THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS…THE TURNING or TRANSFORMATION POINT [Acts 9]! DAMASCUS IS Known For PRODUCING The Best Iron and Other Metal Products! YAH SHADDAI Hates The Use Of Metals In All Areas Of Life [Genesis 6, Book of Enoch, The Legends Of The Jews, etc]…..AS IN The Days Of Noach [Genesis 6-9]… 14th-15th October 2021


In addition to what is shared in image format below *IT IS WORTH NOTING 📝 that The BLOOD OF STEPHEN [Acts 7],* An Apostle of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [a.k.a JESUS CHRIST; not Yeshua!] *spoke into Shaul’s life* hence YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH appeared to Shaul [not Saul or Paul] on the Road To DAMASCUS, Syria 🇸🇾! *Shaul was on the road to Sin against YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH however he was arrested by THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD and Converted! His heart and life were transformed for GOOD. His heart was circumcised.*

May our lived be transformed for GOOD also, in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S NAME, AHMEN!

*When the Sethites except 4 Men and their families namely Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noach went down THE HIGH AND HOLY MOUNTAIN ⛰ and into the Camp of the Cainites (Damascus), they were on the road to Sin against YAH ALMIGHTY! They did this knowing fully well that they were being led into sin. They could not ascend THE HIGH AND HOLY MOUNTAIN again! They became doomed.*

When Jared [Yered] was misled by ha satan to go down the mountain ⛰, he was on the road to Sin however YAH did not stop him in his tracks. *He later realised THE TRUTH when he satan who was pretending to be Adam started to bring out the Cainite woman’s and committing abominable acts in front of him.* Ha satan had not yet taken him into the Camp itself. They were on the outskirts. *It was there Jared held out his hands to YAH ALMIGHTY and cried out. He REPENTED and was delivered by YAH’s HOLY ANGEL.* He ascended THE HIGH AND HOLY MOUNTAIN ⛰ again with YAH’S HELP!