The OMICRON Covid-19 VARIANT: Some Important End Time PROPHETIC REVELATIONS AND ADVICE! AFRICA 🌍 IS NOW ha satan’s main focus to steal, kill and destroy as many people as possible as he has not fully gained acceot as much as he desires through the abomination of desolation 💉 [John 10:10; 1 Peter 5:8; John 8:44; James 4:4,7; 1 John 1:19; Romans 6:23; 12:1-2; Isaiah1:18-20; Psalm 91; etc] – Shared on Saturday 27th November 2021


*GROUNDHOG DAY (repeating itself over and over again….)* Ecclesiastes 1:9-10

Video: Prophetic Insight into Omicron ha satan’s agenda/plan

Video: Prophetic Insight into Omicron- how it attacks

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SHARED AS RECEIVED ON Saturday 27th November 2021 / 23rd Kislev


I had a dream 23/5/2021 btw 1am- 3am🙏

I flew to another country,there was war and destruction,and darkness everywhere,wickedness everywhere, i saw agents of darkness everywhere on missions. I saw how they wanted to bring Islam in many countries, as fight, war and destruction was going on, my guardian Angel took me out and we flee to another country. Am just summarizing the dream, because the dream was a very long one. I was fighting with darkness, but God rescued me. We flee to another city,i will remember the name of that city, it was full of Islam, in a distant,i saw a priest telling people there to bow down,that they wanted to worship God,i moved closer, as i wanted to join them, i got a ministration that it was moslem, they modernize their prayer style,so that the Christians will not notice that they are bowing down to idol,when i noticed it,i left immediately,the priest was angry, my guardian angel helped me to escape, note: (Dear true Christians of God,these Moslems in some countries have modernize their terms of worship, so that the Christians will not notice. If a priest come and say lets give glory to God by bowing down, don’t try it! Those are the Moslems. Run for your life!) then i went forward and look, i saw a church, that Church was the Church of Christ, that place was call safety,a place of refuge,i was very happy, i went there, i saw people praising God, singing, happiness everywhere and holiness, they covered their hair, no worldliness there. They were not much. I saw the angels of God with the saint rejoicing, then Jesus came in, everywhere became gold and beautiful, so beautiful, holiness in and out, godly women there and children, not much, not much women, i was surprise. Everyone where praising God. I too began to praise God. Then Jesus sat down and began to taught us the role of women, Godly,virtuous and holy, Jesus began to emphasize on Godliness and holiness and character and so on. Later we all started to sing and praise God. I was wandered about, outside the building, the angel of God said there is darkness out there, i had to run away from there. I began to praise God, flying up, singing, i remembered this one ” Jesus u are holy, Jesus u are worthy” my voice was so tiny, like author, i think that is my original voice God have given to me, not trebor. My voice was tiny like those Indian singers, i was singing in such voice and dancing. When i left that city, i went to another city, i saw destruction everywhere, different things happening. It look like war, people dying, children crying, soldiers everywhere. Everyone were hiding, the terror was too much. There was nothing like education again, because there was danger everywhere. Many great people were killed. There was hunger and famine here and there, only the children of God who were holy in and out that trust in Jesus, Jesus kept them and helped them, but many worldly Christians were killed, many perish in different ways. It was terrible. Rapture did not take place, it conflicts and disagreement between the governments, so they got provoke and began to kill, just like what happen in endsars. The endsars own was just a reminder of the tribulation everyone will experience, because the presidents and other unions and state are having disagreement on something. My brother my sister, no matter how u fast for it not to happen, it will come to pass. God have revealed it to many of His children. I am one of those. Just pray for yourself and repent from hypocrite,and live a life that pleases God, because between 2022-2023 the dream will unfold itself. U see how things are increasing?both food stuffs? Soon other countries will stop sending foodstuffs and other things to other countries, and things will be more harder than before.
Now is the time for u to come to Jesus, surrender to Jesus. They want to islamize Nigeria, which will further bring war and damage. Many Christians will die, mark my word.
Where will u spend your Eternity?
Ask yourself and pray and yourself right with God,Shalom. Eze Goodness, God’s Servant👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥

Brethrens‼️❗ this thing of value-ing earthly education, like schooling, whether high school, college or technicons or even university will no longer gonna help you❗

It is surely time waisting of many of time for you to become genuine Bornagain/ , it is now a strong hold to steal your time of being acquiring a greater, more/ enough knowledge of True God YAHUVEH ELOHIM Daniel 12: 4, Hosea 4:6, Doiteronomy 29: 29

Many of you are still in spiritual slumbering, comfort zone which is pleasing satan, fallen angels/aliens.

It is high time❗we may not reach the year of 2024or even 2023 ‼️ before Holy Rapture which will be followed immediately by the Great Tribulations ( The Ruling & Establishing of the One World Order)

According of the prophesies revealed to many of our Beloved Brethrens in different countries, it is not me alone who sense, see, understanding on how to read/ identify the seasons of this End Time Generation we are living❗

The thing of relying on to church name, pastor or any mere man more than YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH will lead many to hell fire eternity

When you realize that you are not practicing with all your heart, mind & might the Life according of The purpose and plans YAHUVEH ELOHIM our Father,Maker & Creator, please don’t hesitate but instead repent individually, confess to HIM in your secret place, start watching out your tongue, lifestyle,


Africa will suffer famine, no child of Africa will be able allowed to go abroad to Europeans and America etc..because they will attack Africa and their plan will be like African will spread the diseasesthey will put ,so civil war will come hunger will take place they will put more diseases here in Africa so we can die only those who have a seal will overcome let’s pray for africa.
To travel sorry
It was my revelation this morning
Let’s prepare soon soon