YAH’S SALVATION (YAHUSHUA) Depicted through TORAH Portion, BeShalach/When He Let Go

SHABBAT SHALOM/Happy & Peaceful Sabbath to you all in YAHUSHUA’S Name, Amen!

Beshalach: Exodus 13 – 17

When Pharaoh of Egypt Let YAHWEH GOD’S People Go (finally)👍👏👏👏

In this particular TORAH Portion, we see the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY’s Redemption – delivering HIS People from of bondage in a Mighty Way, then continually nurturing them throughout their journey to Promised Land. YAHWEH:

👍Guides them

👍Protects them

👍Makes a way for them where they get stuck because there is no other way

👍Removes bitterness from their lives and replaces it with sweetness

👍Provides them with Food (Manna & Quail) and  Water

👍Gives them Victory over their enemies – HE allows them to engage in battle so as to train them for the many wars that are ahead of them. YAHWEH knew that Satan hated HIS OWN Specially Set Apart People (1 Peter 2:9) and that Satan would always look for ways to destroy them. The Children of Israel had to learn how to fight. Remember that the KINGDOM OF GOD SUFFERS VIOLENCE AND THE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE!!! (Psalm 18:33-35; Matthew 11:12; Romans 14:17; Matthew 6:33)

So, how do we relate this to ourselves?

Well, here is a break-down:

We too have a Promised Land however it is a Spiritual one. It is called Heaven. It is above the earth. We have the opportunity to go there after earthly death but there are conditions to meet as set out by YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY. The very first one is seen in the Holy Biblical Book of YAHUchanan/John 3:14-17. After this, we are expected to daily work out our Salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12). This involves various aspects which I will touch on in another teaching. One of them is found in 2 Timothy 2:15 and YAHUshua/Joshua 1:8 and the other is 1 Peter 1:16 and Leviticus 19:1-2, etc.

When we genuinely accept YAHUSHUA (JESUS), the Only One and True Messiah as our Personal LORD and SAVIOUR, we are accepting GOD THE FATHER, YAHWEH’S Precious Gift of SALVATION thereby becoming born again (in the spiritual sense). The Book of Romans says that before this act, mankind is living physically but is spiritually dead and would end up in hell the lake of fire for eternity after earthly death. Mankind is also living in bondage to Satan thereby being a slave to Satan before accepting YAH’S SALVATION.

Just like YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY reached out to the Children of Israel and delivered them from slavery to the Egyptians in a Miraculous way through the Blood Sacrifice of a First Born Lamb, in the same way, YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY delivers us from spiritual slavery to Satan using HIS Only Begotten SON and LAMB OF GOD, YAHUSHUA’S Precious BLOOD Sacrifice on the Cross, HalleluYAH!

After delivering them, YAHWEH sent HIS HOLY SPIRIT to dwell amongst the Children of Israel and to guide them in the form of the Pillar of Cloud by Day and Pillar of Fire by Night. 

YAHWEH also blesses the Children of Israel with one of HIS Holy Angels to watch over them and minister to them by fighting for them against Satan and HIS Angels where need arose. YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY does this for us also in the Spiritual sense when we accept YAH’S SALVATION (YAHUSHUA).

The Israelites had an important need for Egypt to be removed from their spirits and souls but did not know it. They had lived there for so long that they found themselves forgetting the ancestors’ GODLY Customs but had rather inherited Egypt’s ungodly customs. They had to re-learn the GODLY customs and behaviour all over again.

This is crucial to take note because we are also expected to do the same when we are delivered from the world and its customs. We are to renew our minds with YAHWEH GOD’S WORD constantly so as to bemore GODLY and therefore less worldy daily. We have to submit ourselves to YAH ALMIGHTY as Living Sacrifices (Romans 12:1-2) by daily dying to the flesh and living to the spirit (Romans 8:9-17). IN THIS WAY, WE EXERCISE HUMILITY, WE TELL THE FLESH TO SHUT UP!!! It is a gradual process because we are constantly tempted to sin as long as we still live on earth.

*What happened to the Israelites physically is a mirror image of what happens to us also (particularly in the Spiritual sense).*

After YAHWEH delivers us from spiritual bondage to Satan, HE does not leave us nor forsake us and expect us to know where to go and what to do, HE continues to be with us. HE reaches out to us in various ways and desires that we build a loving obedient and faithful relationship with HIM on a daily basis. The Children of Israel were expected to build relationship with YAHWEH but they lacked understanding hence they constantly fell into sin.

John 8:36
New King James Version

36 (A)Therefore if the SON (YAHUSHUA) makes you free, you shall be free indeed.


1. LORD, I thank you so much for th Gift of YOUR SALVATION, thank you delivering me from bondage and giving me freedom, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen!

