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No one comes to ABBA YAHUVEH (a.k.a YAHWEH) except through YAHUSHUA and with the help of RUACH HA KODESH!

(YAH’S) SALVATION is paid for you in full by a very HIGH PRICE, DEATH, just like the SALVATION of the ISRAELITES was paid for in full by the DEATH OF A LAMB WITHOUT BLEMISH!

Joel 2:1 Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Day of the Lord

2 Blow the ram’s horn in Zion.
Sound the alarm on my holy mountain.
Everyone who lives in the land should tremble,
because the day of Yahweh is coming.
Certainly, it is near.

BRIEF INTRODUCTION (Who are we and what are about?):

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We are a MESSIANIC (a.k.a MESSIYAHNIC) JEWISH PENTECOSTAL MINISTRY FELLOWSHIP implying that we are CHRISTIANS who observe YAH’S WRITTEN TORAH as the FOUNDATION of YAH’S HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES! We read both the OLD & NEW COVENANT / TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES. Additionally, we believe in the SUPERNATURAL MANIFESTATION and WORK of ABBA YAHUVEH / YAHWEH GOD THE FATHER & YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (HIS only begotten SON) through RUACH HA KODESH also called SHKINYINYAH GLORY (HOLY SPIRIT) seen in Book of Acts. We DO NOT read and/or observe ORAL TORAH (mainly TALMUD) as it is demonic garbage that is blasphemous against YAHUSHUA!!! While on earth in human form, YAHUSHUA, our SPIRITUAL GREAT HIGH PRIEST & BRIDEGROOM, obeyed YAH’S TORAH & walked in SUPERNATURAL SIGNS & WONDERS of RUACH HA KODESH. His Apostles then followed in HIS footsteps. We are expected by YAH to do exactly the same! HE is also the SPIRITUAL LIGHT OF THE WORLD (John 8:12). We are to be the SPIRITUAL LIGHT OF THIS WORLD with HIM in us (Matthew 5:14-16)! For more information, please click on the sub-menus under the ABOUT Menu.


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Note: As Believers in and Faithful Obedient Followers of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, we are running a SPIRITUAL RACE (Exodus 12 – Joshua 24; Psalm 19:5; 1 Corinthians 9:24; Galatians 5:7; Philippians 3:14; 1 Timothy 6:12 & 2 Timothy 4:7; Hebrews 12:1) while on this earth from Spiritual Land of Bondage (a.k.a Slavery to Sin / Satan, the devil which is also called Spiritual Egypt) to our Spiritual PROMISED LAND OF YAH FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY (HEAVENS) with YAHUSHUA as our SHEPHERD / LEADER. Our days are numbered as seen in Psalm 90 & Ecclesiastes 3. We have an IDENTITY in YAHUSHUA. YAHUSHUA defines who we are!!!

We look up unto ABBA YAHUVEH / YAHWEH, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and RUACH HA KODESH who is also SHKINYINYAH GLORY (OF YAH THE FATHER) for everything (Matthew 6:33)!



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Starving Baby Prophetic Dream of a Nuclear Attack (Urgent Call For Action):

Heaven To The Rescue (By Kenpaul Obieke): REPENT TODAY! BE HOLY AS YAH IS HOLY!



REPENT TODAY! BE HOLY AS YAH (GOD) IS HOLY!!! Tomorrow could be too late.

Hebrew Calendars 2017-18: Suggestions for yourself, family and friends..


via Hebrew Wall Calendar Suggestions for Purchase



As a Messianic Jew, you are encouraged to have a Hebrew Calendar in your house. There are Messianic Calendars as well however, the most suitable ones of which I have a copy are all currently unavailable. The following calendar is the one I recommend the most, however there are other suggestions. You can see them via the link below:


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CHANUKAH Scripture Recommendation 1 – Book of JUDITH


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The name JUDITH is popularly written as ‘Yehudit’ in the Hebrew. This is the wrong way of writing it.

