Today, Wednesday 2nd February 2022 can also be written as 02-02-2022 and as 2-2-22! WHAT ARE THE BIBLICAL SPIRITUAL IMPLICATIONS OF THIS FROM THE CREATOR, YAH’S PERSPECTIVE? Some Useful Advice Specially Pertaining To Today! [PSALMS 2; 22; 122] – ADAR I, 1


Another related and more detailed Teaching on this subject will be shared soon. It’s already prepared and ready to share. It is just a matter of having time to share it.

1. SHEVAT – January, THE 11TH MONTH a.k.a SEASON OF THE YEAR FROM THE CREATPR, YAH’S PERSPECTIVE [Genesis 1; Exodus 12:1-2; Daniel 7:25; Revelation 12:9-11; etc] – Tuesday 1st February 2022 / SHEVAT 30

2. FROM THE CREATOR, YAH’S PERSPECTIVE, WHAT EXACTLY DETERMINES A LEAP YEAR? 2. WHY IS THE Roman Gregorian Calendar Month of February the one that bears THE LEAP DAY and WHY EVERY 4 YEARS? [John 14:6; 8:32, 44; 10:10; Hosea 4:6; Revelation 12:9-11; Daniel 7:25; Genesis1; Exodus 12:1-2; The Book of The Secrets of Enoch; The Legends of the Jews] – Wednesday 2nd February 2022 / ADAR I, 1