2. Thank you for the MIGHTY and PRECIOUS BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA (JESUS) Name, Amen!

3. Thank you for bringing me out of darkness and into YOUR MARVELLOUS LIGHT thereby setting me apart (or making me a Holy person before you), in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (1 Peter 2:9-10; John 1; John 8; Matthew 5)

4. Thank you LORD for being Emmanu’EL, for never leaving us nor forsaking us, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (Matthew 28:20)

5. Thank you LORD for giving me YOUR HOLY SPIRIT to live inside of me (thereby making me YOUR Holy Temple) and guide me every step of the way, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (Proverbs; Joel 2:28-30; John 14:15-18, John 16:13, Acts 2, etc)

6. LORD, I ask that you to have Mercy on me according to YOUR Steadfast Love (lovingkindness), in YAHUSHUA’S Name, Amen! For constantly complaining instead of being thankful and asking you nicely, FATHER, please forgive me and wash me with YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Precious BLOOD), in YAHUSHUA’S Name, Amen!

7. LORD, help my FAITH in YOU to increase, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (Hebrews 1)

8. LORD, I ask that you empower me to overcome, the flesh, sin, the devil and this world, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (Hebrews 2:13-15; John 16:33; Romans 8:5-39)

Psalms 18:32‭-‬35 NKJV
³²It  is YAH (GOD) who arms me with strength, And makes my way perfect.
³³HE makes my feet like the feet  of deer, And sets me on my high places.
³⁴HE teaches my hands to make war, So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze. YOU have also given me the shield of YOUR SALVATION (YAHUSHUA); YOUR RIGHT HAND has held me up, YOUR gentleness has made me great.

10. LORD, Iask that you continue to deliver me where I need deliverance, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (Isaiah 61; Luke 4; Isaiah 53; Joel 2:32; Obadiah1:17; Matthew 12:29-30)

11. LORD, I also ask that YOU continually supply my needs according to YOUR riches in GLORY, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (1 Kings 19:1-9; Philippians 4:19; Matthew 6:25-34; Matthew 7:7-8;

12. LORD give me the Grace to Preach YOUR GOSPEL in accordance with YOUR Will, in YAHUSHUA’S Name, Amen! (Matthew 28:18-20)

13. Help me O LORD YAHWEH to bear many good fruit for YOU, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (Matthew 28:19; John 15; Galatians 5:22-26; Ephesians 4:17
-32; Ephesians 5)

14. LORD, in your mercy, conyinually make a way for me where there is no way, in YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) Name, Amen! (Isaiah 43:16-19; Matthew 19:26, etc).

Thank you for answers to my prayers. I seal these with YAHUSHUA’S (JESUS’) BLOOD, in YAHUSHUA’S Name, Amen!

Exodus 13:17 – 17:16

Judges 4:4 – 5:31 Deborah, an Israelite and the First Ever Woman Leader (Judge) in the Holy Biblical Scriptures is given victory over King Jabin and his subjects. He is one of the kings whom Israel defeated when trying to re-conquer the Promised Land then called Canaan. He had an army with the leader being Sisera. Sisera tried to hide when he was being sought but the LORD overcome him through Jael.

“ ³¹LORD , may all your enemies die like Sisera! But may those who love you rise like the sun in all its power!” Then there was peace in the land for forty years.
Judges 5:31 NLT

Matthew 14:22-33 – Here we are taught to have FAITH and increase our FAITH in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (a.k.a JESUS CHRIST).  YAHUSHUA walks on water and invites Peter to join HIM.

Throughout the Exodus the passage for this week, the Children of Israel are seen as lacking FAITH/EMUNAH in the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY who delivered them from bondage with a very MIGHTY HAND and Miraculous Way.

Exodus 13:17 – 17:16

👉👉👉Verse 21The Importance of the PILLAR OF CLOUD BY DAY AND PILLAR OF FIRE  BY NIGHT👈👈👈

👍YAHWEH’S SALVATION is created by HIM and HE expects us to follow HIM in HIS Way, not our way!!!

👍Notice how the LORD YAHUVEH (a.k.a YAHWEH) went ahead of the Children of Israel to guide them.  Verse 21-22

The LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY has revealed prophetically that the PILLAR OF CLOUD BY DAY and PILLAR OF FIRE BY NIGHT represent/signify RUACH HA KODESH (a.k.a HOLY SPIRIT)!

👍HE did not just deliver HIS Specially Set Apart People (1 Peter 2:9-10) from spiritual darkness (a.k.a Egypt) and damp them. HE continued to nurture them directly and through Moses. HalleluYAH for Moses had availed himself as a vessel of YAHWEH’S SALVATION (Deliverance from Satan’s Bondage) for YAHWEH’S GLORY!

