PROPHECY: Clarity or Throwing More Light on THE COMING NUCLEAR WAR a.k.a WORLD WAR III And OTHER RELATED END TIME PROPHECIES! 📌1. The Starving Baby Dream – AMIGHTYWIND Ministry; 📌2.IMMAYAH’S Lullaby – AMIGHTYWIND Ministry; 📌3. They Want To Hit The Red Button, Race To Nuclear War – AMIGHTYWIND Ministry; 📌4.The Fiery Kick-Off Event – HOLY SPIRIT WIND Ministry; 📌5. THE HARD TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP – HOLY SPIRIT WIND Ministry! …Etc…. – Uploaded on Thursday 3rd November 2022/CHESHVAN 9

*Tuesday 24th January 2023/SHEVAT 2 [CHODESH TOV/HAPPY NEW MONTH]*

Thank you for sharing Sir, Pastor Alex. World War III (WW III – part of YAH’S JUDGEMENT coming upon this evil world of Esau) will occur but not yet. There are still many things to occur before WW III does.

Nevertheless, according to YAH’S Revelation given through Sister Kerry-Ann Giden, Ukraine 🇺🇦 will be conquered by Russia 🇷🇺, the bear 🐻 🐻‍❄.

The news media stations are there to prepare our mindsets for the coming War (programming for war) however it is not yet time. YAH SHADDAI instructs the satanic kingdom to inform us of their plans so they always reveal them in plain sight in various ways. We just need YAH’S LEADING to spot them.

The satanic kingdom so badly wants to depopulate this evil world of Esau that they wish to start that WW III much earlier than THE CREATOR/MAKER, YAH’S Timing.

In the meantime, rumours of wars as per Matthew 24. Nevertheless, let us remain Prayerful in THE RUACH HA KODESH [HOLY GHOST/SPIRIT] so as to receive updates directly from THE THRONE OF GRACE [Hebrews 4:16] by spending quality time IN THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH [Psalm 91:1].

*Check out the following for the full Prophetic Message on the timeline leading up to WW III and the signs pointing to the near-ness of WW III:*

For sure, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S BRIDE in particular the mature ones [Revelation 14] must be in GLORIFIED BODIES close to to that time or by that time.



Numbers 6:22-27; Ephesians 3:20-21; 2 Corinthians 13:14; Jude 24-25

Pastor Ade Israel and Sister Perpetua Shulamit G


Then on Thursday 3rd November 2022/CHESHVAN 9:

SHALOM Brethren in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; not Yeshua! ; not YeshaYAHU!!!], we thought it helpful to share the following compilation on one page.

The following was inspired by:

2022/2023: “Helloween” (a.k.a Halloween), that is to say, The International Nephilim (Fallen Ones) Day a.k.a Hell let loose on earth day [CHESHVAN 6-8: sun-down Sunday 30th October to sun-down  Wednesday 2nd November 2022]

Please read and listen to the following Prophecies the times they were released and the HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURE that says that we know in part and we prophesy in part:

1 Corinthians 13:9-12

King James Version

9 For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.
10 But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.
11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
*12 For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.*

*AUDIO Recording 418: PT1 -*



📌Helloween/All Saints Day;

📌Various connected End Time PROPHECIES

*[Tues 01-11-2022/CHESHVAN 7]*

Here is the Link to the Audio:

Please understand that we were interrupted when doing recordings. *Will continue the Teaching later and share the various Audio links soon…* Please bear with us and Remain BLESSED IN YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S NAME, AMEN!


In the meantime, Read or Listen to:

*AMIGHTYWIND MINISTRY PROPHECY 137: IMMAYAH’S LULLABY released through Apostle Prophet Elisheva EliYAHU on 29th August 2016*

alongside the following:

*PROPHETIC MESSAGE Video released by Sister Gwendolin Song of Sackcloth and Ashes News Report YouTube Channel on Monday 31st October 2022 :*–hk


*Our Telegram link:*

*Our 2022/2023 Helloween Message:* in December 2021/January 2022

On Thursday 3rd November 2022/CHESHVAN 9, we write the following:

It is important to read these 3 PROPHETIC MESSAGES alongside each other as they are all related to the coming NUCLEAR WAR a.k.a WORLD WAR III. Each Prophecy throws more light on the other…

*📌First read: THE STARVING BABY DREAM – 19th December 2001*


*📌Secondly read: IMMAYAH’S LULLABY – 29th August 2016*


*📌Thirdly read: THEY WANT TO HIT THE RED BUTTON, RACE TO NUCLEAR WAR – 11th September 2016*



The following is written on Thursday 3rd November 2022/CHESHVAN 9

*What we see now in 2022 are the signs leading up to the Nuclear War a.k.a World War III!* This is what YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH says are rumours of wars!

