When was YAHUSHUA conceived in HIS earthly mother’s (Miryam) womb?


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It is an interesting question to ask particularly at this time of year (December 2017: First Day of the Feast of CHANUKAH)!

It has been accurately and correctly calculated that if indeed YAHUSHUA was born during the Feast of SUKKOT(H)/SUCCOT(H) which usually takes place around September/October time of each year, then YAHUSHUA was definitely miraculously conceived in HIS chosen earthly mother’s womb, Miryam (a.k.a Miriam, Mary) by SHKINYINYAH GLORY (a.k.a RUACH HA KODESH) about 9,10 months before that which would be during the Feast of CHANUKAH/HANUKKAH (November/December time). A leap year can push the following year’s Feast of Sukkot to October/November and Chanukah to December/January.

It is intriguing to learn this because as we all know YAHUSHUA has been spoken of and confirmed as the LIGHT OF THE WORLD as per John 1 and John 8.

During this time of year (November/December/January), Jews around the world celebrate YAH’S Feast of CHANUKAH. The Feast of CHANUKAH in English is the “FEAST OF DEDICATION & LIGHTS.” During the Feast, we celebrate the MIRACLES OF OIL and LIGHT as well as the MIRACLE OF VICTORY over Satan/the devil/the enemy.


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Note that YAHUSHUA was:

conceived during an 8 DAY FEAST


born during an 8 DAY FEAST!!!

8 is the Number representing: NEW BEGINNINGS!!!


When YAHUSHUA came, new beginnings were conceived for mankind in the spiritual realm.


YAH’S SALVATION was scheduled to come to mankind on the Great 5,500th Day after Adam’s and Eve’s banishment from the Garden of Eden/after Adam and Eve were created. This prophecy came to them after their fall.


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Praise YAH for sending HIS True LIGHT into the world, for now we are more empowered to overcome Satan and his demons than before!!!


It was difficult for Joseph, the earthly father of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH to take the news of Miryam’s conception of YAHUSHUA well when he returned from making preparations for where he and Miryam would stay as a married couple, only to find her quite well into her pregnancy. Some Lost Gospel records say that he returned about 3 months later whereas others give a different time frame.

It took a lot of persuasion from the High Priest using YAH’S WORD after Joseph had discovered the news. Joseph even had an encounter with the Holy Angel Gabriel who made the official announcement. The announcement was meant to convince him to keep Miryam as his wife. Joseph had previously left Miryam in her parents’ house but found her in her cousin, Elisheva’s/Elizabeth’s house.

Despite her special encounter with YAH’S Holy Angel Gabriel who broke the Divine News to her about YAH’S Salvation coming to mankind through her, she felt too embarassed to face her community or neighbours hence she run off to her cousin’s house. The Gospels in the Brit Chadashah (a.k.a New Covenant or Testament) summarises what happened. The lost Gospels of the Holy Bible bear the crucial details of what happened. The crucial details add the missing pieces of the story puzzle.

The situation was eventually resolved. Joseph accepted Miryam as his wife (divinely appointed by YAH Almighty) and supported her throughout her pregnancy, delivery time and after the delivery. Joseph later recollected what happened during YAHUSHUA’S youthful years (teenager and twenties). Joseph confessed his feelings towards Miryam’s pregnancy on his death bed and even repented to YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH narrated what happened concerning how his earthy parents met, got betrothed, YAHUSHUA was conceived, Joseph’s death, etc to HIS Disciples on the Mount of Olives before HIS Ascension to the Shammayim/Heavens.


During the time of YAHUSHUA’S conception, The Priests were making arrangements to make a curtain for the Temple of YAH. This would have been around the time of the celebration of the Feast of CHANUKAH. That was one way to re-dedicate the Temple of YAH unto YAH! Miryam was one of the specially chosen ladies to sew part of the curtain. She was given the PURPLE and SCARLET colours to sew. This can be found in Chapter 12 of the Infancy Gospel of James.

  • PURPLE – the colour of ROYALTY


  • SCARLET/RED – the colour of the BLOOD OF YAHUSHUA which is for cleansing and purifying from sin.


Remember that Miryam was carrying ROYALTY and PURITY in her womb.


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Read the following quote for more information:

Infancy Gospel of James


(1) Meanwhile, the priests were meeting together,
saying, “Let us make a curtain for the temple of
the Lord.”

(2) And the high priest said, “Call the pure virgins
from the tribe of David to me.” (3) And the
servants went out and sought and found seven
virgins. (4) And the high priest remembered that
the child Mary was from the tribe of David and
was pure before God. (5) So the servants went out
and got her.

(6) And they brought the women into the temple of
the Lord. (7) And the high priest said, “Cast lots
to see who will spin the gold and the pure and the
linen and the silk and the violet and the scarlet
and the true purple threads.”

(8) And Mary was appointed by lot to the true
purple and scarlet threads. And taking them, she
went to her house. (9) This was at the same time
Zachariah fell silent and Samuel replaced him until
Zachariah could speak again. (10) Mary was
spinning the scarlet thread which she had taken. 

(1) And she took the cup and went out to fill it with
water. (2) Suddenly, a voice said to her, “Rejoice,
blessed one. The Lord is with you. You are
blessed among women.” (3) And Mary looked
around to the right and the left to see where this
voice came from. (4) And trembling she went into
her house. Setting down the cup, she took the
purple thread and sat down on the chair and spun

(5) Suddenly, an angel stood before her saying,
“Do not be afraid Mary. You have found grace
before the Lord of all. You will conceive from his

(6) Upon hearing this, however, Mary was
distraught, saying to herself, “If I conceive from
the Lord God who lives, will I also conceive as all
women conceive?”

