4. OMER COUNT: Day Four/4


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Each day, one says the blessing:
Blessed are You, YAHUVEH our God, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments and has commanded us concerning the counting of the Omer.

Today is the Fourth day of the Omer. The Merciful One, may He return to us the service of the Temple to its place, speedily in our days. Amen, Selah! IN YAHUSHUA’S NAME

Day 4 Omer Reading:

Week 1 Attribute 1 – Love/Ahava And Kindess/Chesed Sitting At The Feet Of Our Master YAHUSHUA

Mar 12:28 – 31

One of the Torah-teachers came up and heard them engaged in this discussion. Seeing that YAHUSHUA answered them well, he asked him, “Which is the most important mitzvah of them all?”

Mar 12:29 YAHUSHUA answered, “The most important is, ‘Sh’ma Yisra’el, YAHUVEH Eloheinu, YAHUVEH echad [Hear, O Isra’el, YAHUVEH our GOD, the Lord is one],

Mar 12:30 and you are to love YAHUVEH your GOD with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your understanding and with all your strength.’

Mar 12:31 The second is this: ‘You are to love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other mitzvah greater than these.” Complete Jewish Bible

Matthew 5:38 – 48

“You have heard that our fathers were told, ‘Eye for eye and tooth for tooth.’

Mat 5:39 But I tell you not to stand up against someone who does you wrong. On the contrary, if someone hits you on the right cheek, let him hit you on the left cheek too! Mat 5:40 If someone wants to sue you for your shirt, let him have your coat as well!

Mat 5:41 And if a soldier forces you to carry his pack for one mile, carry it for two! Mat 5:42 When someone asks you for something, give it to him; when someone wants to borrow something from you, lend it to him.

Mat 5:43 “You have heard that our fathers were told, ‘Love your neighbor – and hate your enemy.’ Mat 5:44 But I tell you, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

Mat 5:45 Then you will become children of your Father in heaven. For he makes his sun shine on good and bad people alike, and he sends rain to the righteous and the unrighteous alike. Mat 5:46 What reward do you get if you love only those who love you? Why, even tax-collectors do that!

Mat 5:47 And if you are friendly only to your friends, are you doing anything out of the ordinary? Even the Goyim do that! Mat 5:48 Therefore, be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.

Probably the greatest challenge we face daily as Messianic Believers is to walk in love with others, especially those outside the household of God. It is easy to love those who love you, but the challenge comes when we are told to love those who hate us.

But if we are going to be true followers of Messiah YAHUSHUA, then this needs to be a priority in our lives. So how do we love our enemies? By praying for them that they will come to know YAHUSHUA as their Savior and Master! Praying that they will be delivered from their hate and be filled with His Love.

We need to walk in the footsteps of our Rabbi and Master YAHUSHUA.

Mat 10:24

“A talmid is not greater than his rabbi, a slave is not greater than his master. Mat 10:25 It is enough for a talmid that he become like his rabbi, and a slave like his master. Now if people have called the head of the house Ba`al-Zibbul, how much more will they malign the members of his household!

He was and still is the greatest Torah teacher that every lived because He Is The Livingn Torah and showed us how how we should walk and live In Him.

Galatians 5:13-16

13 For you, brethren, were [indeed] called to freedom; only [do not let your] freedom be an incentive to your flesh and an opportunity or excuse [for selfishness], but through love you should serve one another. 14 For the whole Law [concerning human relationships] is complied with in the one precept, You shall love your neighbor as [you do] yourself. [Lev. 19:18].

15 But if you bite and devour one another [in partisan strife], be careful that you [and your whole fellowship] are not consumed by one another. 16 But I say, walk and live [habitually] in the [HOLY] Spirit [responsive to and controlled and guided by the Spirit]; then you will certainly not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh (of human nature without God).

Help me to today to walk in the foosteps of my Master YAHUSHUA. I know my spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak. Help me to walk in the power of your RUACH HA KODESH that I might be a doer of the Torah/Word and not a hearer only.

Pray Psalm 23