perilous end times that they may not be sacrificed unto Satan through such things from a very young age and upwards!

Furthermore, click here concerning an evil planning event (Church of England) said to take place from today 7th to 10th July. Pray that YAH intervenes in the matter! That’s your way of casting your vote in the Heavens against evil earthly practises.

Finally for now, on 27th July 2018, YAH’S Weekly Sabbath, there will be a “Total Lunar Eclipse” that has not appeared in the skies in a very long time! This will be seen around the world for 103 minutes hence the longest! More information to be uploaded soon concerning this. In the meantime, sort yourself out spiritually with YAH’S help as these are all signs of preparation and warning. I heard the following song im my spirit yesterday morning. Please pay attention to the words (uploading 3 of my favourite versions):

Video: “HE (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) Is Coming Soon! (AMW) – full song

Video: “HE (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) Is Coming Soon! (Hebrew & English) – Sea of Galilee, Israel

Video: “HE (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) Is Coming Soon!

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