“MOTHER EARTH, MOTHER NATURE???” Really??? Since When and How Is The Earth and Nature our mother??? Do they put breath in our bodies??? 🤔 NO, NO and NO!!! Unacceptable!BEWARE OF THE GREAT DECEPTION! THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE SUPERNATURAL MOTHER, QUEEN OF Queens and LADY OF Ladies [Proverbs 8; John 8:32; 14:6; Hosea 4:6; etc]!!! 1st – 2nd November 2021


THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS Mother Nature and Mother Earth!!!

There is one TRUE SUPERNATURAL MOTHER and QUEEN OF Queens and that is GOD THE HOLY GHOST/ SPIRIT [RUACH HA KODESH]!!! HER NAMES ARE SHEKINYAH GLORY, IMMAYAH, WISDOM! *N/B: WISDOM is Sophia in the Greek language, just so you know.* Also, Read Proverbs 8 and seek for REVELATION from THE CREATOR, YAH SHADDAI using Jeremiah 33:3; Psalm 42:1; etc concerning this issue.

Ha satan likes to mock GOD THE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT hence he there are Various feminine goddesses. *The False Prophet, Pope Francis is the fake or unholy spirit. He is also the Spiritual mother of the only begotten son of ha satan, Obama [Revelation 13]. Remember that ha satan counterfeits all of YAH’S BEAUTIFUL CREATION!*


*GOD THE HOLY GHOST/ SPIRIT IS THE TORAH/LAW [Proverbs 8:22-31; Jeremiah 31:31-40; Joel 2:28-30; Acts 2:1-4; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; etc] while YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, HER ONLY BEGOTTEN SON IS THE ENTIRE WORD OF YAH [GOD]!* Read John 14 & 15 very well.

*So, whenever we say that THE TORAH/LAW is done away with [Matthew 5:17-20; 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8], we are in essence rejecting GOD THE HOLY GHOST/ SPIRIT and HER full Manifestation in our lives and thus promoting LAWlessness a.k.a Wickedness a.k.a Iniquity which leads to hell fire as revealed in Matthew 7:21-23!* YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH said that if we love HIM, we should keep HIS COMMANDMENTS! Additionally, HIS FRIENDS DO WHAT HE TELLS THEM TO DO! This is the way to produce many good fruit for HIM… John 14-15; Galatians 5:22-23.

*It is only through GOD THE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT WHO IS ALSO YAH’S TORAH/LAW, SHEKINYAH GLORY AND THE QUEEN OF Queens and LADY OF Ladies* as well as *our HEAVENLY MOTHER, SEAL, SPIRITUAL OIL and COMFORTER that we can bear many GOOD FRUIT FOR YAH SHADDAI after we have accepted YAH’S SALVATION!* Read John 15; Proverbs 8; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; Ephesians 4:30; Matthew 25:1-13; etc.

Just as there is THE HOLY TRINITY GODHEAD IN THE HEAVENS/SHAMMAYIM, there is also an unholy trinity godhead in hell the lake of fire 🔥!!! THE HOLY TRINITY GODHEAD [2 Corinthians 13:14] ARE ONE and the Unholy trinity GODHEAD [ Revelation 16:13] are one!!!


The Unholy trinity godhead is made up of: 1. ha satan/belial/the devil/that old serpent/the dragon/azazel; 2. the beast out of the earth, Barack Hussein Obama (he has many other titles and will declare and announce himself as Jesus Christ, Yeshua, etc in the near future) and 3. the Unholy ghost/spirit a.k.a false prophet a.k.a beast out of the sea, Pope Francis! See Revelation 16:13 for evidence.

One of the things that ha satan did was to remove THE ORIGINAL NAMES OF GOD THE HOLY TRINITY and more particularly THE MESSIAH/SAVIOUR’S from THE HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES and rather replaced them with titles and Latin-Greek names. *This is one of the many SECRETS being revealed by THE CREATOR, YAH SHADDAI to us as part of the Mysteries given to Prophet Daniel in Chapter 12:4,9-10 and to John The Revelator in Revelation 10:4.* WE, THE END TIME GENERATION NEED THIS INFORMATION SO MUCH MORE THAN any other GENERATION! *The Apostles of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH knew these TRUTHS and run with them and taught them to their many converts and disciples because THE HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES had not yet been tampered with at that time.*