Remember that we are already in THE GREAT TRIBULATION a.k.a THE TIME OF JACOB’S SORROW/TROUBLE however THE DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD YAHUVEH [a.k.a YAHWEH] ALMIGHTY which occurs within THE GREAT TRIBULATION has not yet started!

The Fiery Kick-Off Event due to occur in New York, U.S.A in the not-too-distant future from now is what will mark THE BEGINNING OF THE DREADFUL DAY OF THE LORD YAHUVEH a.k.a YAHWEH!

*Former President of U.S.A Donald J Trump, the 7th King of Babylon will have been slain/killed by this time for he is the end time King Belshazzar and so he must die then Babylon will be conquered by Persia and Medes just as in the days of Nebuchadnezzar!* Once Trump is used, damped and killed and then blamed for all the wrong in U.S.A, Barrack Hussein Obama will take over as Government Adviser in order to see to the complete destruction of Mystery Babylon U.S.A!

Matthew 24:6-7
King James Version

6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

*According to YAH’S AMIGHTYWIND MINISTRY Prophecy 137 and THE STARVING BABY DREAM, this NUCLEAR WAR a.k.a WORLD WAR III is meant to happen when The Revelation 14 Bride are in GLORIFIED BODIES and therefore after the revealing of the Son of Perdition a.k.a Man of Sin a.k.a TORAH/LAW-less one a.k.a Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-christ, Obama.*

However as you know the devil is always trying to go ahead of THE CREATOR/MAKER’S DIVINE PLAN. *We are to pray against this….*


Between THE FIERY KICK-OFF EVENT which marks the beginning of THE GREAT AND DREADFUL DAY IF THE LORD YAHUVEH [a.k.a YAHWEH] and THE NUCLEAR WAR a.k.a WORLD WAR III, many things will occur including 📌the appearance of the giants, 📌the destruction of Damascus, 📌The 3 Days of Worldwide Gross Darkness; 📌Acts 2 Part II, 📌the manifestation of Seal 5; etc…

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*Starving Baby dream*

I was standing outside looking at a beautiful blue sky, all was peaceful . As I looked up I saw 4 circles in the sky being drawn as if the finger of GOD YAHUVEH was drawing them slowly. When the 4th circle was drawn, I heard a loud roaring noise, went inside the house, a HUGE wind came destroying and killing it was as if a nuclear blast from the effects of a nuclear bomb! I watched in horror the death and destruction. Inside my house I saw a woman with a tiny baby in her arms. I looked at it and the baby appeared to be dead and so undernourished. I said, “Why didn’t you feed the baby?” She coldly looked at me and said “Because the baby is fasting.” 
Then before I could take the baby from her, she opened the window and threw it out the 2nd story window. I ran outside in the radiation and the destroying wind, and caught the baby in my arms, and it started breathing again! As I stood there a man came to me his face was burnt so badly from radiation, and it was red with 3rd degree burns, he never said a word, he just walked past me. I went back into my house, fully protected from radiation, and I knew nothing could hurt me along with the baby and fed it milk from a bottle. 
After a while the destroying winds stopped . All appeared peaceful. I then looked at the sky again, and I saw the first circle starting, I started shouting REPENT and turn your hearts to YAHUSHUA (Jesus) for again judgment has come! So few listened! I saw the other 3 circles all in a row, 4 in all, then the sound of a roar that I am unable to describe. Then the destroying wind came again, as if another nuclear blast went off!
I discerned the woman is religion, and baby is the congregations, the organized religion is starving the people forcing them to fast for more spiritual knowledge and prophetic truths and revelations. I am used to feed the people who are starving in their own churches, the pastors are sacrificing the people for the sake of feeding themselves wealth, control, thinking they OWN THE SHEEP! Forgetting that there is only one Good Shepherd.
Please warn everyone! YAHUVEH spoke to me in the dream and warned me why he would lift his hedge of protection again, even the heathen worship a heathen god, who does America worship?
* * * * * * *
In November I had a similar dream. 
I was walking down a road and a cow filled with milk followed me wherever I went. It wasn’t my cow. The farmer accused me of stealing his cow! I said I couldn’t stop the cow from following me, it was the cow’s choice! I saw 3 squares in a row drawn by the finger of YAHUVEH in the sky. I heard a sound like a roaring noise. I can’t explain it. Then I saw I was in the mountains and huge boulders were coming my direction. I ran to the ocean where my home was in the dream. I got into the house. Then I saw the 3 squares again being drawn in the sky. I watched in horror , and tried to think which was a least painful way to die, for I thought the ocean would cover the house and all would be drowned if I remained. So I decided to go to the mountains again. I heard the roaring noise and then right after the 3rd square was drawn I saw before I could move FIREWORKS in the sky, first light colored boring kind, then brightly colored fireworks! It was beautiful fireworks. I didn’t run, I just watched the fireworks.
Please send me your discernment on the dreams. I do know the cow is the people filled with milk from other pastors teachings, but they want more.
Only the fervent prayers of the righteous will avail much, IF my people will fall on their faces and humble themselves, I will hear their prayers and heal and their land! Please take these dreams seriously. YAHUVEH spoke to me audibly 3 years ago and 2003 will be the 4th year. He said “In four seasons you will know.” If we discern rightly, the 4 seasons are years.