(7) And the Angel of the Lord said, “Not like that,
Mary. For the power of God will come over you.
Thus, the holy one who is born will be called son of
the most high. (8) And you will call his name
Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”

(9) And Mary said, “See, I am the servant of the
Lord before him. Let it happen to me according to
what you say.” 

(1) And she made the purple and the scarlet
thread and carried it to the high priest. (2) And
taking it, the high priest blessed her and said,
“Mary, God has magnified your name. You will be
called blessed among all the generations of the

(3) Then, Mary went gladly to her cousin
Elizabeth. (4) And she knocked at the door and
when Elizabeth heard, she threw down her scarlet
thread and ran to the door and opened it for her.
(5) And she blessed her and said, “Where have
you come to me from? Why should the mother of
my Lord come to me? See how the child in me
leaps and blesses you.”

(6) But Mary had forgotten the mysteries which
the angel Gabriel had told her. And looking into
heaven she said, “Who am I, Lord, that all the
generations of the earth will bless me?”

(7) She spent three months with Elizabeth. (8) Day
after day, her womb swelled and she was afraid to
go to her house and hid herself from the children
of Israel. (9) Mary was sixteen years old when
these mysterious things happened to her. 

(1) In the sixth month of her pregnancy, Joseph
came from his house-building and went into the
house to find her swelling. (2) And he struck his
face and threw himself on the ground in sackcloth
and wept bitterly, “How can I look to the Lord
God? What will I pray about her, for I took her as
a virgin from the temple of the Lord and did not
guard her? (4) Who has set this trap for me? Who
did this evil in my house? Who stole the virgin
from me and defiled her. (5) Has not the story of
Adam been repeated with me? For while Adam
was glorifying God, the serpent came and found
Eve alone and deceived her and defiled her – so it
has also happened to me.”

(6) And Joseph got up from his sackcloth and
called her and said to her, “After having been
cared for by God, what have you done? (7) Did
you forget the Lord your God? You who were
raised in the holy of holies, you who received from
the hand of an angel, do you know how much you
have humiliated yourself?”

(8) Then, she wept bitterly, saying, “I am pure and
I did not know a man.”

(9) And Joseph said to her, “Where did this thing
in your womb come from then?”

(10) But she said, “As the Lord my God lives, I do
not know where it came from.” 
(1) Then, Joseph was extremely frightened and
kept quiet about her, pondering what he should do.
(2) And Joseph said to himself, “If I hide her sin, I
will be rebelling against the law of the Lord. (3)
And if I expose her to the children of Israel . . .
well, I am afraid that the child in her might be
angelic and I will be betraying innocent blood to a
judgment of death. (4) What then will I do about
her? I will send her away from me secretly.”

(5) And night overtook him. And suddenly an
angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream,
saying, “Do not fear this child. For the child in her
is from the Holy Spirit. (6) She will bear a son for
you and you will call his name Jesus. For he will
save his people from their sins.”

(7) And Joseph arose from his sleep and glorified
the God of Israel who had given grace to him. (8)
And he guarded the child. 
(1) Then, Annas the scribe came to him and said to
him, “Joseph, why have you not appeared to our
traveling group?”

(2) And he said to him, “Because I was worn out
from the trip and rested my first day back.”

(3) And Annas turned and saw Mary pregnant.

(4) And he ran off at top speed to the high priest
and said to him, “Look at Joseph, the one you
bear witness for. He has broken the law badly.”

(5) And the high priest said, “What is this?”

(6) And he said, “The virgin which Joseph
received from the temple of the Lord, he defiled
her and has stolen her wedding festivities and has
not revealed it to the children of Israel.”

(7) And he said to him, “Has Joseph done these

(8) And he said to him, “Send a servant and he will
find the virgin pregnant.”

(9) And the servants went and found her just as he
said and they led her with Joseph to the law court.

(10) And the high priest said to her, “Mary, what
is this? How have you humiliated yourself? (11)
Did you forget the Lord your God, you who were
raised in the holy of holies and received from the
hand of an angel? (12) You who heard their songs
and danced before them, what is this?”

(13) And she wept bitterly, saying, “As the Lord
God lives, I am pure before him and I did not
know a man.”

(14) And the high priest said, “Joseph, what is

(15) But Joseph said, “As the Lord lives, I am
pure from her.”

(16) And the high priest said, “Do not lie, but
speak the truth. You stole your wedding festivities
and did not reveal it to the children of Israel (17)
and you did not bow your head before the mighty
hand that it should bless your seed.”

(18) And Joseph was silent. 
(1) And the high priest said, “Return the virgin
which you took from the temple of the Lord.”

(2) And Joseph, becoming tearful […]

(3) And the high priest said, “I will give you the
water of the Lord’s wrath to drink and it will make
your sin clear in your eyes.” (4) And taking the
water, the high priest gave it to Joseph to drink
and sent him out into the desert. And he returned

(5) And he made the young girl drink also and sent
her out into the desert. And she came back
unharmed. (6) And all the people were astonished
that their sins were not revealed. (7) And the high
priest said, “If the Lord God has not revealed
your sins, I will not judge you either.” And he
released them. (8) And Joseph took Mary and
went away to his house, rejoicing and praising the
God of Israel.