An Important & Urgent Message to All Nigerians 🇳🇬 Regarding the Upcoming Protests…


Nigerians are Planning to PROTEST against the Government on the *12th of June 2021*. Which is this Saturday, all over Nigeria. But most especially Lagos

And the Powers that be ( lemme not mention the president ) have planned to Shut down the Internet on that same *12th of June 2021.*

Please tell your friends and families to Stay indoors.

Do not go outside
Do not join the protest.


will not work on that June 12th

So, *Can KILL PEOPLE* that comes out to Protest. And no one will hear or know or find evidence about it.

Internet was the Major Tools Nigerians used to be heard during ENDSARS and NOT even our Television Stations… so they have restrategized.

Telecommunications network too have been commanded to shut down networks on that day

So when they release *Soldiers and police to Kill people for coming out to Protest, there would be no SAVING GRACE or EVIDENCE. cos social media and phones will be disconnected.

Please warn your friends and family members not to go out on Saturday 12 June 2021.

May God save our country, Nigeria.


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