Do we really have that long or will the end come sooner? For too many have the desire to destroy America and have the power and only YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA (Jesus) can stop it! He will use our prayers! Who will help us intercede? We must have more time to reach this world for the kingdom of Heaven.
The one good thing is I AM PROTECTED! So will you if your under the wings of YAHUVEH as stated in Psalm 91, the secret place of the most high GOD! Is anything too hard for GOD? The 3 Hebrew children were thrown into a fiery furnace heated 7 times hotter and nothing was burnt but the ropes used to tie their hands and feet. GOD YAHUVEH can keep us from harm during this time also.
Please tell others about the saving grace of YAHUSHUA so they will be saved. Don’t fear man who can only destroy the flesh, but rather work out your own salvation with fear and trembling with a GOD YAHUVEH that can kill your flesh and throw your spirit into the lake of fire. Because I love you, I am warning you. Ezk 3 17:21 The blood is not on my hands. Please remember the true Sabbath day and keep it Holy.
As in the times of Moses there will be blessings of protection for the people that keep the True Sabbath because of love of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! These instructions were given to us with Adam and Eve, and the Bible says the Sabbath is perpetual and will never change. Catholicism changed the true Sabbath, all days worship but especially draw close on the true Sabbath! YAHUSHUA came to fulfill the law of Moses, not to cancel it! The house I run into is my ARK of safety! Be sure you are in the Ark, when this happens under the shelter of Psalm 91. Remember call upon the name of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA! There is power in the Sacred Names!
Love and blessings in the Awesome names of YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA
Apostle Elisheva Elisheva

Now, moving on…

They Want to Hit the Red Button,
Race to Nuclear War!

I woke up from this dream on September 11th 2016, the fifteenth year anniversary of the World Trade Center falling.


I saw what looked like three ‘presidential’ podiums, actually lecterns. Hillary Clinton was at the one on the left. There was a man I didn’t recognize at the right. And on the middle podium, was a red button.

Clinton and the man at the right side were racing to see who could hit the red button soonest!

End of Dream

I know the man at the right was not Donald Trump. I would have recognized him. I know the red button in the middle would trigger a nuclear weapon. Does the man at the right represent other war hungry American politicians or, I believe, other nuclear world powers like Russia, Pakistan, China and North Korea?

Here’s interpretation from ministry partners. Please leave any additional interpretation, discernment or just thoughts in the comment sections below. We love to hear from you, and we need to take this dream and it’s message seriously to prayer!

The nuclear arms race of the Cold War, was a race between the former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, now Russia) and the USA and their allies to acquire nuclear weapons. However nowadays as the dream demonstrates, it’s a race to see who will be the first country, post-WW2, to detonate a nuclear bomb against another nation and start WW3.

The current presidents of the USA and Russia are Obama and Putin. We should pray Hillary does not replace Obama, but rather Donald Trump who already has better relations with Putin.

March 6th of 2009, Hillary Clinton as then US Secretary of State presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a red button that she called a “restart button” that was supposed to symbolize a new and peaceful start to good relations between the two nations.

However, it read “RESTART” in English, and “PEREGRUZKA” in Russian, meant to be a translation. The problem is this word means “OVERCHARGE”—the complete opposite. Was this done intentionally?

There is no question Russia and America, as the world’s major nuclear states, are in a race to see who will start WW3. And Hillary Clinton would fully engage, just as this dream warns and her foreign policy record demonstrates.

Estimated Nuclear Warhead Stockpile acc. Federation of American Scientists

We know it is just a matter of time, but we need to pray nuclear war doesn’t happen ahead of YAH’S timing, and that Donald Trump will be elected and take office as US President—he will not be a war monger like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. We also need to pray against martial law being instituted in the US, and against the elections being canceled.

Rather, Trump would do what is in the best interest of the American and the world population, including pursue better relations with Russia. May there be more time of relative peace so more people will be reached with the Gospel and warned before the 4th seal of Revelation is loosed. It will be a time of terrible death and destruction on Earth (Amos 5:18-20). YAHUSHUA (Hebrew/original name of JESUS) truly will be the only safety.


