In WEEK 4/7 [Day 22 -28/49] OF THE COUNTING OF THE OMER [Attribute OF YAH SHADDAI: NETZACH/ENDURANCE or PERSEVERENCE, EFFICIENCY, VICTORY and REDUCED KINDNESS], We Learn More about THIS Season of RESTORATION TO YAH’S ORIGINAL DESIGN and THE Upcoming Season of SHAVU’OT [WEEKS] PENTECOST: 1. BREAK-DOWN OF THE READING AND STUDY OF Psalms 1 and Psalm 119! This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO UNDERSTAND THE HEBREW ALPHABET a.k.a ALEPH-BET! START TODAY if you have not already! 2. Clarification On The Number of Days YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH Spent on Earth after HIS RESURRECTION [38, Not 40]! 3. PREPARATION FOR SHAVU’OT is similar to PREPARATION FOR THE HOLY RAPTURE TO THE HEAVENS as they both bear THE THEME OF THE WEDDING and MARRIAGE between YAH SHADDAI and HIS Specially Chosen Set Apart People, Israel 🕎 [Romans 11; Exodus 12-15]! This makes THE HEBREW MONTHS, IYAR and ELUL to be Prophetically similar in nature! 4. We are Preparing For COVENANT RENEWAL TIME on Mount ⛰ Sinai and The Upper Room in Jerusalem, Israel 🇮🇱 🕎! 5. Reminder that SHAVU’OT Is DAY 50 which means JUBILEE, FREEDOM CULMINATION and COVENANT RENEWAL hence It is also SHEMINI a.k.a SH’MINI or THE 8TH DAY as it comes after 49 Days or 7 weeks of COUNTING! 7 Weeks are likened to 7 Days! 6. SHAVU’OT speaks of Transitioning from Ordinary To ROYALTY! 7. THIS IS A SEASON during which we are reminded TO CONTINUALLY WORK TOWARDS NO SPOT OR WRINKLE as per Ephesians 5:27; Philippians 2:12-18! – [Leviticus 23; 25; Acts 1:3-4; 8-9; Exodus 20; Jeremiah 31:31-40; Joel 2:28-29; Acts 2:1-4; 1 Peter 2:9-10; Matthew 25:1-13; Psalm 1; 119; The Legends of the Jews; etc] – Sunday 8th May 2022/IYAR [IYYAR] 7


Only 3 Weeks left of THE COUNTING OF THE OMER…

Wish to share more about THE ATTRIBUTES OF YAH SHADDAI in relation to THE 7 DAYS OF CREATION a.k.a THE 7 DAYS OF THE WEEK and THE 7 WEEKS OF COUNTING THE OMER however not been able to thus far. PLEASE continue to bear with us. Will try to share as soon as possible. In the meantime, let us study Psalms 1 and 119.

So, THE WEDDING took place on SHAVU’OT [WEEKS] PENTECOST and THE WEDDING FEAST/SUPPER is to take place on SUKKOT/SUCCOTH a.k.a TABERNACLES AND IN-GATHERING/HARVEST! *In order to attend THE WEDDING FEAST OF THE LAMB as HIS BRIDE currently on earth, you have to experience THE HOLY RAPTURE or to be RAPTURED TO THE HEAVENS! Everybody else attends by experiencing Earthly death.* YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S BRIDE who are currently on earth in various countries worldwide 🌐 numbered as 288,000 [144,000 from Revelation 14 + 144,000 from Revelation 7] *ARE NOT destined to experience Earthly death!!!* The GUESTS on the earth right now are also numbered. Most (not all) of these will enter into ETERNAL LIFE through death!

*WEEK 4 OF THE OMER COUNT this year 2022 runs from sun-set Saturday 7th and ends at sun-set Saturday 14th May 2022!*