Nisan/Aviv/ 26: The Day on which Joseph, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S earthly 🌎 father died…

Nisan 26 has this year fallen on sun-set Thursday 8th to sun-set Friday 9th April 2021!

Have you ever wondered what happened to Joseph, JESUS CHRIST’S earthly 🌎 father?


(Amendments and Additions made on Nisan 27: sun-set Friday 9th to sun-set Saturday 10th)

Audios will be added a later date…

How did she have any children then? YAHUSHUA (JESUS; not Yeshua) had brothers, didn’t HE? John 7:5-10

Myryam (Mary) was Joseph’s second wife.

YAHUSHUA’S Brothers were, let’s say half-brothers but to be honest they weren’t because YAHUSHUA didn’t carry Joseph’s DNA at all. HE only had Myryam’s and YAHUVEH’S DNA. This was confirmed by Christian Archaeologist Ron Wyatt upon finding THE ARK OF THE COVENANT in Jeremiah’s Grotto!

Also, YAHUSHUA didn’t grow up with Joseph’s sons in the same house. The reason is Joseph’s sons were way older than him when he was born. This is why Joseph could freely move about with Myryam, for example to Mitzrayim (Egypt)🇪🇬 for 2 years and back and elsewhere.

YAH ensured that HE got Myryam a husband who had no urge for sex hence Joseph was not a young man. This enabled her to remain a virgin for life.

YAHUSHUA had to be raised in a proper marriage home so that people did not use single-parenthood against HIM. That also goes to show that YAH likes it when children are raised by both father and mother.

Here is a useful link with the full story:

The following was uploaded on the Nisan 26 of year 2018:


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