Blog Post 📫: SUCCOTH a.k.a SUKKOT – Weddings; Banquets/Feasts; Invitations and Garments [September 2021]


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1. What Are You Wearing Spiritually? Transitioning From YOM KIPPUR [CLEANSING] To SUCCOTH a.k.a SUKKOT [FEASTING] and This Related To THE COMING 3 DAYS OF GROSS/INTENSE WORLDWIDE 🌐 DARKNESS… Check yourself before it is too late [September 2021]

2. Have you accepted THE INVITATION and WEDDING GARMENT from THE KING? SUCCOTH a.k.a SUKKOT and THE BOOK OF Esther 1 BANQUET To Relation To THE COMING Matthew 22:1-14 and Revelation 19 WEDDING BANQUET [FEAST/SUPPER] OF THE LAMB OF YAH! John 2 is also discussed here… [September 2021]


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