9th of Av: TISHA B’AV (July 2021)


*Today, Sunday 18th July 2021 is a Dark and Gloomy Day on YAH’S Calendar (a.k.a Hebrew Calendar) and if you observe well, you will notice that various announcements are being made today worldwide 🌐 by various world leaders with regards to the Covid-19 Vaccine 💉 Jab!* Booster shots will be introduced and given starting this September 2021 and another one in year 2022 and yet another one in year 2023!

Video: How Many Shots Are They Intending To Give People?

Video: The Vaccine May Turn You Into A Crocodile (says the Brazilian President)

My wife, Sister Perpetua Shulamit was hoping to do an Audio today however unfortunately it has ended up not being possible. Apologies…

Here is the Teaching (A Summary of what this day is about):