Prophecy 137

Spoken under the Anointing of the RUACH HA KODESH
Through Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu
Received August 29, 2016 – Released May 30, 2017

* * * * * * *
YAHUVEH’S Words to Elisheva to be added before the Prophecies:
I warned you a long time ago Elisabeth [Elisheva],
not to name this Ministry after a man or a woman.
Even before there was a Ministry, I put it in your spirit.
For none of this has been done by your hands.
None of this has come forth from your mouth.
It is from the Mouth of YAHUVEH that has given birth.
It is from the Mouth of YAHUSHUA,
your MASHIACH, that it has been given birth.
It is from the Mouth of the RUACH HA KODESH,
your IMMAYAH, that it has been given birth.
If it had only been by your hand, it would have failed long ago.
that blows across this earth, the HOLY WIND OF REVIVAL.
It is not by your breath, or it would have failed.
“I AM the LORD YAHUVEH: that is MY NAME:
And MY GLORY I will not give to another,
Neither MY PRAISE to graven images.” Isaiah 42:8
(Prophecy 105)
In July 2010, YAHUVEH GOD also said to add the following as a warning to those who mock:
But they mocked the Messengers of GOD, despised HIS Words,
and scoffed at HIS Prophets, until the Wrath of YAHUVEH
arose against HIS People, till there was no remedy.
—2 Chronicles 36:16
* * * * * *

Prophecy Begins:

That’s all right children, just rejoice! This shows you how much satan hates the love that I have given both of you — he fears the words that you have spoken! Ezra, he knows that I have given a weapon like none other and I’ve told you all along it was love! But when you combined it with the words husband and wife NO WEAPON IN HELL CAN COME AGAINST IT!
For this day this has been redeemed! It doesn’t matter whether you have Internet! I just want you to see: How, Ezra, I anointed you even back then to even play the songs in the order I told you to! And the love Ezra—as you sat there so helpless—you just wanted to hold her in your arms and comfort her! And if you can see this video, you would see it on your face.
And instead I just kept telling you, first is singing that lullaby. That is a lullaby straight from Heaven.
Do you know IMMAYAH gives you each your own lullabies? You can’t always hear it. Seldom can you hear it and seldom do you know each other’s lullabies.
But Ezra I take this opportunity, since the devil has taken the Internet, to speak this Word to both of you. Ezra I gave you Elisheva’s lullaby.
There’s times when you are praying and so distraught, and you may be weeping, and all of a sudden a peace comes over you—and you don’t even know where it comes from. It’s just like a “Hush MY child” and a LOVING PEACE comes over you. That is your IMMAYAH. And SHE’S singing you a lullaby. And SHE’S rocking you in HER Arms.
You see in these end times the devil is going to try to counterfeit any way he can. For the evil ones have their own “queen of heaven” but I tell you there is but ONE and SHE is your HEAVENLY MOTHER. This is why I reveal these secrets to you now so others will understand. This is why I add even now, 89 and 90, [ ADD LINKS ] more revelations about WHO the RUACH HA KODESH is.
For those who will receive HER, the SWEET HOLY SPIRIT as a MOTHER, this will be a blessing.
And now I take this opportunity, I YAHUVEH, to give a new Prophecy, a new Revelation from Heaven. For Ezra you’re going to share that lullaby and this is what satan fears. No one can duplicate it. This is just further proof when I call a soul mate a soul mate, one who is Holy—and I mean Holy, obedient, who have their priorities straight—of I, YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA & IMMAYAH.
I share secrets especially with those I call MY best friends; you and Elisheva, know things that come straight from Heaven.
And so Ezra when she needed calming down, at a time when she thought it was the worst in her life (but March 7 turned out to be the best in her life and this I gave you in May, as you had gone through all of this with her) as I kick out the worst in her life and bring the best in her life, that’s you Ezra—and I showed you something no one has ever known and you just started singing it: It was Elisheva’s lullaby. Where she had been crying, you calmed her.
And everyone who belongs to YAHUSHUA, follows YAHUSHUA, who has the HOLY SPIRIT within, your IMMAYAH, has their own lullaby. This is what I want to share with you so you can encourage others. This is how much your MOTHER loves you. This is how much your HEAVENLY FATHER loves you. Does not an earthly mother share lullabies, sing lullabies? A loving mother! Then why do you think your HEAVENLY MOTHER would not have a lullaby for you?
Oh but Ezra you’re special for it is as you said, you do not even know where the words came from. I delight in sharing secrets with MY friends! Do I not say, ‘I do nothing without sharing MY secrets to the Prophets’ (Amos 3:7)?
Amos 3:7
But there are some who are higher than just a Prophet. There are some who are higher than an Apostle. And I call you two MY best friends! For MY best friends can be trusted! MY best friends have already been tested! And when the testing still comes, MY best friends will pass their tests.
So this is the Words I was going to say before Elisheva your internet [connection] was taken away. All because Ezra you said how much you loved her! And you called her your wife! And that was the end of her internet! But I will not be stopped! I want you to understand so you can yet encourage others. And everything I’ve prophesied in that private Prophecy given in May, you have seen come to pass. For your love has been built on the CORNERSTONE—on trust and on love. And it only gets stronger.
And I want everyone to know—what’s going to be happening in this world oh so very very soon. For the United States is just begging for a war. The satanic elite—anything to stop this election and cause Donald Trump to be in defeat! You’re going to need a lullaby. You’re going to need to know WHO YAHUSHUA is. You’re going to need to call upon HIS NAME! Do it now before it’s too late!
How many people are humbling themselves? How many people are falling on their faces? How many people are asking, “Heal this land! Wash away the sin?”! How many people are standing up for morality? How many people are asking for I YAHUVEH to turn MY Face of Wrath away! How many people? I’ll tell you this! Not enough!
