Abraham’s “THREE VISITORS”, Who exactly were they? / Benefits of Obedience to YAH



Note that YAHUVEH GOD commanded Abraham to perform CIRCUMCISION on himself and all the male members of his household. Abraham was obedient to YAHUVEH GOD (Genesis 17). It was after his act of obedience that YAHUVEH GOD visited Abraham through three men. This encounter occurred at a place called “MAMRE”.

“MAMRE”  is a difficult word to define. According to Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary, “MAMRE” is a place located in the “now Palestine” (but should be Israel). Additionally, it is the name of Abraham’s ally”.


The ACT OF OBEDIENCE in regards to CIRCUMCISION/BRIT MILAH was named to this day the “ABRAHAMIC COVENANT”!

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From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible has a lot to say about obedience. In the story of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, we see just how important the concept of obedience is to YAHUVEH GOD.

Deuteronomy 11:26–28 sums it up like this:

“Obey and you will be blessed. Disobey and you will be cursed.”


In the New Testament, we learn through the example of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH  that believers in and followers of YAHUSHUA are called to a life of obedience.


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What exactly is “OBEDIENCE” according to the HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES?

The general concept of obedience both in the Old and New Covenant/Testament relates to hearing or hearkening to a higher authority.

One of the Greek terms for obedience conveys the idea of positioning oneself under someone by submitting to their authority and command. Another Greek word for obey in the New Covenant Testament means “to trust.”

According to Holman’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary a succinct definition of biblical obedience is “to hear GOD’S Word and act accordingly.”

Eerdman’s Bible Dictionary says, “True ‘hearing,’ or obedience, involves the physical hearing that inspires the hearer, and a belief or trust that in turn motivates the hearer to act in accordance with the speaker’s desires.”

So, Biblical obedience to God means, simply, to hear, trust, submit and surrender to God and his Word.


In our daily life, we know that obedience is a very essential habit one should abide to in our homes, workplaces and in the communities in which we live. In simple terms, obedience is compliance with an order, request, law or submission to another’s authority.

The HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES also talk a lot about obedience as it is seen in many scriptures.

Children are asked to obey their parents in Ephesians 6:1 as this is the right way to behave as a child in a family.

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right”

In Colossians 3:18, Wives are also called upon to be submissive to their partners as this is fitting with the lord.

“Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord”

Husbands too are asked to treat their wives with respect in 1 Peter 3:7 which says,

“Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers”

We see in Philippians 2:8 that even YAHUSHUA showed obedience to death and death on the cross.

“And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death even death on a cross”

…hence why the bible stresses it an essential part of the faith in and walk with YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Mathew 16:24 teaches us that as YAH’S Children, the fact that we deny ourselves from many worldly desires and choose to follow Christ, that is obedience.

“Then YAHUSHA said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”

The book of John 14:15, reminds us that through obeying the 10 commandments, we show our love for YAHUSHUA.

“If you love me, keep my commandments.”

YAHUSHUA also tells us in John 14:23 that in the same act of love for him, we must comply with whatever God has commanded for it is our duty to do so.

“YAHUSHUA replied, ‘Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. MY FATHER will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”

However, YAHUSHUA condemns hypocrisy in the act of obedience to the law. Speaking to the Pharisees, he said that despite of our deeds, without MASHIACH/MESSIAH, even our best and most righteous works are as “filthy rags”.

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. 28 In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

As YAH’S Children, we are asked to obey the law of MASHIACH/MESSIAH which is the law of love as it is seen in John 13:34.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another”

YAHUSHUA also asks us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves for this is the second greatest commandment that he gave to his disciples.

“And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

In Galatians 6:2, we learn that when we love God and obey him, we naturally have love for one another.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”


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The disobedience of Adam brought sin and death into the world. But YAHUSHUA HA MASHAICH’S perfect obedience restores our fellowship with YAHUVEH GOD, for everyone who believes in him.

