2 Corinthians 13:14 THE GREETING

Video: PHONE 📱 COMPANIES TO SWITCH OFF PHONES 📱 📱😳 (It’s already happening in Pakistan)

Video: Mark of the beast Vaccine Volunteer: “I Can’t Feel God, My Soul is dead”

Prophecy: Rebecca Sterling (the vids) – “MY LIFE IN THE TIME OF THE ANTI-CHRIST (19 September 1999)” Important & Urgent END-TIME Vision

Prophecy: Pharoah Akhenaten and The Revelation 13 Second Beast a.k.a Anti-Messiah (Anti-Christ)

WHAT IS THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST? Holy Prophetic Revelations

If you can, get a phone that is not a smart phone – button phones (forgotten what they call them). These will come in handy for sometime until it is no longer possible to use phones at all.




This is Sister Kerry-Ann Gidden’s latest video and she has confirmed what the YAH showed me about the phones being turned off in order for them to force people to take the Vaccine.

Video – VISION CONFIRMED: DEVICES ARE ANCHORED (Uploaded on Thursday 29/04/2021)


*ANOTHER LOCKDOWN WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON!* Ensure you are not in your current home by that time *so that you don’t find yourself compromising because of the torture that the soldiers will inflict as a result of rejecting the evil c-19 vaccine!*

We have to abandon our current homes in the next couple of weeks (I don’t want to give a time frame as I don’t know but I suggest say 3 months from 22/04/2021 to say the least but it could be more or less).

It doesn’t matter which country you live in! WAR IS COMING AND VERY FAST.


There is the Vaccine/Jab WAR, World War III and soon, it will be the mark of th beast war!

There is also the FLOODS WAR!

Those in Southern England 🇬🇧 and in the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪 as well as Northern Ireland 🇮🇪 🇬🇧 need to relocate ASAP to avoid being destroyed by rhe coming TSUNAMI and FLOOD! This could come after the 3 Days of Darkness.

The Anti-Messiah a.k.a Anti-Christ soldiers will be coming soon to each and every home both in the villages and in the cities but with greater focus on the cities to either force vaccinate those who haven’t willingly taken the vaccine or to torture to death those who refuse to take the vaccine!

It is time to start living like Adam and Eve and other Children of Israel, that is to say, in Caves 🗻 tents ⛺, huts 🛖, iron sheet made homes, basements, and other types of unusual homes!

It is time⏲️ to give up mortgages, houses 🏘️, flats, and everything else we have ever worked for.

Degrees, Colleges, Universities, Certificates, School all don’t matter anymore!!! I mean, how will they help you going forward? Can you present them to the beast and his agents or can you present them to YAH SHADDAI in the Heavens?

And the time⏲️ to go into your Noah’s Ark/Goshen is now (not later)!

Prepare! An URGENT Holy Prophetic Word: SOMETHING BIGGER THAN THE CORONAVIRUS IS COMING IN YEAR 2021 (By Esther Naneth Mangituka)

You leave your home 🏡 😥 that you have know all this while never to return!

You completely let go of your home, photos, etc and go to The middle of nowhere hence Matthew 24 says run 🏃‍♀️to the mountains ⛰ ⛰ and then look forward to making Heaven your eternal home though the new earth 🌎 will be home as well for some time (Millennial Reign of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH)!

Just make sure that by the time⏲️ they announce the next lock down in the next couple of weeks, you are not in your current home!

Also, Whenever there is lockdown, there are Police and Soldier Check-points where they will also force vaccinate or torture those who completely reject the vaccine!

So the check-points won’t allow easy movement around places…

Now, a Useful and Important PROPHETIC WORD:





APR. 19TH, 2021.

This is indeed a generation of hard hearted people. Since 2019 , our Lord Jesus Christ have not cease from warning the Church to go into hidding. I did not post a new thing. I have said this over and over that the Lord said believers should prepare a hidding place where they can go to for purposes of hidding from the Anti-Christ soldiers who will be coming to break down your doors and have you arrested , beaten and tortured. The issue of the hidding place has been part of my posts from the very beginning.

The Lord have also revealed that the individual’s hidding place will also serve as a place of refuge during the bloody civil war that is going to erupt in Nigeria later this year. And many of you bombarded me with questions about the hidding place. Sister Happiness, please, tell us about the hidding place. But now that I have done that, it’s a different story entirely.

Those who have heeded this warnings are now the crazy ones who are foolish enough to believe sister Happiness Aibangbee’s claim that the Lord Jesus Christ has commanded believers to go into hidding before it is too late. I weep for the destruction of your souls, since you have developed inching ears. You want to be told that all is well, when all is not well.