Now, as we all know, the devil before his fall from THE HEAVENS [Isaiah 14:12-14; Luke 10:18-19; Revelation 12] was made with SHEKINYAH GLORY just like the other HOLY angels and was extremely beautiful more than the other HOLY Angels. *When he sinned against THE CREATOR, YAH SHADDAI, he immediately lost/was stripped of his SHEKINYAH GLORY! SHEKINYAH GLORY left him just as SHE did King Shaul of Israel many years later as recorded in 1 Samuel 16:14-23.* Upon losing SHEKINYAH GLORY, the devil sought to do the same to mankind whom he blames is the cause of his fall hence 666 is the mark of the beast! *Remember that he, the devil and 600 angels of who he was in-charge rebelled against THE  CREATOR, YAHUVEH when YAHUVEH instructed him, at the time, Azazel and all the HOLY Angels in THE HEAVENS to bow before Adam upon Adam’s Creation.* This is revealed in THE LOST GOSPEL OF BARTHOLOMEW as well as in THE LEGENDS OF THE JEWS; etc. So, 600 HOLY Angels fell plus Azazel and mankind was created on the 6th Day of the week hence the word Fallen and thus Needing YAH’S SALVATION!

*This background information is so very useful as it throws more light as to why the devil hates THE TORAH/LAW and will do anything to cause mankind to do away with it.* It is important to know that THE TORAH/LAW IS THE MOST PRIZED PRIZED POSSESSION OF ABBA YAHUVEH [YAHWEH] in THE HEAVENS! This was revealed to Moshe [Moses] as recorded in THE LEGENDS OF THE JEWS as Moshe descended from the HEAVENS to the earth 🌎 with THE HOLY TABLES OF STONE WITH THE TEN COMMANDMENTS [Exodus  20] WRITTEN ON THEM!!!


Due to the fact that azazel had lost SHEKINYAH GLORY and thus looked hideous and was naked – *so, shame and disgrace was upon him in replacement of SHEKINYAH GLORY and SHEKINYAH GLORY IS FEMININE IN NATURE, the devil set out against all human females to ensure that they all end up in hell fire 🔥 for eternity!* This is why Chavvah a.k.a Eve was the Main target in THE GARDEN OF EDEN, after all, THE COMMANDMENT of YAH was not directly given to her. *The devil went after Chavvah through the serpent and thus became that old serpent as per Revelation 12:9-10 so as to get back at GOD THE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT, SHEKINYAH GLORY!* ALL FEMALES WETE MADE IN GOD THE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT’S IMAGE!!!

The devil did not stop there. He also went as far as introducing beauty products, abominable clothing, hair; hair styles; etc through the Cainites so that as many women as possible can end up in hell fire 🔥 for eternity!

*The next step was to introduce homosexuality and later on lesbianism and bisexuality.*

So, when enacting the plan to form the Unholy trinity godhead, due to the hatred towards SHEKINYAH GLORY [GOD THE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT] and all who are made in HER IMAGE AND AFTER HER LIKENESS, that is to say, Female humans, *the devil decided to make his third person of his unholy/fake trinity to be a male, that is to say, Pope Francis, the beast out of the sea as per Revelation 13:1-10; 16:13. Then, the next step was to translate this to Christianity ✝️ after creating Christianity ✝️ out of Messianic Judaism 🕎 ✝️!* This is why to this day, it is very difficult to find a BIBLE TRANSLATION that says that GOD THE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT IS FEMININE! It is all part of the devil’s agenda. *The devil wants People to believe in Pope Francis, so how can they if the masses know that GOD THE HOLY GHOST/ SPIRIT [RUACH HA KODESH a.k.a SHEKINYAH GLORY a.k.a IMMAYAH a.k.a WISDOM] Is FEMININE???* 🤔

So, don’t know how it happened however it is safe to say that Pope Francis, the beast out of the sea is the mother of Barack Hussein Obama, the beast out of the earth 🌎 in the Spiritual Realm!

Remember that the sea is often referred to as she and The Roman Catholic Church is referred to as sitting on many waters meaning that she has spread her influence far and wife – worldwide 🌐!