Romans 5:19
For as by the one man’s [Adam’s] disobedience the many were made sinners, so by the one man’s [Christ’s] obedience the many will be made righteous. (ESV)


1 Corinthians 15:22
For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. (ESV)



1 Samuel 15:22–23
But Samuel replied, “What is more pleasing to the LORD (YAHUVEH): your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to his voice? Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice, and submission is better than offering the fat of rams. Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft, and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols. So because you have rejected the command of the LORD (YAHUVEH), he has rejected you as king.” (NLT)




Over and over again we read in the Holy Biblical Scriptures that YAHUVEH GOD blesses and rewards obedience:

Genesis 22:18
“And through your descendants all the nations of the earth will be blessed—all because you have obeyed me.” (NLT)


Exodus 19:5
Now if you will obey me and keep my covenant, you will be my own special treasure from among all the peoples on earth; for all the earth belongs to me. (NLT)


Luke 11:28
Jesus replied, “But even more blessed are all who hear the word of God and put it into practice.” (NLT)


James 1:22–25
But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves. For if you listen to the word and don’t obey, it is like glancing at your face in a mirror. You see yourself, walk away, and forget what you look like. But if you look carefully into the perfect law that sets you free, and if you do what it says and don’t forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it.




While the Holy Biblical Scriptures place strong emphasis on obedience, it’s important to remember that believers are not justified (made righteous) by our obedience. YAH’S SALVATION is a free gift of YAHUVEH GOD, and we can do nothing to merit it.

True Children of YAH’S obedience flows from a heart of gratitude for the grace we have received from the LORD YAHUVEH GOD:

Romans 12:1
And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to (YAH) GOD because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him. (NLT)



In YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH,  we find the perfect model of obedience. As HIS disciples, we follow MASHIACH’S/MESSIAH’S example as well as his commands. Our motivation for obedience is love:


John 14:15
If you love me, you will keep MY commandments. (ESV)



1 John 5:2–3
By this we know that we love the children of (YAH) GOD, when we love (YAH) GOD and obey HIS commandments. For this is the love of (YAH) GOD, that we keep HIS commandments. And HIS commandments are not burdensome. (ESV)



2 John 6
And this is LOVE, that we walk according to HIS commandments; this is the commandment, just as you have heard from the beginning, so that you should walk in it. (ESV)




1 John 2:3–6
And we can be sure that we know him if we obey his commandments. If someone claims, “I know (YAH) GOD,” but doesn’t obey (YAH’S) GOD’S commandments, that person is a liar and is not living in the truth. But those who obey God’s word truly show how completely they love him. That is how we know we are living in him. Those who say they live in (YAH) GOD should live their lives as (YAHUSHUA) JESUS did.




No one in this life will ever become sufficiently sanctified to the point where they are always obeying the law, but we can honor and maintain obedience to YAHUVEH GOD by pondering on, or meditating on the words of YAHUSHUA. The term “to ponder” means to weigh in the mind, to think or reflect, especially quietly and deeply. To ponder on something is like meditation which implies a definite focusing of one’s thoughts on something in order to understand it deeply. The author of Proverbs 14:15 makes a good point:

“A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps.” 

We have all sinned and deserve YAHUVEH GOD’S judgment. YAHUVEH GOD THE FATHER sent HIS only begotten SON to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in and faithfully follow HIM. YAHUSHUA, the Creator and Eternal SON of YAHUVEH GOD, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Holy Biblical Scriptures. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving YAHUSHUA alone as your Savior, declaring, “YAHUSHUA IS THE ONE AND ONLY MESSIAH/LORD/SAVIOUR,” you will be saved from eternal judgment and spend eternity with YAHUVEH GOD, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH and BRIDEGROOM as well as SHKINYINYAH GLORY/RUACH HA KODESH in heaven.



Only YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is perfect, therefore, only he could walk in sinless obedience. But as we allow the RUACH HA KODESH to transform us from within, we grow in holiness.

Psalm 119:1–8
Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the LORD. Joyful are those who obey his laws and search for him with all their hearts. They do not compromise with evil, and they walk only in his paths.

You have charged us to keep your commandments carefully. Oh, that my actions would consistently reflect your decrees! Then I will not be ashamed when I compare my life with your commands. As I learn your righteous regulations, I will thank you by living as I should! I will obey your decrees. Please don’t give up on me! (NLT)


Isaiah 48:17–19
This is what the LORD says—your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is good for you and leads you along the paths you should follow. Oh, that you had listened to my commands! Then you would have had peace flowing like a gentle river and righteousness rolling over you like waves in the sea. Your descendants would have been like the sands along the seashore—too many to count! There would have been no need for your destruction, or for cutting off your family name.” (NLT)


2 Corinthians 7:1
Because we have these promises, dear friends, let us cleanse ourselves from everything that can defile our body or spirit. And let us work toward complete holiness because we fear God. (NLT)

The verse above says, “Let us work toward complete holiness.” So, we don’t learn obedience overnight; it’s a lifelong process that we pursue by making it a daily goal.