Well for your information, all those who believed God, in times like this, are counted as fools and sometimes sound like crazy people. We be mumu, no problem. Let me tell you this, I only posted a small version of the prepararion going on among the brethren. It is huge and the Lord is prepared to shield his own. We are not moved by your insults, it only spurs us on. What you don’t know is that some of the people that send the photos of their prepararion to me and some other ones are normal people like you who have been following these revelations. Many of them prayed and the Lord confirmed these things to them, the same way you could have done. They are people from all walks of life, ranging from bankers , business men and business women, students, law enforcement agents, teachers, those in the medical profession like doctors and nurses, accountants, Lecturers, bricklayers, civil servants, engineers, panel beaters, pensioners, housewives, school proprietors, those in the legal profession, Pastors, Evangelists, bishops etc. We are fools for Christ’s sake. We will be fool for Christ and go into hidding. Please stay behind and wait for rapture, wait and take the VAKsin and take the chip, and let’s see how you will be rapture with the VAKsin which is the DNA of the beast and the chip Which is the mark of the beast inside of you. Pastor Paul Rika and Pastor Moses Alu told you to accept the VAKsin because there’s no great tribulation before rapture, isn’t it ? No problem. We will soon know who is speaking the mind of God and who is not. Since the last US election uproar hadn’t taught you any lesson.

No wonder, none of Noah’s relatives entered the ark with him. Not even his in-laws, not his friends. None of his neighbours or kinsmen, let alone his village’s folks. They didn’t believe that God is going to bring a deluge of water to destroy the world he created. So Noah sounds like a nutcase. A lone little crazy old man, ranting and rumbling about some rainfall which is going to bring flooding that will cover the whole earth and kill every body ! And it just happened that his ark is the only place of refuge and safety ! How that might have sounded in the ears of his hearer ! And so , even though he preached for decades as he construct the ark, no one believed him. 2 Peter 2:5. No one believes a global catastrophy is imminent. They thought things are still normal. They were used to life in their beautiful homes, so much that life in the confine of an ark seems very much unpleasant and undesirable. What with all the animals in the next floor, bleating goats, barking dogs and cooing birds and roaring lions. What if the food they stocked up in the ark got finished ? The same way people are questioning the very same instructions to stock up on food. Asking what if the food got finished ? They want their normal life of buying and selling God’s and services, getting married, doing business to go on. Noah’s message was a distraction and a nuisance that must be rejected. Their anger may have been aroused. How dare he ? After all, how can God speak to him alone ? Shockingly, their petty anger did nothing to stop the windows of heaven from opening up. The world was swallowed up in a sea of water. Nothing that had the breath of life survive the massive destruction. History keep repeating itself . What a pity !

Man’s unbelief , doubt, nonchalant attitude, rebellion and disobedience didn’t end with Noah’s generation. When the angels of the Lord revealed themselves to Lot, and their intention to destroy the place, they also gave him the grace to give this information to all those who are closed to him. Lot thought of none other than his beloved sons in law. After all, they were his sons by law. The old man ran and told them about the angelic visitation and what is about to befall this cities of sin. What was their reaction ? The bible says, to them he seems like one who is joking. Lot was doing April fool. He was just cracking jokes. I could imagine how the conversation between Father in law and sons in law goes.
Lot: My sons hurry up, get ready to leave. Sodom and Gomorrah are coming down. God has sent his angels to destroy the cities, no time to waste. As I’m talking to you, the angels are in my house. Let’s leave immediately, please.

Sons in law: Papa what is it , when last did you take your malaria fever medications, eh ? Did you sleep well last night ? We told you to take things easy, you won’t listen, and now your imagination is running wild. Old man go home and rest. There are no angels anywhere, no angels in your house. Sodom and Gomorrah are not going to be destroyed, okay. Stop creating fear, ( Sounds familiar ? ) stop the panic, stop being jumpy. Stop scaring people. You are imagining things. Stop making up these wild tales. You are acting weird. We will come in the evening to see you and then we will talk. We will bring your favorite wine, papa go home . Greet mummy for us. Bye.
( The above dialogue is strictly hypothetical, but I strongly believe Lot may have tried to convince his sons inlaw to leave Sodom and Gomorrah, unfortunately all his pleas fell on deaf ears. No one is going to leave their beloved homes, their investments, they cattles, sheep and goats, horses and donkeys. No sir, we ain’t moving an inch. So Lot went home defeated and dejected. A door of survival was opened to these young men, but they rejected it, they rejected the message, and despised the bearer of the message. They termed him a joker. They refused to flee and perished in their rebellion.

