YAHUVEH GOD Almighty has revealed through HIS Amightywind Ministry that in this life on earth, there are many people who have dated and married wrongly. Many have joined themselves in Holy Matrimony!

It is not YAHUVEH ELOHIM who joined them!

Well, this is quite a complex subject.

The world says, date anyone you find attractive and you can break up with them at any time. But does this sound morally right even without thinking religiously?

Some Christians are beginning to adopt this method if finding partners for life however is this correct/right?

As this is a Messianic Jewish Ministry, we will examine this from the Orthodox Jewish perspective! We’ll look at Orthodox Judaismas the foundation for Messianic Judaism was laid through Orthodox Judaism!

In Orthodox Judaism, dating is not really allowed except between two people of the opposite sex whose families and Priest have agreed will be married and preparations are actually underway. The dating process is monitored very closely and in fact has to follow a certain set of rules so as to avoid doing uugodly acts which can defile the actual marriage even before it starts (a.k.a before the wedding day).

In the days of old, dating was unheard of and if anyone tried it, they were made to feel out of place.

It was good to get to know each other before marriage but one’s family did that for them. One had to just go along with the family choice of a partner for marriage. As a matter of fact, most Africans still follow this tradition no matter where they live in the world! They also follow the tradition that dowry has to be paid by the groom’s family during an Introduction Ceremony which is also called THE OFFICIAL ENGAGEMENT CEREMONY! Dowry can be anything really, for example, cows; money; alcholic drinks like wine; clothing, etc . The bride’s family asks for whatever they want and the groom plus his family have to try their best to meet the requirements. The dowry can be negotiated in some circumstances. It really depends on the kind of family one is marrying into.

Over time, dating has become permitted in society.

Sadly, Dating has now become something else. It has been made okay in society in this day and age that one can now date several people before marriage. This is NOT and has NEVER been part of YAHUVEH ELOHIM’S plan for mankind!!!

Dating several people before marriage can affect one badly in the spiritual sense.

If one is used to dating several people, he or she will most likely develop the tendency to compare his final chosen partner for life/marriage partner with all the people previously dated in various aspects. This is detrimental to the marriage’s well-being as the other partner will not feel appreciated most of the time. It is very demoralising!

It is so much better to pray in advance concerning who you should marry than to go around testing out different people.

Only YAH Almighty who created you and everything around you, knows who your “BONE OF BONES and FLESH of FLESH (a.k.a SOULMATE)” is!

Whenever you “fall in love,” that’s if you do, or find someone appealing and a possible option to marry, you will only be seeing the physical attributes of that person. Only YAH can show you the invisible aspects, spiritual aspects of that person, including the:

  • Lineage
  • Foundations of his or her background,
  • Health,
  • Real Character
  • Real Personality, etc.

YAHUVEH ELOHIM can even forecast your relationship with the person you have in mind just so you have an idea of what life will be like if you choise to partner with them.

We have to tread very carefully in this area of our lives as it can make or break!!!

Whom you choose to date and for what reasons/why can affect your destiny either negatively or positively, depending on who they are in the spiritual realm!!!

YAHUVEH ELOHIM wants only those who are part of the Bride of YAHUSHUA to marry from amongst the Bride and not outside of that because then, they can join hands to glorify YAH Almighty. They can easily defend their fellow Bride against Satan and his demons plus Satan’s brise!!! The BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA are one in the RUACH/SPIRIT!

Within the Bride of YAHUSHUA, one can marry the wrong Bride hence having the wrong soulmate! This is not good at all either but YAHUVEH ELOHIM has the solution if there are problems because the rib (woman) is too long and/or too big to fit in the space (man) which YAH left for it. This is much easier to rectify than the other situation that could come up.

If you are not prayerful, you can end up dating and marrying a Bride of Satan or the wrong Bride of YAHUSHUA!!

If a Bride of YAHUSHUA dates and marries a Bride of Satan, there will be disunity in the marriage/home and great havock. They can not be ECHAD/ONE in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as YAHUSHUA is ECHAD with HIS ABBA YAHUVEH ELOHIM!