Those who belong to ME, those who are washed in the SHED BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA, those who follow and obey YAHUSHUA, those who worship YAHUSHUA, those who obey MY laws—for they know this, the laws did not save them, YAHUSHUA’S NAME & BLOOD saved them but they are still going to want to be commandment keepers! To be circumcised in heart and obey the first law to love ME with all their mind, their soul, their body, their being! This is the first law, “Love the LORD thy GOD!” That’s I, YAHUVEH! That’s YAHUSHUA! And that’s IMMAYAH! More than anything or anyone on this earth!
That’s circumcision of heart where you will want to follow the other laws, not just the Ten Commandments but the Torah Laws (those that are meant to be kept at this time). And I promise you this, when you obey every Word I say, when time of famine comes, again there shall be manna on the ground. I will send MY Holy angels to feed those that need [to be] fed.
I’m telling you all this to give you a different kind of lullaby for it isn’t long now. In fact there is a battle who will push that red button first! I’m warning you now.
Elisheva I gave you a dream! You called it the “Starving Baby Dream.” Get it out in the front again! Have someone make a video of it for you’re very close to it. And you were in a glorified body and the radiation you saw melting the peoples’ faces off. And I’m telling you this: There’s a race now who will be the first one to push that red button? Who will call the war of wars? Will it be the U.S.? Will it be Russia? Will it North Korea? Will it be China? Who will it be?
There are things going on behind the scenes and I’m not mentioning any other or that video would be censored—but it all started with a lullaby and Ezra I prove that the lullabies are real when you sang that to Elisheva. When she was at her most broken and you were there MY son, and you’ve been there all along for you shall have a glorified body, just like Elisheva. And I’m going to use you—both of you—in a way this world thinks not. Go and read the “Starving Baby Dream” and make sure a video is made as quickly as possible and pray for Donald Trump like you never have before because he truly does not want war. The war mongers in the White House right now are making plans. Other nations, other countries are right now making plans.
Elisheva: Are you there? [ Phone disruption. ]
[Prophecy continues: ] These are the Words I have to say. I do speak shalom. I do pray now blessings, I’m telling you this! I, YAHUVEH pray blessings on the children who belong to YAHUSHUA, filled with IMMAYAH the SWEET RUACH HA KODESH! Hold on tight to the Hem of YAHUSHUA’S Garment for very quickly now you’re going to experience that which you’ve never experienced.
The sealed Prophecy [78] is soon to be revealed! The one that I forbid Elisheva even to remember for it lasted 24 hours all in a dream. She’d wake up and she’d return to it again and again and I warned her not to try to remember. But I will say this: There will not be one person on the face of this earth that will not be able to say that they knew someone who died. This is how close it is to nuclear war.
You have tempted ME and tempted ME, oh enemies of MINE! You have thrown morality back in I, YAHUVEH’S Face! You have even tried to imitate life and animate life! You are not GOD! I shall show you WHO is GOD ALMIGHTY! THERE IS BUT ONE YAH! THERE IS BUT ONE YAHUSHUA! AND THERE IS BUT ONE IMMAYAH, HOLY SPIRIT!
You make your plans and you think the people are stupefied, they’re comatose. They breathe the air with your poison in it—getting their eyes focused on stupidity like this Pokemon GO. It’s opening portals to hell, inviting demons in! You have been warned! Now what will you do with it?
Just like I warned [of] the books of Harry Potter—your children would be demonized—and I asked you what will you do? Are you going to obey? Or are you going to allow the schools to teach it? Don’t come to YAHUSHUA and ask for your child to be delivered when you purposely allowed it!
I AM YAHUVEH! And I change not! And I AM YAHUSHUA! And I change not!
It matters not what year it is! OUR Words stand firm and WE will do all that WE say. And planet Earth, I refuse to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and the seven cities! You mocked even creation! So now the GOD OF CREATION shall mock you when you cry out for mercy! Those who do not belong to YAHUSHUA, no mercy shall you find.
So here’s a new Prophecy, all because satan wanted to go before ME and stop this next Prophecy.
Repent of your sins! Fall on your faces! Only in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA is there Salvation! There is but ONE INTERCESSOR that comes before MY Throne and that’s only in the NAME OF YAHUSHUA and only through HIS SHED BLOOD.
End of Prophecy.
Ezra: Yes. Thank YOU HEAVENLY FATHER. Thank YOU YAHUSHUA. Thank YOU IMMAYAH for this wonderful Word, encouraging Word and so much revelation. We thank YOU ABBA YAHUVEH and we give YOU the Glory in YAHUSHUA’S NAME. Amen.

