Prophetic Implications :⚠️📌⚠️1. The Revelation 6 SEALS and 2023 King Charles III CORONA-TION (Coronation) on Saturday 6th May 2023 which also happened to be IYYAR 14 [PESACH SHENI/SECOND CHANCE PASSOVER] and FULL MOON DAY plus A LUNAR ECLIPSE Occurred!⚠️Prepare For War!📌2. Why Would and Did A Grim Reaper a.k.a Angel Of Death Appear At The Coronation and Why were The Royal Family Members Taken By Surprise? [Jeremiah 33:3]📌3. King Charles III Nearly Shape-Shifted During The Coronation! He fought hard to resist the shape-shift.📌4. What Does The Image On King Charles’ Signet Ring Imply?📌5. What Does The Orb imply?📌6. The British Royal Mail Has Issued A New Stamp To Mark King Charles III Coronation Which Includes Symbols of Ecumenism/ChrIslam!📌7. King Charles III Is Not The Anti-Messiah  a.k.a Anti-Christ!📌8. Defender of The Faith (Christian/Church of England) and Faiths??? King Charles III though Under the Pope plays a similar role to that of the Pope!📌9. Why Was It That At The Coronation Prom The Kingship of KING YAHUSHUA HA  MASHIACH was repeatedly compared with that of King Charlesand also📌Why was the evening spent singing about the death, resurrection and KINGSHIP of YAHUSHUA  HA MASHIACH while making reference to the British Royal Family Crown Jewels?Monday 8th May 2023/IYYAR 16

SHALOM Brethren in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; Not Yeshua! ; Not YeshaYAHU!!!],

We’ll share different pages of The Prophetic Implications of King Charles III Coronation.

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This occurred about 2 days before the Corona-tion.

Video: God Showed Me A Future Devastation! It Is Near | The Rapture Is Due – My Rapture Dream

⬇️Written in answer to a question on our Telegram Channel on Thursday 11th May 2023/IYYAR 20 and Friday 12th May 2023/IYYAR 21⬇️

Yes, King Charles III and the rest of the members of the British Royal Family are actually giant reptiles – in fact Lizards – The Lizard Family. We can also call then hybrids because they fused or managed to put on mankind’s flesh body which hides their reality.

This is why Princess Diana was not okay throughout her marriage to them. She could not be okay because she was mankind amidst giant lizards. And Remember that Reptiles and Mankind are not friends. Reptiles are always seeking to kill mankind using their venom. Some even go as far as to ear mankind. The lizard family have a way of controlling their animalistic nature which hates mankind and that is by kidnapping people and eating their flesh plus drinking their blood. They have to be taught how to control the shape-shifting aspect of them while they are in the flesh. While they are in the flesh, they are affected negatively by the sun, so they tend to feast on kidnapped mankind victims in order to be able to stay out in the sun for long periods without exposing themselves to mankind.

They want to be god over mankind and then completely take over the earth by exterminating all of mankind so this earthly Realm can become theirs.

Queen Elizabeth II before her death revealed THE TRUTH about herself and family – The Lizard Family – in a speech one day.

You can not be accepted into their circles unless you are one of and one with them! If you are LIGHT, they being darkness can’t stand you!

You see, Charles did transform in front of the whole world once during that Coronation and then nearly again in the moment of his actual Coronation. He got excited and nearly gave himself away.

We have some urgent messages to share before it is to late which are related to what happened on Saturday 6th May 2023 which was actually IYYAR 15 (and not 14 as we had previously said) however we are struggling to have time to put them together to share. Will try our very best this week. So much going on…


⬆️Written in answer to a question on our Telegram Channel on Thursday 11th May 2023/IYYAR 20 and Friday 12th May 2023/IYYAR 21⬆️


BEWARE OF THE FUNERAL OF THE QUEEN Elizabeth II on due to take place on Monday 19th September 2022/ELUL 23!!! (Audio included) 1. No Dead Bodies or Coffins/Caskets of dead bodies in Church Buildings!!! ; 2. No Flowers to be placed on Coffins/Caskets of dead bodies or grave sites, Rather place stones!!! ; 3. No Wearing of Black coloured clothing and clothing with patterns as THE BODY OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH whether we have lost a loved one or not!!! Wear WHITE instead! ; 4. No Decorations and Statues in Church Buildings!!! ; 5. Beware of the Practices of The Anglican Churches and other Sunday Worshipping Churches including the Priests’ dresscode! ; 6. NOTE THAT THIS IS THE MONTH/SEASON [HEBREW] – ELUL during which “THE KING IS IN THE FIELD” and we are approaching ROSH HA SHANAH a.k.a YOM TERUAH [TISHRI 1 – 2] on which THE CROWNING OF THE KING OF Kings and LORD OF Lords as well as THE QUEEN OF Queens and LADY OF Ladies occurs yearly!!! 7. It’s revealed to some that on the Roman Gregorian Calendar, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH was born on 9th September! 8. Beware of the clothing you wear! 9. The HOLY RAPTURE TO THE SHAMMAYIM/HEAVENS! Jeremiah 33:3

