THE [PROPHETIC] Hell EXPERIENCE [3 Days of Darkness] OF (a). ISRAEL 🕎 While in Mitzrayim/Egypt [Exodus 10:21-23]; (b). Jonah While in THE Whale 🐋 [Jonah 1:17 – 2:10; The Legends Of The Jews] and (c). YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH during HIS 3 Days and Nights of Death and Burial [Matthew 27; John 19; The SuperGospel: A Harmony of Gospels; etc] AND THE HOLY PROPHETIC IMPLICATIONS OF THIS particularly for YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S FIRSTFRUITS, that is THE Revelation 14 Wise Virgin Bride [Matthew 25:1-13] and THE Dead in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; The SuperGospel: A Harmony of Gospels]! 2. THE GREAT 5, 1/2 DAYS Prophesied To Adam, The First Man on earth by YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH in Relation To YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S FIRST COMING TO THE Earth 🌎! (a). The Years, 5,500 To 5,533! (b). THE DATES OF YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH’S Death and Resurrection [First Book of Adam; The Cave of Treasures; The Legends of The Jews]! 3. THE 6TH SEAL of Revelation 6:12-17 Is The 9TH PLAGUE of Mitzrayim/Egypt [Exodus 10:21-23; Amos 8:9-10; Malachai 4:5; Joel 3; Matthew 12:38-40; etc]! 9 means DELIVERANCE [YAHUSHUA] as babies are delivered at 9 months! 4. Hell WILL BE REPRESENTED ON EARTH BY THE thick darkness THAT WILL cover the earth on THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF YAUUVEH in the NOT-SO-DISTANT FUTURE from now [Isaiah 60]! – Saturday 16th April 2022/ NISAN/AVIV 15


Jonah’s story is recorded in 2 Kings 14:25, the Book of Jonah, Matthew 12:39-41, 16:4, and Luke 11:29-32.

The belly of the whale represents hell as Jonah’s experience was not a pleasant one during those 3 days. He was literally in hell during those 3 days.

Jonah’s story is usually associated with, read and studied on YOM KIPPUR/DAY OF ATONEMENT and PESACH/PASSOVER as it has parallels that prophetic relate to these HIGHLY SPECIAL AND SIGNIFICANT MO’EDIM/APPOINTED TIMES OF YAHUVEH [Leviticus 23]!