Who exactly were the THREE MEN – the THREE VISITORS?

Well, the answer can be found in the Book of Jasher Chapter 18 and verse 4 as well as Book of Jubilees Chapter 16. As per these accounts, the THREE VISITORS were HOLY ANGELS from the HEAVENS assigned by YAHUVEH GOD to pay Abraham a special visit.

Abraham treated the THREE MEN very well and in return obtained a BLESSING, THE LONG AWAITED BLESSING! This visit occurred when Abraham was 99 years old. 

Isaac was born to Abraham when he was 100 years old (so one year later) Click here to learn more about the timelines.

Isaac was born during the FEAST OF WEEKS/SHAVUOT/PENTECOST.

The three Holy Angels came back to visit Abraham during the FEAST OF BOOTHS/TABERNACLES/SUKKOT/SUCCOT after the birth of Isaac.

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Summary of Events:

EVENT (Book of Jubilees Chapter 16)





3 HOLY Angels from the HEAVENS of YAH appeared to Abraham at the Oak of Mamre where they announced to him that his wife would conceive Isaac

5th Year

4th Month (Tammuz)

1st Day

YAHWEH executed his judgments on Sodom, and Gomorrah, and Zeboim, and all the region of the Jordan.

The same Angels were sent to pour out YAHWEH’S Judgement upon those areas.

5th Year

4th Month (Av)

Abraham moved from Hebron, and departed and dwelt between Kadesh and Shur in the mountains of Gerar.

5th Year

4th Month (Av)

Abraham moved from there, and dwelt at the “Well of the Oath”.


5th Month (Shevat)

15th Day / Middle

YAHWEH visited Sarah and did unto her as He had spoken and she conceived.

5th Year

6th Month (Elul)

15th Day / Middle

At the time of which YAHWEH had spoken to Abraham, on the FESTIVAL OF FIRST FRUITS OF THE HARVEST, Yitschaq was born.

5th Year

3rd Month (Sivan)

15th Day / Middle – during the First Fruits


And Abraham circumcised his son on the EIGHTH DAY: he was the first that was circumcised according to the covenant which is ordained forever.

5th Year

3rd Month (Sivan)

22nd Day

And in the sixth year of the fourth week we came to Abraham, to the “Well of the Oath”, and we appeared unto him [as we had told Sarah that we should return to her, and she would have conceived a son.

6th Year

1st Month (Tishri/Tishrei)

4th Week

And he built there an altar to YAHWEH who had delivered him, and who was making him rejoice in the land of his sojourning, and he celebrated a festival of joy in this month seven days, near the altar which he had built at the “Well of the Oath”.

6th Year

1st Month (Tishri/Tishrei)

4th Week





I believe that the three HOLY Angels are the same three HOLY Angels who visited Adam and Eve after they had left the Garden of Eden. They blessed him with Gold, Incense and Myrrh. For information on this, click here. Their names are as follows, Angels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. These same Angels visited Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah before its destruction (and after their visit to Abraham).


Evidence for this is found in the Lost Books of the Bible, one of them being “THE BOOK OF THE SECRETS OF ENOCH”“THE BOOK OF ENOCH”“THE FIRST BOOK OF ADAM AND EVE”, etc. Examples of GODLY Angels are: MICHAEL, GABRIEL and RAPHAEL. These are just 3 of the Leader HOLY Angels in the HEAVENS. There are 7 Leader HOLY Angels altogether. Adam and Eve had encounters with Angel Michael, Angel Gabriel and Angel Raphael on a few occasions.

ANGELS ARE MINISTERING SPIRITS, for sure. They do as YAHUVEH GOD tells them to. They are so connected to YAHUVEH GOD that they can act accordingly within a split-second (before mankind can even process what is happening). They are still in the business of MINISTERING TO MANKIND daily (See the examples below).


