Prophecy: WARNING FROM THE LORD JESUS ABOUT 📌CLOTH WITH SNAKES, 📌TALKING POLITICS, 📌SABBATH, 📌HATRED, 📌SINFUL BEDROOM POSITIONS•From the testimony of Sister Déborah [Uploaded here on Wednesday 15th February 2023/SHEVAT 25]

SHALOM Brethren in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; Not Yeshua! ; Not YeshaYAHU!!!],

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•From the testimony of Sister Déborah

I was praying in the night that I saw the devil. He told me, “Really? If you don’t want to work for me, give me back my properties. Why are you keeping my properties?” When I woke up, I said, “Lord, I don’t have the devil’s property in my house. There is no juju or fetish in my place. Why is the enemy saying I am keeping his things, and that I have to give it to him?” The Lord told me, “These ornaments, fashion clothes, and chains in your house are properties of the devil. Even these african cloths that have drawings of geometric shapes and snakes.” I was ordered to burn all these items. When I was done, I felt a sense of relief.

When I had resolved the issue of makeup and adornments, I thought I had arrived. But the Lord came to me and said, “It is not over as you think. Since the work of holiness of the body has finished now, the work of holiness of the soul has begun in your heart. You must facilitate the work I have begun on this day in your heart. You have done well to change your outward appearance. It’s good, but look at your heart. There is anger in your heart.” The Lord said, “When you spend time talking politics in order to criticize the authority, I am not with you.”

The Lord began to tell me about the Ten Commandments. He gave me Deuteronomy 5:7, (Deuteronomy 5:7 Thou shalt have none other gods before me.) I said, “Lord, I have no other god. He said, “Since you love your husband more than me, you are an idolater. You prefer to please him than me, you are worshipping your husband.” In truth, my husband was in the first place in my life, and I needed to repent.

The Lord then spoke of the day of sabbath; when I was washing my clothes, and I was going to do my shopping. The Lord said, “You must rest on the day of sabbath. If the trumpet find you breaking the sabbath, you will not be raptured. You must repent. The bible says: Observe the sabbath day, by keeping it holy as the Lord your God has commanded you. Six days you shall labour and do all your work. But the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God; on it you shall not do any work.” Then the Lord went to reveal to me that I was a murderer. He said, “It is written: you shall not kill. But you are a murderer, because you have aborted a baby. You must repent. And everytime you were using contraceptives with your husband, even if you were married legally, your were killing and terminating lives. You must repent. Every time you have been using this plastic, you were killing.” I repented and asked the Lord for forgiveness, for using contraceptives which is abortion and killing.

I was holding grudge and anger in my heart towards people, and the Lord revealed that I was a killer. Though I decided to forgive those who have offended me, the enemy kept reminding me what they had done to me. Therefore, bitterness kept rising back in my heart. The Lord told me, “Being angry against these people means that you are killing them. You are a killer.” I asked the Lord for forgiveness again. The Lord said, “It is written: You shall not steal. Do you know that you are a thief. You stole from me.” Actually, I was not paying my tithe anymore. I repented and confessed my sins to the Lord.

On that day when I was sleeping, I heard the Lord saying to me, “You thief. Do you know that thieves shall not inherit the kingdom of God.” I said, “I already confessed and repented from the theft of tithes.” The Lord said, “You bought the children headband one hundred frank, and you sold them five hundred frank. Since you always inflate the prices of the goods you sell in the market, you are a thief. You buy the children uniform one thousand five hundred frank, and you sell three thousand franc which is double. You are a thief.” When I woke up, it was as if the scale fell from my eyes. I said, “The Lord is right. All these benefits obtained by doubling the price of my goods is theft.”

I was just going from one fast to another, because I wanted to get something from God. I was sleeping in the day, during my days of fasting and prayer. That’s when I saw a demon that came to my room and began to have sex with me in strange positions. When I woke up, I said, “Lord, I am fasting and praying and you allow a demon to come and have sex with me in these strange positions.” The Lord said, “Yes. I allowed this demon because these are the positions you and your husband do in your marital bed. These improper positions will lead you to hell unless you repent.” On that day, I confessed and repented and gave up these positions I was doing with my husband. I did not know that these positions in bed were abominable to the Lord.

The following day, despite my confession, the demon came again and tried to masturbate me with his finger. I cried, “Lord, why are you letting this to happen.” The Lord said, “This is the way you clean your body.” In truth, many women use their finger to clean inside their body: The Lord considers this as a form of masturbation. The Lord said to me, “Ladies should not introduce their finger in their body, supposedly to clean inside. Tell them to wash on the surface only.” Beloved, this is the time of repentance, it’s not too late yet. Please regret your sin, repent and begin to preach the sound doctrine; because we will be severely judged.

*⬆️Please note what is said in this Prophetic MESSAGE above especially regarding THE SABBATH.*

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