Video: King Charle’s CORONATION Signals Christian Persecution 4 going against his One World Religion

Beware of the so-called “The Sovereign’s orb” of which it is said that it signifies The Sovreignty of the King/Queen of England over his realm and supposedly GOD’S SOVEREIGN POWER OVER the king.

What does this mean?

*When Charles was crowned king on 6th May 2023, he became the defector Sovereign of Faith’s (not just the Church of England) over 56 countries that make up the commonwealth.*

What does this mean?

The King/Queen has spiritual authority over about 195 countries. That’s like 1/3rd of the countries in the world. He has an enormous amount of power over them. *He has been vested with demonic/satanic power vested in him by the devil.*

Charles III is  now the head of the highest order within freemason in the world – swearing allegiance to both Christianity and paganism! *It involves sexuality and paedophilia and cannibalism.*

The British Monarchy Monarchy to have their foot in two worlds: ⚠️paganism and ⚠️superficial Christianity.

Pray and Renounce Charles III as your king. He is not your king. Only YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is KING and your Kings and LORD of Lords!!!

I saw this yesterday and found it interesting.

It’s true.

So many TRUTHS coming forth…slowly but gradually…

*THE LORD in 2022 said HE will expose the British Monarch a.k.a Royal Family.* They have deceived the masses for too long. Enough!

There is more for many to learn… It’s mind-blowing.

Jeremiah 33:3 Amplified Bible

*3 ‘Call to ME [YAHWEH] and I will answer you, and tell you* [and even show you] *great and mighty things,* [things which have been confined and hidden], *which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.’*

Charles won’t stay long on that throne. He is sick and dying.
Interestingly, he nearly shape-shifted in front of the whole world on his Coronation. He wasn’t himself at all.

*Another Corona-tion to be planned and to take place not far from now….(most likely 2026) and that is William’s, the final one ever in this evil world of Esau.*

Hope you saw the grim reaper a.k.a Angel of Death at the Coronation on Saturday 6th May 2023. *He shocked everyone and most especially The Royal Family as he was unexpected.* That is a SIGN, A SIGN OF THE TIMES WE ARE IN! It means that not only that Charles is dying but also of the manifestation of Revelation 6:8 is gradually beginning in a much worse manner [Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 : Nothing New Under The Sun]. *GOD ALL MIGHTY allowed that grim reaper a.k.a Angel of Death to manifest physically and walk through a very public place and at a very important occasion watched by the whole word for a reason.* He was a spirit (not a human being or mankind wearing a costume!). *There is no better way to say it. We are at the brink of war.* And Interestingly, an attack on Kremlin, the Russian President’s usual dwelling place a few days before the Corona-tion. The Russian President dislikes England and wishes to wage war against it plus annihilate it from the face of the earth… THE LORD ALL MIGHTY has revealed Prophetically that there will be an attack on London Bridge at some point but don’t know when.

*Brace yourselves, prepare, pack an emergency bag for you never know when you will need it, do a search on bomb shelters, etc Brethren and be sure that the EMERGENCY ALERT that was sent to our phones 2 Sundays ago (Sunday 30th April 2023) was not just for just* but a PREPARATION WARNING/MEANS FOR WHAT IS TO COME! Something is lurking around the corner….and something is set to occur between the months of June and September 2023 followed by a new pandemic and Lockdowns and forced vaccines all over again…

*Not sure if all this can be stopped and posted by GOD ALL MIGHTY but hey let us go before GOD ALL MIGHTY in PRAYER concerning this because many are unprepared!* PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!

GOD ALL MIGHTY reveals to redeem. John 3:16; Psalm 91; 121; etc.

As long as Charles sits on that throne, death and destruction….hence the grim reaper a.k.a death angel showed up. But don’t think that William’s reign will be any better. And don’t be fooled by his good looks and his wife’s good looks. They are there for  a reason with an end time evil agenda.