Amightywind Ministry – Holy Angel Encounters – Archangel Michael South Africa Part 1of 2

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Amightywind Ministry – Holy Angel Encounters – Archangel Michael South Africa Part 2 and 3 of 3



The following is the Account seen in Genesis 18-19 in the Lost Books of the Bible:

The Book Of Jubilees Chapter 16

The Malakim appear unto Abraham at the Oak of Mamre

1 And on the new month of the fourth month we appeared unto Abraham, at the oak of Mamre, and we talked with him, and we announced to him that a son would be given to him by Sarah his wife.

2 And Sarah laughed, for she heard that we had spoken these words with Abraham, and we admonished her, and she became afraid, and denied that she had laughed on account of the words.

3 And we told her the name of her son, as his name is ordained and written in the heavenly tablets (i.e.) Yitschaq,

4 And that when we returned to her at a set time, she would have conceived a son.

5 And in this month YAHWEH executed his judgments on Sodom, and Gomorrah, and Zeboim, and all the region of the Jordan, and He burned them with fire and brimstone, and destroyed them until this day, even as [lo] I have declared unto you all their works, that they are wicked and sinners exceedingly, and that they defile themselves and commit fornication in their flesh, and work uncleanness on the earth.

6 And, in like manner, YAHWEH will execute judgment on the places where they have done according to the uncleanness of the Sodomites, like unto the judgment of Sodom.

7 But Lot we saved; for YAHWEH remembered Abraham, and sent him out from the midst of the overthrow.

8 And he and his daughters committed sin upon the earth, such as had not been on the earth since the days of Adam till his time; for the man lay with his daughters.

9 And, behold, it was commanded and engraved concerning all his seed, on the heavenly tablets, to remove them and root them out, and to execute judgment upon them like the judgment of Sodom, and to leave no seed of the man on earth on the day of condemnation.

10 And in this month Abraham moved from Hebron, and departed and dwelt between Kadesh and Shur in the mountains of Gerar.

11 And in the middle of the fifth month he moved from there, and dwelt at the “Well of the Oath”.

12 And in the middle of the sixth month YAHWEH visited Sarah and did unto her as He had spoken and she conceived.

13 And she bare a son in the third month, and in the middle of the month, at the time of which YAHWEH had spoken to Abraham, on the festival of the first fruits of the harvest, Yitschaq was born.

14 And Abraham circumcised his son on the eighth day: he was the first that was circumcised according to the covenant which is ordained forever.

15 And in the sixth year of the fourth week we came to Abraham, to the “Well of the Oath”, and we appeared unto him [as we had told Sarah that we should return to her, and she would have conceived a son.

16 And we returned in the seventh month, and found Sarah with child before us] and we blessed him, and we announced to him all the things which had been decreed concerning him, that he should not die till he should beget six sons more, and should see them before he died; but that in Yitschaq should his name and seed be called:

17 And that all the seed of his sons should be Gentiles, and be reckoned with the Gentiles; but from the sons of Yitschaq one should become a kodesh seed, and should not be reckoned among the Gentiles.

18 For he should become the portion of the Most High, and all his seed had fallen into the possession of YAHWEH, that it should be unto YAHWEH a people for His possession above all nations and that it should become a kingdom and priests and a kodesh nation.

19 And we went our way, and we announced to Sarah all that we had told him, and they both rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

20 And he built there an altar to YAHWEH who had delivered him, and who was making him rejoice in the land of his sojourning, and he celebrated a festival of joy in this month seven days, near the altar which he had built at the “Well of the Oath”.

21 And he built booths for himself and for his servants on this festival, and he was the first to celebrate the feast of tabernacles on the earth.

22 And during these seven days he brought each day to the altar a burnt offering to YAHWEH, two oxen, two rams, seven sheep, one he-goat, for a sin offering, that he might atone thereby for himself and for his seed.

23 And, as a thank-offering, seven rams, seven kids, seven sheep, and seven he-goats, and their fruit offerings and their drink offerings; and he burnt all the fat thereof on the altar, a chosen offering unto YAHWEH for a sweet smelling savor.

24 And morning and evening he burnt fragrant substances, frankincense and galbanum, and stackte, and nard, and myrrh, and spice, and costum; all these seven he offered, crushed, mixed together in equal parts (and) pure.

25 And he celebrated this feast during seven days, rejoicing with all his heart and with all his soul, he and all those who were in his house, and there was no stranger with him, nor any that was uncircumcised.

26 And he blessed his Creator who had created him in his generation, for He had created him according to His good pleasure; for He knew and perceived that from him would arise the plant of righteousness for the eternal generations, and from him a kodesh seed, so that it should become like Him who had made all things.

