Leah was disguised as Rachel just as Jacob was disguised as Esau: THE IMPLICATIONS

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The TORAH tells us that on their wedding night, Laban surreptitiously switched his daughters by disguising Leah as Rachel, just as Jacob had disguised himself as Esau to trick Isaac. Jacob accidentally married Leah.


When you study the lives of Abraham and Sarah; Isaac and Rebecca as well as Jacob and Leah plus Rachel, you see certain repeated issues with the different generations, namely:

  • Barrenness
  • Claiming that their wives were their sisters, etc.

In Jacob’s case, Jacob stole Esau’s birthright when Esau was desperate for something to eat then later disguised himself as Esau hence lying to Isaac, his father that he is Esau so as to steal his blessing. Little did Jacob know that something similar and therefore hurtful would be done to him also in the future.

Throughout Jacob’s stay with Laban, his Uncle (Rebecca’s brother, Bethuel’s son, Nahor’s grandson), Laban frustrated Jacob. It is my guess that YAH Almighty was trying to teach both Jacob and the readers something important. Laban constantly tried to side-track his nephew, Jacob. Laban started off by giving Leah, his older daughter to him in marriage instead of Rachel. He planned the whole thing so very well. In fact, he included the entire household in the preparations for the wedding. The wedding took place at night. Laban lied to Jacob saying that everything that happened in relation to his wedding was part of Laban’s custom (custom of those who resided in that area). Jacob was the only one who knew nothing of Laban’s surreptitious plan. Leah and Rachel had no choice but to just go along with their father’s plan.

Even when it came to livestock, Laban did not act fairly. Jacob had to use YAH’S Wisdom in order not to leave Laban empty handed.

A time came and Jacob had to move on. He and his newly formed family set out back to Canaan without bidding Laban farewell. Laban chased after him to confront him. He eventually caught up and bid Ya’akov and his newly formed family farewell.

This history tells us that there is nothing new under the sun – Ecclesiastes 1:9!