As if that’s is not enough, Lot’s own wife have doubts of her own. How could my husband believe these men whom he came with last night are really angels ? Granted , they seemed to have performed a kind of miracle when they shut the door against the evil Sodom people, but is that enough to believe that they are really angels of God sent from heaven to destroy these cities ? How can we be expected to leave this place, just like that ? What about my business ? What about all our investments in this City, does the Lord really wanted us to leave everything behind just like that ?
These and many other things might have ran through the heart of Lot’s wife which eventually culminated in her death. Just a a little turning of the neck , just a little seemingly harmless glance backward, sealed the fate of this woman. The same way many of you are thinking now about the Lord’s command to flee the towns and Cities. What about my education, what about my business, oh what about my Ministry ? What if the food I store got finished ? How much food can really be enough ? Are you so engrossed with the glamour of this world that you are now ready to rebel against the loving instructions from the Lord to go into hidding, just like Lot’s wife who was reluctant to leave Sodom and Gomorrah behind and flee to the mountains? The Lord Jesus Christ is warning you, remember Lot’s wife. Luke 17:32. You may do yourself good and read the whole story Gen. 19.

Consequently, she didn’t really left Sodom and Gomorrah, although the angels held her hand and that of her husband and two daughters, and practically dragged them outside the city. Still this woman refused to bulge. She looked back contrary to divine instruction. Thank God, Lot and his daughters were not dissuaded at all. They refused to join her in her disobedience. Lot’s wife decision to look back , if possible to go back Sodom didn’t stop her husband and two daughters from continuing their flight to safety. Food for thought, for those facing persecution from close family members as a result of this issue. Imagine your husband or wife is a follower of Pastor Paul Rika or Pastor Moses Alu telling you to accept the VAKsin and the chip, because rapture hasn’t taken place, you must borrow a leaf from Lot and his two daughters. Salvation is strictly personal. Do not follow any body to hell. Run for your dear life if all your efforts to tell them the truth yield no positive result.

This is the situation of the Church today. Doubts and unbelief will be their undoing. Just like the people of Noah’s day and Lot’s wife and his son’s in law. They all have opportunity to escape for their dear lives. But they were delusional, they thought they were smarter.

My duty as a watchman is to warn you of what is coming. You have the duty is to obey or not. Whether you believe what I am telling you is from the Lord or not, is really your own business. As a watchman , if I see the sword coming, and I closed my mouth, your blood will be on my head. But if I warn you and you refused to obey, your blood will be on your own head. Ezekiel 33:1-7.

May the Lord have mercy on his Church.


Sister Happiness Aibangbee.




APR. 20TH, 2021

One of the instructions which the Lord by his grace gave to his Church is the command to stock up on food. However, this have been greeted with contempt, doubt and unbelief. With questions, such as where is the bible backing for this so called revelation ? Where did God says we should stock up on food ? Where is the Bible reference to all this thing you are posting telling people to buy food and store them in the hidding ?

So today, I have decided to give you the Bible reference, so that you will do the needful. Stock up on durable food, before it is too late. And stop deceiving others from doing the same, even if you don’t want to obey.

“And take Thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou shall gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee, and for them.”

This was God’s instructions to Noah, to stock up on food for himself and the animals. Take every edible food available, gather it and store it in the ark. That’s going to be serve as food for you and the animals.

How did Noah responded ? Did he questioned God, what if the food got exhausted ? What shall we eat then, after all ,you said that the whole world will be flooded with water ? If the food we stock up got exhausted, what should we eat, are we going to dive into the flood water to look for food ? Noah, did not ask God any of these questions.

In obedience, Noah did according to all that God commanded him. He stock up on food for himself and his family and even for the animals according to the commandment he received from the Lord.

” This did Noah; according to all that God, commanded him, so did he “
Gen. 6:21-22


Today, many believers are acting weird. They think that I am teaching a strange doctrine, as I told them what the Lord said.

The ball is now in your court. You are the one to decide whether to obey or to continue analyzing what the Lord says. Let me borrow my hubby’s phrase; “Analysis that brings paralysis” You may continue to engage in your analysis that will paralyzed your chances of survival. Or humble yourself before the Lord and simply obey as Noah did.

A civil war is imminent. Be careful. Be very careful. Heed the Lord’s command now, I plead with you. Prepare a place that you can flee to. Plant something there. Banana , pawpaw( papaya) yam, potatoes, plantains, cassava. Any of this will help a great deal. Or you can also stock the place with food items.

At least, you can’t claim you didn’t know what to do.

May the Lord give his Church the grace to hearken and act accordingly.

God bless you.


Sister Happiness Aibangbee.




APR. 17, 2021.

As I said in my last post, a good number of believers have responded positively to the Lord’s command to get prepared for the great tribulation. Especially in the area of stocking up on durable food stuffs.

Today, I will be posting some of the photos of what our brethren have put in place in response to the preparation command by our Lord Jesus Christ.

