HEBREW IS THE LANGUAGE OF CREATION! The devil (satan) had tried to dissolve it over the years because it is so powerful and pure! YAH (GOD) ALMIGHTY had to restore it to Creation on earth🌎 by downloading it to Abraham sometime after the Tower of Babel event in history.

It is important to endeavour to learn it as a Child of THE MOST HIGH YAH! It is also recommended to study The HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES from a Hebrew Perspective. It is only then that you will understand THE WORD OF YAH in the manner in which HE wants you to learn and practise it.

At present, it is Latin-Greek Mind-set that most Christians are using to read and study YAH’S WORD and as a result, they are missing out on many important things which YAH has created for us.😰😭

Here is a brief Guide on how to go about it.

Video: Song – Aleph-Bet

Video: Song – Hebrew Days of the Week

Video: Song – Hebrew Monthd of the Year

Video: Explanation of The Hebrew Calendar by The Jewish Learning Institute

Note that though we have recommended this Institution, our advice is that you should not enrol because we are in the final days of earth as we know it and many bad things are coming!
A Great Famine and Great Poverty are coming. Our advice is to stock up and plan for the rainy days ahead!
Then take time to learn some Biblical Hebrew through YouTube and our website.

The following Bible Versions are highly recommended. Try to get yourself a copy before they disappear. Also, The HalleluYAH Scriptures is a very good one.


I’ll share with you some messages I shared with some people sometime back.

During the Festival of Easter, many sacrifices are made to her including babies and other humans.

We don’t understand the Old Testament because many other Books were removed, sadly.

This goddess (Ishtar/Easter/Semiramis and Nimrod are what Israel starts to worship eventually when they start worshipping YAH in the way in which the Canaanites were worshipping them.

And this is why YAHUVEH (YAHWEH) constantly rebuked and divorced them.😭 They were misled.

Unless we understand the Old Testament very well, we cannot understand the New Testament very and most especially The Book of Revelation!

Christmas is about Nimrod while Easter is about the goddess Diana/Diane/Ishtar/Semiramis!

Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are also about the goddess of fertility called Diana/Diane, Ishtar, Semiramis! Nimrod was venerated as the sun god! They do sacrifices to him in various ways to appease him so that the sun can come out. Hence Christmas is all about him.

We have to understand the past in order to understand the present.

But first you must acknowledge and accept that the Messiah’s Original Name is YAHUSHUA (not JESUS) and title is HA MASHIACH (not Christ)!

Once you do that, you will reject words like,


Christmas, etc !

Because they were all created by the Roman Catholic Church to get us to start practising paganism mixed with YAH hence idolatry.

Christmas = CHRIST MASS meaning that they are killing YAHUSHUA and they are celebrating the killing of YAHUSHUA. They mock YAHUSHUA and try to re-kill HIM yearly around Christmas time!!!

The Christmas tree is a mockery of THE CROSS! Jeremiah 10.

The foundation of it all is Babylon. Then Babylon spread worldwide through the Romans. Revelation 18; Jeremiah 54!

The Romans were led by Satan to create the Roman Catholic Church after which they changed the name, Messianic Judaism to Christianity.

👉👉👉Then they changed The Sabbath of The LORD YAHUVEH (YAHWEH) from Saturday to Sunday. After doing this, they killed so many people who continued to worship on Saturday.

They wanted us to be accustomed to worshipping on Sunday so that we never learn THE TRUE SABBATH, Saturday so that by the time, Mandatory Sunday Worship is announced worldwide, nobody knows THE TRUTH and they’ll blindly obey and get the mark of the beast.

👉👉👉They then took they evil festivals and mixed them with YAH’S (GOD’S) Festivals/Appointed Times (Leviticus 23) and changed their names to Christmas and Easter so as to unite the pagans and YAHUSHUA’S Worshippers so that YAHUSHUA’S Worshippers can practise Idolatry.😭

So, many believers in and followers of YAHUSHUA (JESUS, not Yeshua!!!) practise idolatry and know it not!!!😭

Repent before it is too late, Brethren. Repent means asking for forgiveness and then walking away from that sin (cease to practise it).

Christians need to return to the Hebrew Roots of their Faith! Many were killed by Babylon for their Hebrew Roots Faith in YAHUSHUA.😭 Let their sweat and blood not be in vein! The Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith emphasis and enforce a Strong, Loving, Obedient, Faithful Relationship with YAH ALMIGHTY in an amazing way! No division into sects! HalleluYAH!

The Romans as members of Babylon have created so many religions over the years:

👉New Age
👉ChrIslam (The One World Religion)

Their head is Satan hence they all worship him! They are all heading to hell the lake of fire! They need YAH’S SALVATION!

Christians need to return to the Hebrew Roots of their Faith! Many were killed by Babylon for their Hebrew Roots Faith in YAHUSHUA.😭 Let their sweat and blood not be in vein!

Note that. Learn your history so you do the right thing before YAH (GOD) ALMIGHTY.🙏

The only FAITH created by YAH ALMIGHTY is Judaism!

Those who have not yet accepted the Messiah are Orthodox Jews/Hebrew People – Wild Olive Tree (Romans 11). Do not despise them because through them YAHUVEH’S (YAHWEH’S) SALVATION came to us, HalleluYAH! They paid the price. Now, we are to pray for their Salvation!

Those who believe in the Messiah are called Messianic Jews/Hebrew People – Cultivated Olive Tree. Gentiles are grafted in through YAHUSHUA’S BLOOD – CultivatedOliver Tree (Romans 11). They are expected to obey YAH’S LAW (TORAH) – Joshua 1:8; Exodus 20, which instructs us/gives us guidance on how to be HOLY as YAH is HOLY!

The world is divided but YAH will restore it back to HUS Original Design, HalleluYAH!