Prophetic Teaching: THE May 2021 MOUNT⛰ NYIRANGONGO⛰🌋 VOLCANIC 🌋 ERUPTION 🌋: THE BIBLICAL Spiritual Significance


YAH has spoken Prophetically to my wife today morning, Monday 31st May 2021, between 5 and 6am that Mount Nyiragongo 🌋 is going to erupt again but this time round, the Volcanic 🌋 eruption 🌋 will be greater and more dangerous! All the people in nearby/surrounding areas must relocate ASAP if they haven’t already! My wife had a vision of the Mount Nyiragongo and the surrounding area.

Video: (DW News Channel)

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Additionally, A VOLCANIC 🌋 ERUPTION 🌋 started in Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬 this week on Wednesday 26/05/2021!

Also, A VOLCANIC ERUPTION at Lake Kivu on 25/05/2021 – 26/05/2021

Video: UPDATE: Lake Kivu catches fire 🔥: Rwanda 🇷🇼 & DRC 🇨🇩 May 25 2021


Watch the Volcano crater get ready to erupt in real-time. No editing – just the view my drone had. Watch the widescreen 4k version on youtube

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Video: DR Congo 🇨🇩: Locals trek to Lake Kivu as volcano 🌋 crisis cuts ✂️ water 💧 supply

Now, The Prophetic Teaching:

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