Pray 🧎‍♂️🧎‍♀️ 🙌 for and Reach Out To The Vaccinated 💉 People Before It Is Too Late (August 2021)


By too late I am talking about before the Terrible Day of THE LORD YAHUVEH (YAHWEH) Comes! We are in the Season of its Manifestation!

*PRAY DAILY IN YOUR CLOSET AND Reach out to someone before it is too late so that they do not perish in Hell fire for eternity as a result of taking the satanic poison 💉, Brethen. Ensure that you are led by HOLY SPIRIT…*


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Dream about the V from a little kid – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS

By 444 Prophecy News on 2021/07/29 / bohdanchreptak

Dream about the V from a little kidJULY 29, 2021 6:50 AM

This is from one member of my group, I feel it’s a very important revelation, so I translated it, please take this to the Lord for the confirmation, and also thank you all for the prayers for my husband’s Visa issue which went very smoothly, no any trouble, glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, and thank God so much for all your prayers.


Here is the translation:

I know you have been worrying about those who have taken the V, I want to tell you a news, there was a little child received a dream last night, very vivid.

He said, in his dream, he went to a base, hiding behind a rock, saw those who have taken the V, they all turned into monsters.

Then, these monsters are all concentrated in a base, this base was controlled by the Devil. He sat on his throne, wearing a crown. Demons were torturing and commanding these monsters.

He was hiding behind the rock secretly, saw everything was happening inside, and also found demons of this base who all have a life of book in their hands.

He said he knows there is the life of book in the Heaven, but in here, he saw these demons also have a life of book. Those who didn’t take the V, their names all are in this book.

Then, the Devil would send his soldiers, monsters, and those guards to catch those people who didn’t take the V, and then, bring them into this base, and force them to take the V to turn them all into monsters, this is so terrible!

There were guards in this base, he said, he happened to meet another little child there who called Luna, she is just like him, didn’t take the V, ran away and got in here by mistake.

She also hid inside to discover the secret of this base, they two discuss how to escape from there. They found a way to escape, the guards found them, they chased them, to catch them back to be vaccinated. They hid well, not being found by the demons who were chasing them.

They two found another base, but this one is a good one, people who didn’t take the V were inside of this base.

Then, they jumped into it, all people there have not been vaccinated. They have many weapons, one of them just like soap bubbles, kept blowing bubbles, they can cover people in them, and you can fly around in it.

People at this base said if taking the holy light pill, those who have taken the V can be turned back to normal human from monsters.

Then he and Luna was going to find this pill. The Devil didn’t want those monsters to get the pill and take it, so he put monster Town in a circle of a kind of light to keep the angels from spreading their pills.

They were covered by that soap bubble, flied around, flied to the heavens, there was everything there, this was so great!

He saw Jesus, HE is so beautiful, HE is leading people to make this holy light pill……

Then he woke up.

Then I asked him, how to get and take that pill, he said, Jesus will send those angels to fly around(in the air of the earth), those who already took the V just need to open their mouth, or strentch and open their hands, then they can receive it.

(RS:I prayed to the Lord about this kid’s dream, what I heard is:

“This is a revelation I gave to this child, those who have taken the V, as long as they would truly repent with their contrite heart before ME, then I will restore them”)

Confirmation: Below is a video of a dream of a child that also saw the vaccinated people turn into monsters