Blog post: The Importance of Understanding well, observing YAH’S LAW (TORAH, COMMANDMENTS, INSTRUCTIONS) and the End Times! How does this link yo Babylon??? 🤔 What is the main agenda of the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ a.k.a Man of LAWlessness a.k.a Man of Sin a.k.a Little Horn a.k.a Mahdi a.k.a fake Jewish messiah; a.k.a Predetor; etc??? 🤔 etc [August 2021]…


Click on the following to see THE TEACHING:

YAH’S TORAH (LAW a.k.a COMMANDMENTS a.k.a INSTRUCTIONS) as opposed to satan’s TORAHlessness (LAWlessness a.k.a COMMANDMENT- Breaking) Also Related to Babylon, The Two Trees in THE GARDEN OF EDEN and YAH’S SEAL, etc… [August 2021]


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