*Rome, Italy 🇮🇹 through The Roman Catholic Church birthed/created Islam ☪️ and spread it amongst the Ishmaelites with an agenda against ISRAEL. Rome is Esau and Esau hates his brother, Jacob Israel! * So, Rome birthed Islam as a weapon of war against YAH’S TORAH/LAW which is strictly upheld by ISRAEL 🕎!

So, while the mother, Pope Francis is Roman Catholic, Obama, his only begotten son as well as that of ha satan is Muslim ☪️ (Islamic)!

*Beast out of the sea gave birth to beast out of the earth 🌎 – Revelation 13 and ha satan sits right inside of them hence their sign of arrival is Lightning as per Luke 10:18-19.* Just before Pope Francis took over The Vatican as Pope, Lightning struck The Vatican. Obama, at his birthday party back in August 2021, allowed Lightning sparks to keep coming out of him physically while hitting others around him. This was a major give-away of his true identity as the fulfilment of Luke 10:18-19; 2 Thessalonians 2:6-8; Revelation 12:3-4, 9-10; Daniel 7; Revelation 17:10-11; Daniel 11:36-37, 39; etc].

*Additionally, Obama was cloned in the flesh using Akhenaten, one of the many historical Pharoahs of Mitzrayim/Egypt. This one is extremely outstanding because he promoted sun-worship hence he has the word, Aten added to his name. And Aten is linked to Meta Verse (the new Facebook name). More information on this to come…* Obama is ha satan incarnate (human form) hence his number is the number of man and his number is 666! Remember that ha satan and his cohorts refused to bow to THE CREATOR, YAH’S IMAGE AND LIKENESS, mankind starting with Adam and thus led 600 other angels to rebel against THE CREATOR, YAH ALMIGHTY and man’s number is 6. *So, the number recorded in Revelation 13 appears in Luke 10:18-19 in THE HEBREW BIBLES!!! You can only see this in THE HEBREW LANGUAGE and this is why most Christians ✝️ are still blind to THE TRUE IDENTITY of the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ who is right before our very eyes. MOST CHRISTIANS ✝️ ARE NOT INTERESTED IN HEBREW, HEBREW BIBLES AND THE HEBREW ROOTS/FOUNDATION OF THE CHRISTIAN ✝️ FAITH!!!* Obama has been in existence for a very long time in the Spiritual Realm. He will operate like Hitler, The Predetor, The Terminator, etc in these end times. The earlier one knows this, the better so they can prepare well for the times ahead!!!

*YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; Not Yeshua!] while on earth 🌎 in human form [incarnate] as Prophesied by Various HOLY PROPHETS OF YAH, was a BLACK MAN born in THE HOLY LAND, ISRA’EL 🕎!* This is YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and HUS Earthly Parents, YAHUsef [Joseph] and Myryam [Mary] could hide in Mitzrayim/Egypt. The Israeli and Eguptian people of that time why were people of colour. Today, they are mixed hence it is difficult to know and accept THE TRUTH which Sets free as per John 14:6, 32; Hosea 4:6; etc. *So, as the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ is the absolute opposite of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, he bears similar qualities of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH however Obama’s are all negative. THE SECRET TO SECOND REVELATION TO JOHN reveals that the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ will have a dusky ⚫ skin colour.* And how you understand the word, DUSKY 🌆?* It means dark and is often used to refer to BLACK ⚫ PEOPLE . This is one of the many aspects of the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ which YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH described to John The Revelator when John enquired of HIM.

The main target of the Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ is the Black People (to lead as many of them to hell fire as possible) and sadly, many of them love and support him very much 😭😭😭 l. *The White people will also be targeted particularly the Jews as there will be a Second Holocaust in Europe in the future as Revealed Prophetically by THE CREATOR, YAH SHADDAI!* Most Jews these days are White just like they were during the first Holocaust! *The plans for this are underway as revealed through the recent 15th October 2021 Gates of Hell Exhibition in Rome, Italy 🇮🇹 (Quirinale).*

The Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ is known as The LAWless One [2 Thessalonians 2:6-8]. He is also Gog and thus the head of Magog as revealed by YAH ALMIGHTY. It means that he has no regard for GOD THE HOLY GHOST/ SPIRIT WHO IS YAH’S TORAH/LAW as per Jeremiah 31:31-40! His time is short. HalleluYAH for he will be exposed and destroyed the end. 👏👏👏