27 And he blessed and rejoiced, and he called the name of this festival “The Festival of YAHWEH”, a joy acceptable to the Most High YAHWEH.

28 And we blessed him forever, and all his seed after him throughout all the generations of the earth, because he celebrated this festival in its season, according to the testimony of the heavenly tablets.

29 For this reason it is ordained on the heavenly tablets concerning Yisrael, that they shall celebrate the feast of tabernacles seven days with joy, in the seventh month, acceptable before YAHWEH -a statute forever throughout their generations every year.

30 And to this there is no limit of days; for it is ordained forever regarding Yisrael that they should celebrate it and dwell in booths, and set wreaths upon their heads, and take leafy boughs, and willows from the brook.

31 And Abraham took branches of palm trees, and the fruit of goodly trees, and every day going round the altar with the branches seven times [a day] in the morning, he praised and gave thanks to YAHWEH his Sovereign Ruler for all things in joy.




Book of Jasher, Chapter 18

1 And Abraham rose and did all that God had ordered him, and he took the men of his household and those bought with his money, and he circumcised them as the Lord had commanded him.

2 And there was not one left whom he did not circumcise, and Abraham and his son Ishmael were circumcised in the flesh of their foreskin; thirteen years old was Ishmael when he was circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin.

3 And in the third day Abraham went out of his tent and sat at the door to enjoy the heat of the sun, during the pain of his flesh.

4 And the Lord appeared to him in the plain of Mamre, and sent three of his ministering angels to visit him, and he was sitting at the door of the tent, and he lifted his eyes and saw, and lo three men were coming from a distance, and he rose up and ran to meet them, and he bowed down to them and brought them into his house.

5 And he said to them, If now I have found favor in your sight, turn in and eat a morsel of bread; and he pressed them, and they turned in and he gave them water and they washed their feet, and he placed them under a tree at the door of the tent.

6 And Abraham ran and took a calf, tender and good, and he hastened to kill it, and gave it to his servant Eliezer to dress.

7 And Abraham came to Sarah into the tent, and he said to her, Make ready quickly three measures of fine meal, knead it and make cakes to cover the pot containing the meat, and she did so.

8 And Abraham hastened and brought before them butter and milk, beef and mutton, and gave it before them to eat before the flesh of the calf was sufficiently done, and they did eat.

9 And when they had done eating one of them said to him, I will return to thee according to the time of life, and Sarah thy wife shall have a son.

10 And the men afterward departed and went their ways, to the places to which they were sent.

11 In those days all the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, and of the whole five cities, were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord and they provoked the Lord with their abominations, and they strengthened in aging abominably and scornfully before the Lord, and their wickedness and crimes were in those days great before the Lord.

12 And they had in their land a very extensive valley, about half a day’s walk, and in it there were fountains of water and a great deal of herbage surrounding the water.

13 And all the people of Sodom and Gomorrah went there four times in the year, with their wives and children and all belonging to them, and they rejoiced there with timbrels and dances.

14 And in the time of rejoicing they would all rise and lay hold of their neighbor’s wives, and some, the virgin daughters of their neighbors, and they enjoyed them, and each man saw his wife and daughter in the hands of his neighbor and did not say a word.

15 And they did so from morning to night, and they afterward returned home each man to his house and each woman to her tent; so they always did four times in the year.

16 Also when a stranger came into their cities and brought goods which he had purchased with a view to dispose of there, the people of these cities would assemble, men, women and children, young and old, and go to the man and take his goods by force, giving a little to each man until there was an end to all the goods of the owner which he had brought into the land.

17 And if the owner of the goods quarreled with them, saying, What is this work which you have done to me, then they would approach to him one by one, and each would show him the little which he took and taunt him, saying, I only took that little which thou didst give me; and when he heard this from them all, he would arise and go from them in sorrow and bitterness of soul, when they would all arise and go after him, and drive him out of the city with great noise and tumult.

18 And there was a man from the country of Elam who was leisurely going on the road, seated upon his ass, which carried a fine mantle of divers colors, and the mantle was bound with a cord upon the ass.

19 And the man was on his journey passing through the street of Sodom when the sun set in the evening, and he remained there in order to abide during the night, but no one would let him into his house; and at that time there was in Sodom a wicked and mischievous man, one skillful to do evil, and his name was Hedad.

