Urgent & Crucial Prophetic Words from the HEAVENS: The Bride & GUESTS OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (JESUS CHRIST; not Yeshua!) in Nigeria 🇳🇬, Arise, Pray (Repent) and Prepare Physically in Relation to the Imminent BRUTAL CIVIL WAR!!!


Note that Nigeria 🇳🇬 and South Africa 🇿🇦 are the America of Africa 🌍! Whatever occurs there will affect the rest of the Continent! They are YAH’S End-Time Clock ⏰ for Africa 🌍. Egypt 🇪🇬 also but mostly Nigeria 🇳🇬 and South Africa 🇿🇦!

The messages are pouring like rain. NIGERIA 🇳🇬, Pay attention to the warnings ⚠️! YAH loves you very much! AMOS 3:7

Click on the following link for further information:

Prophecy: Nigeria 🇳🇬, West Africa, Arise, TESHUVAH (REPENT) Genuinely and Pray for the Period and for the Effects of the Coming Civil War to be reduced🙏🧎‍♂️🙏🧎‍♀️🙏 (May 2021)

05/05 – YAH’S GRACE and TORAH (LAW): (1) Was The LAW Really Abolished by YAH (GOD)? (2) Did GRACE replace The LAW? Hmmmnn…🤨🤔 (5th May 2021)

THE RELATIONSHIP: The Matzah Unity Bag, The Binding of Isaac & YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S Cross Sacrifice!


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