👍In Chapter 14, we see GOD THE FATHER, YAHWEH instruct the Children of Israel to relocate to Pi-hahiroth which was between Migdol and the Sea of Reeds (a.k.a Red Sea).

Pihahiroth is the fourth station of the Exodus. … Those positing a Hebrew name have speculated “Pihahiroth” might mean “mouth of the gorges”, descriptive of its location as the end of a canal or river. (Verse 1- 2)

Migdol, or migdal, is a Hebrew word (מגדּלה מגדּל, מגדּל מגדּול) which means either a tower (from its size or height), an elevated stage (a rostrum or pulpit), or a raised bed (within a river).

One wonders why there of all places.樂  We get to understand why when we keep on reading… We see that the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY Glorifies HIMSELF One More Time through the Egyptians so the Children if Mitzrayimwould know that HE Is YAHUVEH (a.k.a YAHWEH) The LORD!!! (Verse 4) The Egyptians persued the Children of Israel as they are not ready to let go. 
The relocation move was to fool the enemy of the Children of Israel – Mitzrayim/Egypt.
Note how the LORD YAHWEH did a thing after HE had revealed it to HIS Prophet, Moses and HIS Specially Set Apart People, Israel (Amos 3:7).

In verse 11, the Children of Israel sin against YAHUVEH (a.k.a YAHWEH) out of fear by complaining to Moses about delivering them Egypt.
Moses comforts and strengthens them (Verse 13 – 14)!

The LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY urges the Children of Israel to take a step of Faith that beats any man’s imagination- Verses 15-16.

Note that as per Verse 19, the Children of Israel were also led by YAH’S Holy Angel as well as the Pillar of Cloud by day and Pillar of Fire by night. The mention of Pillar of Cloud in verse 20 signifies that the Egyptians came after the Children of Israel in the day time. The Holy Angel was instructed by YAHWEH to move to the back of the camp of the Children of Israel. 

The Pillar of Cloud also moved to the back. The Cloud eventually turned to Fire as darkness came about. This tells us that the Egyptians came in the late afternoon/early evening time. The Israelites spent the whole of that night crossing the Sea of Reeds (a.k.a Red Sea). Just as morning was beginning, the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY removed HIS Pillar of Fire so as to make way for the Children of Mitzrayim/Egypt. The YAHWEH displays HIS Mighty Power!

Notice that Moses raised his hand over the season to bring the waters back together as the sun was rising. This is very interesting! Everything was timely!
As per Verse 31, the act of deliverance increase the FAITH of the Israelites in the MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, YAHUVEH (a.k.a YAHWEH).


*In Exodus 15:1-21* we see the Children of Israel rejoicing in YAHUVEH for deliverance from slavery/bondage to their enemies! They sing a song led by Myriam (Prophetess), Moses’ sister.


👉👉👉Then we see how YAHWEH turns bitterness to SWEETNESS from Verses 22 – 27. The LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY makes a promise to the Israelites but adds a condition –  which is that:
*They ought to be obedient to HIM – a standard test to their Faithfulness to HIM.*

The turning of bitterness to SWEETNESS is very significant because it related to the lives of the Israelites.

*YAHWEH had just turned their bitter lives to SWEET LIVES. YAHWEH removed bitterness from their lives and replaced it with SWEETNESS.*

👍May the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY do the same for you, in YAHUSHUA’S Name, Amen!👍👍

Verse 27 of Chapter 17 is very significant because it mentions the numbers 12 and 70. It is very interesting that these numbers are mentioned as they are very much related to the Children of Israel. The name of the area, Elizabeth means Gods. They arrived there 2 months after the Sea of Reeds (Red Sea) crossing. YAHWEH ‘S Divine Provision is seen at this point in time. HE continues with them. HE is Emmanu’EL.
👍12 Tribes of Israel – 12 springs
👍70 – The Number of Israelites who travelled to Egypt with Jacob/Israel (Genesis 46)
Why 70 Palm trees?

The palm is, in truth, a beautiful and most useful tree. Its fruit is the daily food of millions; its sap furnishes an agreeable wine; the fibres of the base of its leaves are woven into ropes and rigging; its tall stem supplies a valuable timber; its leaves are manufactured into brushes, mats, bags, couches and baskets. This one tree supplies almost all the wants of the Arab or Egyptian.”–Bible Plants.)

The passage in (Revelation 7:9) where the glorified of all nations are described as “clothed with white robes and palms in their hands,” might seem to us a purely classical image; but palm branches were used by the Jews in token of victory and peace.

Psalm 92:12-14
New King James Version

12 (A)The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree,
He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.
13 Those who are planted in the house of the LORD YAHUVEH (YAHWEH)
Shall flourish in the courts of our God.
14 They shall still bear fruit in old age;
They shall be [a]fresh and [b]flourishing,

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree.” which suggests a world of illustration whether respect be had to the orderly and regular aspect of the tree, its fruitfulness, the perpetual greenness of its foliage, or the height at which the foliage grows, as far as possible from earth and as near as possible to heaven. Perhaps no point is more worthy of mention, we wish to pursue the comparison, than the elasticity of the fibre of the palm and its determined growth upward even when loaded with weights. 



