Happy Birthday “Israeli Apostle/Prophet Ezra (February 2018)” Of YAH’S Amightywind Ministry!!!


Prophet Ezra is a very special man of YAH whom when appointed as Head-Leader of YAH’S Amightywind Ministry on Shavuot 2016, transformed the Ministry in an amazing way with the help of precious Momma RUACH HA KODESH’S. The Ministry and all its faithful followers including the Bride (and Guests) of YAHUSHUA spiritually crossed the Red Sea!

Praise YAH Almighty for Daddy Ezra!

Prophet Ezra is the husband to “YAH’S Eliyahu HaNavi of New.”

The following video has been recorded by YAH’S Amightywind Ministry to commemorate the Head Leader’s Birthday. Be blessed as you watch:

Video: Heaven Rejoices! A Star is Born – Israeli Prophet Ezra Birthday 2018

Video: Hayom YOM Huledet