Need prayer or Salvation? Do you have comments or questions? Please Contact Apostle Prophet Elisheva Eliyahu!

IMMAYAH’S LULLABY – Love & Tears (AMW Prophecy 137)

Now, let us also Read a very much related Prophecy that makes the above to fall into place:

1. Prophecy: THE FIERY KICK-OFF-EVENT and Other Useful Vital End Time Information To Know and Use For Preparation…. [September – October 2021]


444 Prophecy News


100% HARD TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP – Holy Spirit Wind

Posted on 2019/05/09

Holy Spirit Wind
Blessings, love and peace in the Highest name of ALL, Yahshua ha Mashiach, Jesus Christ.
This will be one of the hardest messages that the Lord has ever had me present to God’s people. I already know that there will be those of you who will read this and totally reject what myself and others have been revealed. All I have to say is SO BE IT! I must obey God rather than men! This message is not being conveyed due to any whim or haphazard persuasion of my own agenda. On the contrary, I do not want to deliver this message! But it is like a fire shut up in my bones and I must be obedient to the urging of Holy Spirit and not quench or grieve that very Spirit that lives inside of me. I do not deliver this with any hate or animosity toward any individual but with the love that Holy Spirit has poured into my heart. To not say anything would be hatred for my brothers and sisters in the faith as well as toward my God. I must sound the alarm and be faithful to my calling as end times watchman for My Lord and Savior Yahshua.
The Lord has prompted me to do a bit of a review on what he has shown me prophetically and personally about Donald J. Trump before I get into the latest revelation about him that I and others have been given.
Ok, let’s go back to June 15, 2015. This is the day that Donald J. Trump formally announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America. I did not have a blog at this time but I remember thinking to myself that this was very strange that this somewhat cartoonish, outspoken, billionaire turned television personality via the TV show The Apprentice would run for president. As time went on it became very apparent that Trump would be the favored Republican candidate and backed by an overwhelming majority of “Christians”. I remember being very disturbed at this because it seemed like overnight that the majority of the various watchmen and prophets that I had been reading and listening to switched from speaking about the impending judgment of the Lord and the need for repentance, to Trump and his “Make America great again” message.
In January 2016, as one of the first few messages on the Holy Spirit Wind  blog I posted Trump or Jesus? This blog post was not a direct word from the Lord, unlike most that are, but it does contain this question and truth “Is your hope in Donald Trump or in Jesus? I tell you the truth Trump cannot save this country but Jesus could.” I’ll admit that at that time I believed that the 2016 elections would be cancelled and that Barack Obama would stay in the office of president of the U.S. of A. but obviously I was wrong. The Lord never said to anyone that Obama would stay in office. I as well as many others assumed that it was what was going to happen. I do believe that it was a plan that was going to be implemented but their plans changed. We can speculate the reasons for this change but I believe that it was allowed by the Lord to try His people and show what was truly in their hearts. The sad fact is that most “Christians” chose to follow flesh instead of Spirit; man instead of Jesus.You can argue until you are blue in the face about Donald Trump being the better choice than Hillary Clinton but the truth of the matter is that there was no choice and that the results were predetermined by the “the powers that be” two years in advance (Listen here).
Immediately after the election of Donald Trump I was given the message You are now in the Beginning of the Great Deception. In this message the Lord told us that Trump is indeed part of the Babylonian system as are Obama and Clinton and every other politician out there. He also told us that the deception is now greater because Trump claimed to be a Christian and actually spoke some truth. The Lord also told us that Trump is like king Saul of Israel because the people demanded a king and “The great shaking will commence when the man whom I have given, is taken away.” You can also read more about Trump being as Saul here Donald Trump is Not Who Most Think He Is from January of 2017.
There are many out there that contend that Trump was God’s anointed choice to be the leader of America but this is simply not true. In  the message I have used Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for My purposes.from August of 2016, the Lord states to us “I have allowed Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Un to rule.” There has never been a ruler or king upon the earth that God did not allow to be in power.(See Romans 13:1) Trump is not Cyrus! The Lord has said this multiple times to me. I think this passage from REPENT AND COME TO ME NOW AMERICA, I AM RETURNING SOON BE READY! (March 2017) sums it up best.“He(Trump) is a king of Babylon and I did appoint him to be king, just as every king that has ever ruled in any nation on the face of the earth. He is not a Cyrus, David or Elijah as I have told you before, he is like king Saul because the people wanted him as their king but he does not have My Spirit upon him, do not be deceived. For how could he be king without the approval of the dark powers and principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this age, and the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places, that run the political systems of the world? He was chosen to be king many years ago by Me and then by them.Because of the outcry of My people Donald J. Trump was allowed to be appointed, but he is also part of the judgment upon America. He will be taken away as an even more severe judgment will be allowed by Me upon America. This will affect the world financial system. Yes, this will happen after the fiery event that kicks off the entire sequence, like falling dominoes, for you America. After this time Barack Hussein Obama will rise back to power and become the final Anti-Christ.”
In February of 2018 the Lord revealed to us which king of Babylon Trump is like, in the message “I tell you this day Donald Trump is also as Belshazzar for he is the last king of Babylon/America.” which was also a very hard message to convey to His people. in this message the Lord said ” Donald Trump is also as Belshazzar, for he is the last king of Babylon/America. I say to you this day, America, the words that were written upon the wall (Daniel 5:25-28) “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This is the interpretation of each word. MENE: God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it; TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting; PERES: Your kingdom has been divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.” I tell you the Medes and Persians represent America’s enemies and many are within your borders and in your government offices. “That very night Belshazzar, king of the Chaldeans (Babylonians), was slain.” (Daniel 5:30) Babylon/America shall be first taken over and then utterly destroyed, after Donald Trump is slain. The one who America really loves will replace him (Trump) and will oversee her (America’s) complete destruction.”
In the message I Wish to Speak to You Very Clearly so that My People are Not in Confusion When the Things That I Am About to Speak of Begin to Happen. fom October 2017 the Lord tells us Trump is one of the “Fall guys” that will be set up for the fiery kick-off event that will lead to financial collapse and WWIII. Then In April of 2018, after the bombing of Syria by American missiles due to alleged chemical attacks on Syrian civilians, the Lord gave me the message One of “The Fall Guys” Has Now Done What He has Been Told to Do by His DirectorsThe Lord continues and says “He(Trump) plays the role they created for him very well but when they are done with him they will discard him. Then the beast shall take center stage. He is the star of their show, the one on whom they have been waiting for. He will be controlled by his father the devil, just as I was filled by the Holy Spirit when I came as the son of man. The audience will cheer him on like never before. They will fall down and worship him. They will do anything he asks of them and they will regret that decision for all of eternity.” I remember watching Trump announce the  Syrian bombing and I just knew that there was something different about him. I was not revealed what was different about him until months later which is what I am to reveal in this message.
On July 1st of 2018 I posted the message Barack Hussein Obama is the real leader of America and The Lord went on to say “though right now he (Obama) is behind the scenes, he will return but not as president as I have told you before. Behind the scenes, civil war is being plotted, planned and schemed. He is dividing and will divide America while looking like the the “good guy” just as he did throughout the middle east when he was the elected president of America.
Donald Trump is the controlled opposition, he is a part of the whole plan. He does not know the depth of the evil that Obama does, as I have said before Trump is one of the “fall guys”, a “scapegoat”, someone to lay the blame on.”
Alright, now I am going to reveal the main truth that the Lord wanted to convey to His people in this message. Toward the end of January of 2019 many voices in the prophetic/watchman community began to call people to pray for president Donald Trump for protection and salvation. There were even intercessory prayer teams formed with different rankings as I understand. I was confused by this so I took it to the Lord and asked Him if He wanted me to pray for Trump and The answer I got was “No, I will not hear those prayers. Instead pray for my people who have been deceived by him so that they will awaken.”
In March of 2019 I was sent the following message from Ruth Smith who lives in China it is called Gene Enhancement – Ruth Smith

A few months ago (about in October, 2018 ), I saw a recent video with the title : Jack Ma said that the mobile phone will disappear, as long as a small chip is implanted in the hand, the palm will be the mobile phone in the future ’.
After watching this video, I started to pray Jack Ma’s salvation, but immediately, I heard this clearly: “Do not pray for him.”
I was shocked. A few day later, I prayed for Jack Ma again, then again, immediately, I heard this very clearly and also very severe: “Do not pray for him, even though you pray for him, I will not listen. But you can pray for his families.”
I asked the Lord, why is this? The Lord said:”He is no longer the human I created, He has accepted ‘Gene Enhancement’ and his DNA is no longer the human I created.
Now, many elites of this world have embraced this’ Gene Enhancement ‘ technology. Those who have accepted this technology have become a hybrid, have sealed their eternity forever and cannot be redeemed.”