These photos comes from within and outside Nigeria. Let me encourage you, by saying this; you don’t need any elaborate and complex preparation for the great tribulation. You don’t really need millions of Naira or Dollars before you can prepare.

It is only the basic things needed for survival in the bush, wilderness, caves or forest as the case maybe that should be your concern.

The most basic necessities and needs in this scenario may include the following;


  1. Shelter.
    Not a state of the art Mansion. A hut, a wooden cabin, a shack, etc. This could be built with mud , wood, grass, bamboo sticks, planks, zinc and any other material that can easily be sourced in the bush.

Just a simple structure that anyone can construct in no distant time.

  1. FOOD.

Food is a very vital need. If you were among those who heeded the Warning on time, by now you would have had a harvest of crops or crops that are ready for harvest. You will see what I mean by the time, when I start posting the photos of what our brethren have put on ground on the area of planting food crops. Vegetables, such as ground nuts (peanuts) tomatoes, peppers. Tuber such as yams, potatoes and cassavas are some of the food products which our brethren have planted either in their hidding places or in some other places ready to be taken, on harvest, to their hidding places.

While the argumentators and spoilers, are busy running their foul mouth on facebook, private chatting each other, on how to pull down the life-saving work which the Lord by his grace has placed in my hands, on this platform, the wise are busy seriously getting prepared. It paid off. I am always overwhelmed with unspeakable joy, when I see the brethren sending me photos of their prepararion. Thankfully, these are God’s Elects, who understood the time we are living in and the countdown to the showdown. They have the Spirit of discernment. They were able to discerned which voice is of God and which is not, and paid deaf ears to lucifer’s agents who were raging and ranting, in a bid to poison the hearts of God’s children against the loving instructions given to us by our heavenly father. Glory be to the name of our wonderful and loving Saviour , our most Beloved Redeemer our Lord Jesus Christ for his mercy and grace.

Take note of this. Durable food stuffs like rice, vegetable oil, salt, processed cassava flour, yam flour, cocoyam flour, plantain flour, potatoes flour, corn flour can be purchased and put in airtight containers or in well sealed water tight bags. You can buy these stuffs and take them to your hidding place. You can choose any of these processed flours depending on what is obtainable in your country and the basic food people eat in that part of the world.

Smoked fish or smoked meat could also be added as the case may be. I am not saying you must have all these food items before you can go to your hidding place. I listed these so that, you could make your choice.

  1. WATER

You need water to stay alive, to cook, to bath, to wash. Therefore , ensure that you have access to water in your hidding place. You may dig a well or you may choose a place close to a stream or a river. This is what some brethren have done. They choose a place close to a river in the forest in their country. They build their huts close by that river.

  1. WARMTH.

This is one of the reasons why you need shelter. You will need thick clothings, a sleeping bag if you can get one, blanket, sweater and stockings etc. Any of these can provide the needed warmth. That is why you must take lighters and matches along to make fire. Do not forget to take a mosquito net to your hidding place.

You must not also forget to get touchlights, knife and cutlasses for cutting and clearing. If your hidding place is close to a river or a stream, you can take hooks or other fishing items along. Our brothers can also hunt for small animals in their hidding places in the bush. A first-aid kit is very much recommended.
The items mentioned here are just a general guide that can help you to get what may be suitable to your situation.
A time will come the food you bought will run out. For those who have planted, they will live on the crops they planted. I strongly recommend that you start planting food crops and vegetables in your hidding place now. You can even keep livestock there.

And now the most important need of all is your spiritual need. Consequently, I highly recommend that you get a brand new Bible. You may add a good hymn book, if you are a lover of hymns and spiritual songs as I am. Your most basic need in your hidding place is your connection to your Heavenly Father. Read and study your bible as never before.

You should also learn to pray and fast more often. This is not a joy ride. We are going to live a life of self denial, make no mistake. The most important prayer of all is for you to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to give you the grace to stand faithfully to the end as you purify yourself from all the works of the flesh.

The God who protected and who provided food for Prophet Elijah in the forest by the brook Cherith, David in caves, forests and wilderness, the 100 Prophets kept by Obadiah in caves and fed rhem with bread and water, Joseph and Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ as a baby during their escape to Egypt in the night, may he also do the same for all his children, who in obedience will flee the cities according to the command he gave us. He commanded his disciples to flee into the mountains when they see Romans soldiers compassed Jerusalem around . The disciples obeyed, and were preserved.

He is the same God who provided manna for millions of Israelites who came out of Egypt without food or water. He rained down bread from heaven for his people, he made water to gushed out of the rock to quenched their thirst.
Have you forgotten all these cases of Divine Intervention ? Take a hint from these informations being released by the Lord to his people. Do not join the group of those who will cry had I know.

May the Lord bless you.


Sister Happiness Aibangbee.


I will now post the photos of prepararion of God’s people.