Prophetic Vision: FORCED “V” JAB 💉 & MARTYRDOM (Given by YAH ALMIGHTY on 28 May 2021)


This is being shared on Monday 4th June 2021. First, the whole point of sharing the following Vision is as follows:

Now, the Vision:

The Vaccine is a precursor to the Mark of the beast (Revelation 13; Matthew 24; Daniel; etc)

The following Vision was given to Sister Perpetua Shulamit on Friday 28th May 2021 morning:

VISION OF NEWTON MEARNS TOWN IN GLASGOW SOUTHSIDE (Scotland, UK) In Total Lockdown 🔐🔒 and Experiencing Forced Vaccination 💉

While sleeping I had several visions. This is the most outstanding one of them all is this one. The Vision started off with the context as Bank Holiday on the Glasgow Southside but not a Bank Holiday on the Glasgow East End!

I saw myself Supernaturally travelling across Glasgow. I found myself on the East End. I saw children going to school and I wondered. They were wearing white shirts, maroon blazers and black trousers. They had school bags. They were Secondary School children. I happened to be crossing the road with them. It was at that point that I asked them how come they are at school today? I thought that today is a Bank Holiday? One boy looked back at me and replied saying that it is not bank Holiday for them! Then he continued walking🚶‍♂️to his school which seemed to be around the Cambernauld Road area.

At that point, the scene change. I saw myself by taken by the SPIRIT OF YAH ALMIGHTY to another part of Glasgow to view. I visited other parts within a short time. My husband was with me for part of the time.

Then the scene changed again. I saw myself back at home 🏡 on the Southside of Glasgow. The children were at home 🏡 with together with my husband and I. We were getting on with life as normal. The children were running around the house 🏠 playing. Then as we were minding our business, there was a knock at the door 🚪.  We all heard it, stopped and wondered 🤔🤨. My husband and I were very hesitant to open as we were not expecting anyone. After a while my husband opened the door🚪.  He saw a gentleman standing at the door and enquired as to why he knocked. The gentleman answered saying that he has been sent by the government. They were informed that the residents of this address/property have not yet been vaccinated 💉. My husband wondered 🤔🤨! I was there as an observer. The gentleman went on to say that had been sent to vaccinate people in their homes. He was one of many. My eyes were then led to look up at which point I saw various people knocking at our neighbours’ doors. My husband resisted. The gentleman threatened my husband with calling the Police. He said that they are one button away from him. He then took out a needle with a liquid and used it to touch my husband’s finger tips. He was quite a short man. After he did this, a lady who is known to us through someone else walked passed our entrance gate. I think her name starts with a letter, L. My husband and I called her. She was walking over to her car 🚗. She was coming from one of our neighbour’s house. She had visited them after doing some work within the community. She started to open her Car 🚗 boot to put something back.  It was a blue car 🚗! It was a very small car 🚗.  It was parked to our right. We asked what she had been doing in the area. She said that she is on assignment from the government to vaccinate 💉 those people in their homes who have not yet been vaccinated 💉 ! She added that she was going to another neighbourhood to carry on what vaccinating 💉 the unvaccinated! It was then us that it dawned on us that Newton Mearns town had been sealed off (lockdown) and there was an ongoing forced vaccination programme which involved arrests of those who were refusing to take the jab 💉 of jabs!

Then the man left us with a warning ⚠️. We went upstairs and started to draw a plan. We were so confused 😕 about where to start and how to flee! We were not yet well prepared! We were in great panick! Then I woke up.

VISION GIVEN BY YAH ALMIGHTY on Friday 28th May 2021


Extremely Important Audio recorded on Friday 4th June 2021:

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The following message is crucial:

💉Urgent ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ Prophetic ⚠️ Revelation 👀 concerning the C-19 “V”💉jab: Glasgow, Scotland, UK 🇬🇧 (June 2021)