*THE BOOK OF JACOB (not James) & Why was the first Bible translated to English named King James Version (KJV, KJB, AV)? – in brief*

Shalom and Greetings in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S (JESUS CHRIST’S; not Yeshua!),

Note that the original 1611 King James Bible is now very hard to find. Perhaps it can be found in Museums or Big Old Libraries may have copies but that’s about it.

*Today, we have the KJV that says it is the year 1611 print however somethings have been altered, such as Leter J was letter I before because J did not exist then!*

Trying to encourage you to only read Bible versions translated directly from Hebrew to English because they bear most if not all the original WORD OF GOD!

*The KJV is manageable as it is the oldest English version however we have to compare it with Bible version such as The Complete Jewish Bible, The Orthodox Jewish Bible and HalleluYAH Scriptures!*

Its author (the KJV) wasn’t clean spiritually! He was a pretend Christian. He was evil.

Most of the Bible versions we see today were translated from Hebrew to Latin to Greek and the English. It was after this that they were translated to every other language worldwide 🌐.

Don’t be content with what you have.

Read from both KJV and Hebrew Bibles. Compare and Contrast

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You can find the OJB and CJB here and many other Bible versions however I still recommend that you buy your own BIBLE COPIES as soon it will not be possible to use the internet and also, these will be removed eventually so as to get rid of YAH’S WORD.