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Very Important Warning, Please Pray for a Delay of Time!


This is an urgent message unlike any other I’ve ever given since the beginning of the Ministry. Given to Apostle Elisheva Eliyahu.



There is something of great evil planned to strike this earth. Either in August, September, or even til Mid October.

Pray that nothing unusual will happen in the skies, or on the ground. If nothing happens by mid October then it means we have been allowed more time.

There has been a warning about Planet X for a long time. Click here to read it.

Click on the image for more information on PLANET X (NIBIRU)….

I’m not saying this will be Planet X. I just don’t know at this time. Just pray against anything evil that the governments, or satan himself will send between the 1st of August to mid October.

We’re not talking only of the dangers of war. We’re talking about the dangers of those who don’t even have human dna.

We’re talking about what is being put into the sky, that will cause multi millions around the world to die.

If I say all we have seen in prayer I could be accused of saying something I’m not. Just take this very seriously and pray for a delay so that we have more time.

These are Prophecy excerpts foretelling of the coming destruction from years ago.

Click on the image for more information…
Click on the image for more information…