YAHUDIT (a.k.a JUDITH) is the female version of the name YAHUDAH (a.k.a JUDAH). They both mean “YAH BE PRAISED”.

The Lost Book of JUDITH is a crucial book as it tells a story that occurred during the time of the Maccabees fighting against the Greek-Syrians so as to gain back their freedom.

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Judith is also to be celebrated during the FEAST OF CHANUKAH/HANUKKAH (a.k.a DEDICATION & LIGHTS) as she played a very special role. She is outstanding because she was a BRAVE FEMALE.


Click here and/or here to read her story. 

BIBLE PROPHECY Just Happened Before Our Own Very Eyes! ….A Great Miracle happened on 06/12/2017 in the Holy Land, Israel….


Note the words on the Dreidel/Dreydel that we use to play games during the Feast of CHANUKAH/HANUKKAH bears by the Hebrew Letters “Gimmel, Nun, Hey/Pey and Shin” mean: “A GREAT MIRACLE HAPPENED HERE”

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“HERE” refers to JERUSALEM, Israel. particularly in the YAH’S Temple.


Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise Praise YAH for the Miracle that occurred on 06/12/2017!!!

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YAH’S Feast of CHANUKAH/HANUKKAH: Suggested List of Essentials…


The FEAST OF CHANUKAH (also spelt as HANUKKAH) dates are as follows:

Sun-down Tuesday 12th


Sun-down Wednesday 20th December 2017!!!

(NO High Sabbaths in the feast but you are more than welcome to take time off from work and/or school, etc)

More information on the Feast to come…


In the meantime, Click on the link below to get an idea of what would be good to have in your house by the time of the Feast of Chanukah. )

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Around this time of year, An OIL MENORAH is usually preferred to a Candle Menorah because we celebrate the MIRACLE OF OIL that YAH gave to the Children of Israel after they obtained victory over the Greek-Syrians who had taken over their land in a pagan way. The “MACCABEE Family” led the great battle. The OIL MIRACLE occurred in the Temple of YAH during the time of RE-DEDICATION.

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Oil Hanukiah (a.k.a Oil Hanukkah Menorah)


via Some Useful CHANUKAH/HANUKKAH Items to buy…


HAPPY NEW MOON FESTIVAL, Kislev (Sun-down Saturday 18th to sun-down Sunday 19th November 2017)!!!

via Month Of KISLEV


The time for the FEAST OF HANUKKAH/LIGHTS/DEDICATION is soon coming.

It’s time to start reading the FIRST BOOK OF MACCABEES and the SECOND BOOK OF THE MACCABEES in order to remember and understand our history better because within our history lies some of the secrets of our future on earth. More on this to come.

In the meantime, there’s more information in the previous post.

CHODESH (Kislev) TOV Chevarim!!!



Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th November 2017


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Shalom! It is around that time of year again when we are required by YAH (a.k.a GOD) to observe/celebrate FIRST FRUITS!

FIRST FRUITS is usually the first day/two days of a new month! We are required to gather together today for fellowship in YAHUSHUA in relation to FIRST FRUITS / ROSH CHODESH Celebration. We are required to take OFFERINGS unto YAH as a sign of THANKSGIVING as well as TRUSTING YAH FOR THE FUTURE TO COME!

  • For more information on the New Month KISLEV, click here.

  • Additionally, the month of Kislev is about DREAMS and VISIONS amongst other things. To learn more about DREAMS and VISIONS, click on the following link:

  • Finally, click on the following link to learn more about LIGHT and DARKNESS

Benefits of Obedience Unto YAH…. (from TORAH Portion “VAYERA/HE APPEARED”)


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  • Abraham’s three visitors

Click here (


  • How Satan nearly changed Abraham’s destiny for the worst

here (

to learn more about some useful information regarding Abraham in relation to the TORAH Portions.

The above mentioned (two) teachings both point to OBEDIENCE UNTO YAH as well as WALKING HOLY BEFORE YAH daily!

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