It is right after I read this message that the Lord spoke to me that Donald Trump indeed has had his “genes enhanced” in April of 2018 and is eternally lost. I was stunned when He spoke this to me to tell you all the truth, although now that I look back I should not have been because I had read it before in a message from Linda Hasche on October 20th, 2018 called The ILLUSION of Trump & Pence, with Warning to the FALSE “prophets”and the vision that she had explains a whole lot!

VISION OF TRUMP (April 2018): I was shown the following by the Holy Spirit:  I saw Trump receiving what I knew was DNA enhancement/manipulation.  I saw a surge of power and pride flow through Trump while he exclaimed loudly, “I should have done this sooner!!!”  At that moment, Trump’s DNA eternally changed.  He became a hybrid and is NO LONGER HUMAN.  I knew he accepted what the Bible warns us about:  The Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:16-17).  What happened to Trump when he accepted that DNA change is what WILL happen to ALL who take “the mark of the beast”.  Don’t kid yourself.  It won’t be called “the mark of the beast”, it will likely be called something like, “genetic enhancement” with scientific proof of reversing/changing/removing genes that cause cancer, disease, aging and more to appeal to human pride.”

Take note that she had this vision during the month that Trump bombed Syria, April of 2018. Coincidence?! There is no such thing as coincidence! Now I remember reading this back in October and I believed that it was true but did not “get it” as I do now. I did not have the revelation from Holy Spirit back then but I do now because the Lord has not only confirmed Linda’s vision to me and given me added revelation about it. Revelation from the Lord is indeed progressive and revelation leads more revelation. You will notice this especially when you are reading the Bible.
After I received this revelation that Trump is no longer 100% human and no longer redeemable, I was scared because I know that in “Christian” circles it is about the least popular thing that you can say. I asked the Lord if I could just keep this to myself and those close to me. He told me I could keep it to myself for a while, until He needed me to reveal it. That time has now come.
This is the word that the Lord wants me to give about this.
“Many of My own people have exalted this man Donald Trump beyond measure. He has become an idol and in their eyes he does no wrong. In his own eyes he does nothing wrong, he is his own god, but he is wrong. He saw no need to repent before Me and now he never will have another chance. He has led America to become even more hardened and unrepentant as well. He never knew Me by the Spirit but He was My creation and I loved him but he is no longer of the race of Adam because his DNA has been changed. They called it “gene enhancement” and promised him that his physical body would benefit greatly from this and it has but his spirit has died forever. They lied to him and he believed it. He was deceived because he had no desire to really know Me. All of the prayers of all of the people in the entire world make no difference for his spirit now. He has eternally denied Me as his savior. He is forever lost to Me and he will spend eternity with the one he has chosen. He is now a hybrid. I only died for those that I made by My own hands in My own image.
Satan and his followers are in total control of Trump now that is why he is so much different than he was in his first year in office. Most of the kings, rulers and most of the “global elite” have had their “genes enhanced” and they are under the control of Satan as well. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM! Warn those that you know not to get these “gene enhancing” procedures done for they too will be eternally lost to Me if they do. I mark those that are Mine and Satan marks those who are his. He always imitates Me though cheaply.
My son, I told you in Feb. 2018 that Donald Trump would be slain and his spirit has been but his body is next. That is when America will see the fiery kick off event and Obama shall return. Financial disaster, civil war and world war will come suddenly and very close together. This is why Trump was chosen by the hidden powers of darkness. They have been and will continue to use him until they are done with him and then they will use even his death to cause chaos, violence, hatred and death among the people. Obama will be welcomed back and even many of those who hated him before will be relieved but his false peace will not last long. The complete destruction of America will come under the rule of Obama. He will leave and then Babylon the great will be destroyed in one hour. (As this was spoken to me I saw a flash vision of Obama seated in a jet plane looking out the window waving and smiling with his evil smirk and then it was over.)
PEOPLE OF AMERICA AND THE OF THE WHOLE EARTH I AM YOUR ONLY HOPE! Do not look to a man to save you, I am the only way, truth and life. No man comes to the Father but by Me. I will give you the strength to get through the events that are coming quickly but you must have faith in only Me. The arm of man will fail you but my right hand is strong and mighty to save!
Be transformed By My Holy Spirit for this is the only way to life eternal. Renew your mind and spirit daily by repentance and constant communication with Me. Fill your lamps and flasks full of My pure oil by spending time with Me.
I love you all with an everlasting love and this is why I warn you of things to come.
As always please bring every prophetic word, word of wisdom, word of knowledge or any other message spoken in the name of Jesus to Him in prayer and personally test it for yourself to see if it is from Holy Spirit.
Jeff Byerly