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SHABBAT BESHALACH/WHEN HE LET GO a.k.a SHABBAT SHIRAH/SONG – Exodus 14 – 17; Judges 4:4; 5:31; Matthew 14:22-24 [sun-set Friday 14th TO sun-set Saturday 15th January 2022 / SHEVAT 13] – TRUSTING YAH FOR HIS DELIVERANCE [YAHUSHUA], DIVINE PROVISION AND PROTECTION NO MATTER WHAT!


Humble yourself before your LORD and KING YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA in prayer…

Read the following prayer and then read it again, this time NOT with head knowledge but with heart knowledge, believe it in FAITH, and remember YAHUSHUA is NOT only GOD, but HE is your best friend! HE cares so much for you, HE loves you so much, just the way you are. HE hates Sin, but HE loves YOU, the sinner! 


I accept you now as my Lord and Saviour, YOU are the GOD I love. I believe you paid the price for my sins at Calvary, you died and arose from the dead on the third day. I ask you to come into my heart, forgive me of my sins, wash me clean of all unrighteousness. I am sorry I have sinned, and I turn away from those sins.

Thank you for filling me with your Holy Spirit, and giving me the desire to serve you all the days of my life, and live your life in me, YAHUSHUA, so you will be Glorified!

Thank you for giving me the desire to read your Bible, and give me he wisdom to understand it, Thank you for Loving me and Saving my soul, causing my Faith to grow, so one day I will be with You in Heaven.

Fill me with your HOLY SPIRIT Now and deliver me from the evil one in your name YAHUSHUA I pray! Help me YAHUSHUA to remember All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of YAHUVEH, and you came to save US sinners, that’s why you are called our SAVIOUR. In YAHUSHUA’S name, I pray all this, AMEN.


YAHUSHUA paid the price for your sins, now you don’t need to feel guilty or condemned anymore! Confess your sins to YAHUSHUA. Name them, then tell Him you’re sorry, ask Him to forgive you! All your past and present sins. A sin is anything you have done or are doing that displeases a Holy YAHUVEH. No one is perfect! Remember that!


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  • Read the New Covenant / Testament (In the Bible / HOLY WORD OF YAH / GOD) and get to know who YAHUSHUA is.
  • John 3:16 says you must confess Him as LORD and Savior so He will confess you before the Father. Don’t be ashamed of YAHUSHUA, He is NOT ashamed of YOU. Tell someone you have accepted YAHUSHUA of Calvary and Nazareth, this day!

All the angels in heaven are rejoicing for another name has been added to the Lamb’s Book of Life!

Let us rejoice with you. If you need a pastor, please do not hesitate to contact us. Welcome to the Family of YAHUSHUA! WE LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YOU IN HEAVEN, IF NOT ON EARTH!
Email Pastor (Brother) Ade Israel (YAHUSHUA.ROSHPINNAH@GMAIL.COM) and let him know about the gift of eternal life you have just inherited from our precious YAHUSHUA Messiah.

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