Prophecy: THE COMING USA MEGA EARTHQUAKE that Will Change The Face of USA🇺🇸


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Warning #4: Prophetic minister John Paul Jackson was given news headlines of the future. He saw them appear one at a time as newspapers were displayed in front of him. One one of them was the following headline:
the-great-divide/ John Paul Jackson explains the meaning of this headline as follows: “This was a headline from a little while after an earthquake had happened. They were no longer able to go from New Orleans all the way up the Mississippi River. Something happened with the river in an earthquake. They call it the great divide. So this is how business was now operating on the Mississippi River since they could not traverse the whole way up.”
That same article provides insights into the possible timing of the coming war in the Middle East, which will be when America turns against Israel with a political trap. The judgment of YAH will be released very soon after that.
YAH has given these prophecies not to scare us, but to help us prepare for the events that are coming.


ALERT FOR OREGON, CALIFORNIA & WASHINGTON….AND THE REST OF THE USA & EVEN THE ENTIRE WORLD– The M9+ Megaquake that’s coming will affect all of America and even the Global economy!
NOTE — “It is the first time in several years that such a strong swarm occurred off the coast of Oregon…”
Report: “A cluster of earthquakes has been ongoing off the coast of Oregon, with the major ones being a M5.5 event, a M5.4, and a M5.3, in that order. The earthquake swarm started at 2:25 PT (10:25 UTC) as shown below:
M4.3 – off the coast of Oregon
M5.4 – 287 km WNW of Bandon, Oregon; reported by 8 people on the continent
M5.2 – off the coast of Oregon; reported by 2 people on the continent
M5.3 – off the coast of Oregon; reported by 4 people on the continent
M4.1 – off the coast of Oregon
M3.9 – off the coast of Oregon

According to USGS, all of these quakes occurred at a depth of 10km (6.2 miles). But looking at different apps around, the quakes were very deep

Why this cover up, again?
Maybe because a big earthquake is overdue along the Cascadia subduction zone, the convergent plate boundary that stretches from northern Vancouver Island in Canada to Northern California in the United States.

And as visible on the map below, the Juan de Fuca plate is linked to this very long, sloping subduction zone where the Explorer, Juan de Fuca, and Gorda plates move to the east and slide below the much larger mostly continental North American Plate..

Major cities affected by a disturbance in this subduction zone include Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia; Seattle, Washington; and Portland, Oregon.

It is the first time in several years that such a strong swarm occurs off the coast of Oregon…

Do you think it is a sign of the next Cascadia superquake and tsunami?

Here’s the best article ever written about this Cascadia disaster… And if you want to know more, I would suggest you to watch this documentary (press on the picture below)