Who is YAH/GOD?



Various RELIGIONS say they worship God. The question is which God and why the division?

If we all worship one and the same God, then why do we all worship in different ways?

Having studied the TORAH, Judaism, I have come to understanding that there is only one true GOD in the entire world. Those who truly worship HIM must have UNITY in common. The one true God must surely have a name so as to be differentiated from all the other gods otherwise we can be calling on any god and not know it thereby offending the ONE TRUE GOD.

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GOD is a PERSON! GOD is three persons and yet one GOD!

GOD IS CERTAINLY NOT A FORCE! We see this in Exodus 3:14-15 where GOD speaks to Moses through the BURNING BUSH.

GOD is the CREATOR of the universe and everything in it.

We, mankind / the human race were created in GOD’S IMAGE and AFTER HIS LIKENESS!



YAH is a Hebrew name meaning GOD. It is GOD’S FAMILY NAME, just like we humans (human beings / mankind) on earth have family names.

Each person of the HOLY TRINITY GODHEAD has the name YAH in their personal name!

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