Jeremiah 33:3 Amplified Bible

*3 ‘Call to ME [YAHWEH] and I will answer you, and tell you* [and even show you] *great and mighty things,* [things which have been confined and hidden], *which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.’*

There is more but will stop here for now.

Just thought I should drop a line regards this issue to prepare you for what is to come…that is if it does not get postponed by GOD ALL MIGHTY.

*Monday 7th May 2023 morning*


P Mirembe/Shulamit G

⬆️What does this mean exactly?

Well, Let us delve into the word of YAH SHADDAI:

Revelation 6:8 Amplified Bible

So I looked, and behold, an ashen (pale greenish gray) horse [like a corpse, representing death and pestilence]; and its rider’s name was Death; and Hades (the realm of the dead) was following with him. They were given authority and power over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with [a]plague (pestilence, disease) and by the wild beasts of the earth.

YAH SHADDAI is permitting the devil to afflict the world as part of HIS JUDGEMENT for sin/wickedness/LAWlessness/TORAHlessness in/of this world.

The goal of war, instability, chaos is the fulfillment of the following:

There have been various bomb scares and a bus set on fire in Pollock at Silverburn Shopping Centre over the last couple of weeks during April 2023. This should make us wonder. Some resident living in the buildings where the bombs were found, were evacuated on several occasions. evacuated

Video: Did you see THIS at the CORONATION? by Joseph Okechwuku

King Charles III Nearly Shape-Shifted During his Corona-tion : Why did Charles back the congregation? Why hide when being anointed with the so-called “holy oil”? What exactly is there to hide?


Video: The World Is Getting So Strange Most Can’t See It

Video: This is to strange to NOT see

Could it have been a hologram we saw of someone else being crowned on behalf of Charles and as Charles while wearing a mask of this face?

Video: It’s beyond strange you see?

Aliens/Demons/Fallen Angel and Alien Space Ships Were Spotted In The Air During The Coronation and over the last couple of weeks around East London:

Ecumenism (bringing all faiths together under one roof) – ChrIslam, The One World Religion:


Remember that YAH SHADDAI instructed us beginning with Year 2021 to stop wearing clothing and using items that have flowers and other kinds of patterns!


📌Why have such images and more particular the one in green on the invite?

📌Why include such the face of something as a major part of the art work on the invitation card?

the god of vegetation….pan….

In the following by William Schnobelen explains well the meanings of various symbols:

Video: Beware of King Charles

Please check out other videos by clicking on the following link:

➡️➡️➡️The Death of Pope Benedict XVI on 31st December 2022 (31 = 13 in the kingdom of Darkness) / TEVET 8; 📌2. COP27 in Egypt/Mitzrayim at The Sinai Pennisular; 📌3. The New Climate Change Commandments; 📌4. The Installation of or Crowning of Pope Francis a.k.a Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 13th March 2013; 📌5. The Upcoming Climate Change Lockdowns: 15 – 20 Minute Cities already being tested in Paris, Melborne, etc; 📌6. The Coming Sun-Day a.k.a Sun Worship Day Law (they’re now using Climate Change to re-emphasise it in preparation for the rise to power of the beast out of the earth, B H Obama – Rev 13); 📌7. Electric Powered Cars, BEWARE of them!📌8. Esau a.k.a Edom a.k.a Idumea, that is to say, Rome & The Vatican are working hard…Etc…📌9. The so-called “Coming Black Pope”📌10. ALSO, The devils of Windsor!…Audio & Written message included…

The Secret Anointing:

?????? Why hide behind this? What is the secret all about? What are all these images representative of? Obviously, they say, “The Commonwealth” but is it really the case?
Why an eagle?

The Orb, Signet Ring: Implications

The orb has demonic/satanic powers!

King Charles Nearly Shape-Shifting:

⬆️He is fighting hard against shape-shifting… ⬇️

The 2023 Coronation Prom:

This prom was so bewildering because the songs sang were all about the death and resurrection of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; Not Yeshua! ; Not Yeshua!] And this was being compared to King Charles III.

The New British Royal Mail Stamps with Ecumenical Symbols In Honour of King Charles III Coronation:

There are many other designs…

King Charles Is The Main Pioneer Of The Great Reset and All That Goes With It and so Klaus Schwab is just a helper manager on Charles’ behalf:

KKK : Ku Klux Klan News Article At Such A Time As This:

Missing People This Period:


Why Are All British Police Officers Suddenly Required To Shave Off All Of Their Beards? Why Do The Police Have To Shave Off Their Beards? No proper reason has been given!