The Children of Israel are led by YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY to relocate from Elim to Tsin (a Wilderness area). The area called Tsin is located between Elim and Mount Sinai. It had been 1 month since they left Egypt (15th Iyar/Iyyar). HalleluYAH!
Upon arrival, the complaints started again. The Israelites were feeling nostalgic about Egypt. They missed their life of bondage. They were looking backwards instead forward and being thankful to YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY for all rhe Mighty Deloverances HE had done for them. In this way, they sinned against YAHWEH ALMIGHTY but HE had compassion on them by sending them food in a miraculous way that no man can imagine or come up with. The miracle came with conditions though. HE added that HE would not send food on the weekly Sabbath/Shabbat because HE wanted them to rest and fellowship with HIM only on the Sabbath.

Then Moses added, “The LORD will give you meat to eat in the evening and bread to satisfy you in the morning, for HE has heard all your complaints against HIM. What have we done? Yes, your complaints are against the LORD , not against us.” Exodus 16:8 NLT

The Israelites named the white substance that appeared with dew in the mornings – MANNA.

Some of this MANNA was preserved inside the Ark of the Covenant for the future generations to see what YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY’S Divine Provision was like while they were in th wilderness. This was as per the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY’S Instructions.

Altogether, YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY provided them with Manna for 40 years. It stopped coming when they arrived in the Promised Land. Once again, we see that, the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY performs a Mighty Deliverance from bondage and afterwards continues to nourish and protect HIS Beloved Set Apart People. HE remains, Emmanu’EL! HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH!


Here we also see YAHWEH GOD’S Divine Provision of Water from a Rock – Verse 6.

Sadly, the Children of Israel once again sinned against YAH (GOD) ALMIGHTY as a result of thirst. They had travelled from Elim to Rephidim. They just never knew how to be thankful. In fact, it was so bad that Moses ended up naming the place, Massah (meaning test) and Meribah (meaning arguing).  The LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY remains compassionate towards the Children of Israel.

The Israelites then find themselves engaging in battle against the Amalekites. Moses and Joshua are able to quickly gather some men to fight against their enemies.

So, who is Amalek?

Amalek was the son of Eliphaz and grandson of Esau. Esau was Jacob/Israel’s brother.

It is evident in the Biblical Books of Genesis and Jasher/Upright Man that Esau hated Jacob/Israel so much that he wanted to kill him and actually attempted to do so on a number of occasions. Esau also trained his descendants to hate his brother’s descendants. There was there the constant desire from Esau and his descendants to kill and wipe off the earth Israel and his descendants. The Israelites had to be well informed about this part of their history so as to know what to do always going forward!!!

The LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY was so angry with King Saul later on in history because he spared some Amalekites (1 Samuel 15). As a result, Saul lost his calling in the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY.

Now, due to the fact that King Saul, a descendant of Israel, spared some Amalekites, these became a problem later on in life. Haman was a descendant of the Amalekites. It is evident in the Biblical Book of Esther (Hadassah) that the Amalekites (Children of Amalek) did not give up on trying to aniahilate the Children of Israel (Esther 3). The Children of Israel he tried to aniahilate were from the Royal Tribe of YAHUdah/Judah! This was the Tribe through which YAHWEH GOD’S SALVATION would come to mankind on earth. So, it is very clear that Satan was using Haman as a tool/agent of darkness to completely destroy YAHWEH GOD’S SALVATION PLAN but HalleluYAH it did not work!

Praise YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY for Victory over the Amalekites, HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH! 

The Children of Israel who had just left Egypt not long ago were victorious over the Amalekites (Exodus 17: 11-15). In this particularly case, Moses was inspired by YAHWEH GOD ALMIGHTY to raise his hands with his staff in his hand at the top of the nearby hill while the battle was ongoing. Everytime the hands went down, the Amalekites started to win however when Moses’ went back up and stayed up, the Children of Israel were victorious over the Children of Amalek, HalleluYAH HalleluYAH HalleluYAH! This battle was so crucial that the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY instructed Moses to write a permanent decree that HE would obliterate the Children of Amalek and the memory of them from the earth (verse 14). An altar unto the LORD YAHWEH ALMIGHTY was built and another declaration made which made it clear that starting a war with the Children of Israel means starting a war with YAH (GOD) ALMIGHTY in which the war-starter is the loser!!! HalleluYAH!

*END OF CHAPTER 17 and the TORAH PORTION for this week ending Saturday 30th January 2021.*