*So as to continue further to mock GOD THE HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT WHO IS THE ONLY TRUE SUPERNATURAL MOTHER, ha satan started to introduce and spread the phrases, “Mother Earth and Mother Nature!”*

Know this, The More we humans disregard YAH’S TORAH/LAW and thus HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT, the more Famines and droughts we get because our source of food is from THE ONLY TRUE HEAVENLY MOTHER! *This is what the devil wants for us humans so that we can complain THE CREATOR, YAH the more and more and more and eventually curse YAH and die then end up in hell fire. Remember Philippians 2:12-16 which instructs us to do all things without complaining or arguing!!!* Remember this HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURE and the following also: Matthew 6:26-34; Philippians 4:19. YAH PROVIDES ALL OUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS REACHES IN GLORY especially when we endeavour to live HOPY before HIM and thus PIOUS – 1 Peter 1:16; Hebrews 12:14; Leviticus; Deuteronomy 30:19; 1 Joshua 1:8; etc.

*YAHUVEH says in THE LEGENDS OF THE JEWS that HE kept The Children of ISRAEL 🕎 in the Wilderness/ Desert 🏜 for 40 years so that they could learn, fall in love with and get accustomed to HIS TORAH/LAW* which they received on SHAVU’OT [WEEKS] PENTECOST and again on YOM KIPPUR [DAY OF ATONEMENT] in physical form and then in THE UPPER ROOM IN THE SECOND TEMPLE IN JERUSALEM, ISRAEL in Spiritual Form many years later.

YAHUVEH was concerned that if HE allowed the Children of Israel to reach THE PROMISED LAND so quickly, they would get carried away with making a Daily living and forget HIS TORAH which they were supposed to read and Memorise and practice daily without fail.

*So, if YAHUVEH could do that, then, hoe much more can HE do just to prove to the humans of this end time Generation that HIS TORAH/LAW is not done away with and that THE TORAH/LAW is in fact HIS MOST PRIZED POSSESSION???* Much Devastation and A Greater Famine and Drought than ever on their way to the earth 🌎 in this Great Tribulation a.k.a Time of Jacob’s Sorrow/Trouble [Jeremiah 30:6-7]!

So, Famines came as a result of YAH’S JUDGEMENT for rejecting HIS TORAH/LAW a.k.a SHEKINYAH GLORY a.k.a IMMAYAH a.k.a WISDOM a.k.a GOD THE HOLY GHOST/ SPIRIT! All out needs and wants are tied to how we treat HER. Remember that THE FEAR OF YAH IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM! Proverbs 9:10

YAH’S mear CREATION, in this case, the earth 🌎 and nature are not and can never be our mother!!!

*It is through SHEKINYAH GLORY that we get our BREATH IN OUR BODIES! SHE IS OUR BREATH!* SHE together with YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH give the ability to our earthly parents to conceive and birth and raise us though many do not raise their children in the right manner, sadly 😢😭. Nevertheless, we are to respect/ honour them just as we are instructed in 5th of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!

*NOTE 📝🗒📓🎵 THAT it is the Roman Catholic Church a.k.a Esau who tampered with YAH’S TEN COMMANDMENTS July removing 1, replacing it by breaking ONE OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS into 2 and then altering some a little.* It is the same Roman Catholic Church who have created various satanic and/or misleading BIBLE VERSIONS! It is also the same Roman Catholic Church thst has created various religions and denominations. *It is the same Roman Catholic Church which has decided that the sermon on the mount needs to be amended and a new Bible version is necessary. So, BEWARE!!! The Roman Catholic Church and their head are constantly presenting themselves as the fake or unholy spirit incarnate!!!*

*Remember that GOD THE HOLY GHOST/ SPIRIT IS YAH’S TORAH/LAW and SHEKINYAH GLORY and YAHUVEH’S MOST PRIZED POSSESSION thus we are not to grieve HER or else we will be doomed.* Ephesians 4:30

BE HOLY AS YAH IS HOLY! 1 Peter 1:16; Hebrews 12:14.

DO NOT BE CONFORMED TO THE STANDARD OF this sinful fallen broken and distressing world!!! Romans 12:1-2; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; 2 Corinthians 6:11-18; etc.


Will stop here for now. Praying that this TEACHING IS A BLESSING to you. Will share more information in another teaching.