END TIME PROPHETIC NEWS: The Now Coming “V” Storm (By Brother K Vincent Victory)!



2 Corinthians 13:14 THE GREETING

THE NOW COMING VACCINATION STORM TO THE CHURCH OF CHRIST JESUS. The LORD have been sending me in many areas to deliver His End time gospel and to my relatives to warn them a bout the now Lord’s return and the coming danger of c-19 v (jab).
What is coming is too horrible and lukewarm Christians may not escape. After the LORD have provided me with money to get a settlement, I decided to buy a land, for I have been renting in the last 7years in the urban areas around our city doing street, village and market evanglism, I felt the inner conviction that I must buy deep far in the rural area but because my desires were around the town, I bought a piece of land in the semi-urban area and constructed a temporary house where I am now. Two weeks in this new place, in April 2021, got a message in a dream that I will need to shift from here to the rural area when the serious “V” begin. I saw that all of those who had received the c-19 “V” became very crazy, I saw my friends who welcomed me in the place were turning against me because I was not “V” (jabbed), I saw people wanting me dead or vaccinated if I am to fit in their place, what surprised me was my true closest friends who are my neighbors were the ones holding pangas and spears to eliminate me from their place, I saw my self running far deep in the village near the game park where there are wild animals but no people, for I was running to save my life from the c-19 “V” and death. When i woke up from this dream, I was scared and realized how tough is the coming storm to us believers, for I saw, the lukewarm Christians will surrender to accept the C “V” (jab). Time is up, prepare your hiding place far in the village, please shift from the towns while it is still early, JESUS CHRIST Christ is coming now. SHALOM. Your brother in Christ evangelist K. Vincent Victory
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