20 And he lifted up his eyes and saw the traveler in the street of the city, and he came to him and said, Whence comest thou and whither dost thou go?

21 And the man said to him, I am traveling from Hebron to Elam where I belong, and as I passed the sun set and no one would suffer me to enter his house, though I had bread and water and also straw and provender for my ass, and am short of nothing.

22 And Hedad answered and said to him, All that thou shalt want shall be supplied by me, but in the street thou shalt not abide all night.

23 And Hedad brought him to his house, and he took off the mantle from the ass with the cord, and brought them to his house, and he gave the ass straw and provender whilst the traveler ate and drank in Hedad’s house, and he abode there that night.

24 And in the morning the traveler rose up early to continue his journey, when Hedad said to him, Wait, comfort thy heart with a morsel of bread and then go, and the man did so; and he remained with him, and they both ate and drank together during the day, when the man rose up to go.

25 And Hedad said to him, Behold now the day is declining, thou hadst better remain all night that thy heart may be comforted; and he pressed him so that he tarried there all night, and on the second day he rose up early to go away, when Hedad pressed him, saying, Comfort thy heart with a morsel of bread and then go, and he remained and ate with him also the second day, and then the man rose up to continue his journey.

26 And Hedad said to him, Behold now the day is declining, remain with me to comfort thy heart and in the morning rise up early and go thy way.

27 And the man would not remain, but rose and saddled his ass, and whilst he was saddling his ass the wife of Hedad said to her husband, Behold this man has remained with us for two days eating and drinking and he has given us nothing, and now shall he go away from us without giving anything? and Hedad said to her, Be silent.

28 And the man saddled his ass to go, and he asked Hedad to give him the cord and mantle to tie it upon the ass.

29 And Hedad said to him, What sayest thou? And he said to him, That thou my lord shalt give me the cord and the mantle made with divers colors which thou didst conceal with thee in thy house to take care of it.

30 And Hedad answered the man, saying, This is the interpretation of thy dream, the cord which thou didst see, means that thy life will be lengthened out like a cord, and having seen the mantle colored with all sorts of colors, means that thou shalt have a vineyard in which thou wilt plant trees of all fruits.

31 And the traveler answered, saying, Not so my lord, for I was awake when I gave thee the cord and also a mantle woven with different colors, which thou didst take off the ass to put them by for me; and Hedad answered and said, Surely I have told thee the interpretation of thy dream and it is a good dream, and this is the interpretation thereof.

32 Now the sons of men give me four pieces of silver, which is my charge for interpreting dreams, and of thee only I require three pieces of silver.

33 And the man was provoked at the words of Hedad, and he cried bitterly, and he brought Hedad to Serak judge of Sodom.

34 And the man laid his cause before Serak the judge, when Hedad replied, saying, It is not so, but thus the matter stands; and the judge said to the traveler, This man Hedad telleth thee truth, for he is famed in the cities for the accurate interpretation of dreams.

35 And the man cried at the word of the judge, and he said, Not so my Lord, for it was in the day that I gave him the cord and mantle which was upon the ass, in order to put them by in his house; and they both disputed before the judge, the one saying, Thus the matter was, and the other declaring otherwise.

36 And Hedad said to the man, Give me four pieces of silver that I charge for my interpretations of dreams; I will not make any allowance; and give me the expense of the four meals that thou didst eat in my house.

37 And the man said to Hedad, Truly I will pay thee for what I ate in thy house, only give me the cord and mantle which thou didst conceal in thy house.

38 And Hedad replied before the judge and said to the man, Did I not tell thee the interpretation of thy dream? the cord means that thy days shall be prolonged like a cord, and the mantle, that thou wilt have a vineyard in which thou wilt plant all kinds of fruit trees.

39 This is the proper interpretation of thy dream, now give me the four pieces of silver that I require as a compensation, for I will make thee no allowance.

40 And the man cried at the words of Hedad and they both quarreled before the judge, and the judge gave orders to his servants, who drove them rashly from the house.

41 And they went away quarreling from the judge, when the people of Sodom heard them, and they gathered about them and they exclaimed against the stranger, and they drove him rashly from the city.

42 And the man continued his journey upon his ass with bitterness of soul, lamenting and weeping.

43 And whilst he was going along he wept at what had happened to him in the corrupt city of Sodom.