What YAH says about unequally yoked marriages…


Please prayerfully read the following words sent to us from HEAVEN above:




August 15, 2008

These are the Words of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH. These Words are what they have said regarding unequally yoked marriages and relationships. These Prophetic Words have been compiled from the Prophecies spoken and written through Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah. These are only excerpts from Prophecies that mention being unequally yoked. Please click on the Prophecy number and title to read Prophecy in its entirety. We pray you hear the voice of YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and the RUACH ha KODESH.

Last but not least in every aspect you will see me unyoking what I did not yoke together, you yourselves did it. But it will take MY hand alone to unyoke what was never meant to be yoked. Can an ox and a mouse pull a cart? Worst yet, can an ox and an ant pull a cart loaded with fruit? Pray to ME and MY RUACH ha KODESH will reveal where the ant or mouse has been yoked to you. Then accept however I choose, and whoever I choose to be unyoked from you.

For you have wondered why your prayers were hindered, it is because some of you have been unequally yoked in many different ways. This includes MY ministers and the ministries, as well as your personal lives. No one will give up anything for MY sake, that I will not give back at least double fold in this life and in heaven. Trust ME and be willing as Abraham did and have faith. Say, “YAHUVEH, whatever hinders me from being all I have been called to be, and all I have been ordained to do, I offer up to you as a sacrifice, anything that stands in the way of your perfect will being done in my life”.

Thus saith YAHUVEH; In times past I dealt with MY unequally yoked children, MY servants, those called by MY NAME that have yoked themselves up with children of satan through unequally yoked marriages, friendships, partnerships, institutions, churches and all other forms. For your sake I have dealt with you with patience and long suffering. I waited for MY children to realize where MY RUACH ha KODESH is not respected, nor loved nor welcomed whether it be marriage, family, friends, institution or anything else that is not of ME, you are not truly part of them and they have never been one with you.

So many have made wrong choices and then I get the blame. For when they are wounded and come to Daddy and say, “Father look at MY bloody wounds, look what those that I love did to me, those that I trusted, those that I yoked myself with. Daddy, why did you allow this to happen? Don’t you care?” Oh MY little ones yes, yes again I say unto you I care and I will say unto you as I open MY arms for you to run into them and you climb on your Daddy GOD YAHUVEH’S lap and I cradle you in MY arms, allowing you to weep bitter tears. For you have been storing them up for along time and when they are released, when you finally realize I am not the one that yoked you, that joined you with ungodliness.

It is you yourself that yoked to the sin of this world for you became one with sin when you chose to marry without asking ME if this was the right spouse for you. If this was the one I ordained before the foundation of the earth for you? When you yoked yourself with sin, when you became leaders over the heathen who chose to remain heathens you closed your eyes so your Daddy YAHUVEH has had to rip your eyes open forcing you to see what you did not see before.

You yoked yourselves to satan for when your children go astray and they deny ME and ‘when they were raised up the way they should go’, I said, “When they were older they would not depart from it” and yet you see your children you raised godly and you wonder what is happening? It is because you allowed your children to be yoked to the ungodly through the TV they watch, the music they listen too, the games they play, the friends they call peers and the schools they attend.

You allow the heathen to teach your children in exchange for a free worldly education, then you come to ME and quote this scripture, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when they are old they will not depart from it,” and yet when you have allowed the above you failed in the training. When you stopped the Bible study and you trusted them to say their own prayers, when you marry and not consult who was to be the Father or Mother you have yoked to come upon yourself.

When you hear MY voice say, “Separate,” MY mercy has been thrown back in MY face and then you must separate from that which seeks to steal your soul! If this is not done willingly as a stand for Holiness then I will do what I have demonstrated here and in many other ways, it will be YAHUVEH’s hand that will rip you out of the enemies unequally yoked bondages. I will no longer share MY Servants, Children and MY Bride with satan! For if you have heard MY voice say, “Depart from this worker of inequity” and you harden your hearts and say, “But this is my friend, this is my husband, this is my wife, this is my child, this is my church, this is my job,” and if you do not obey I grieve for what I must do.

You who are unequally yoked I say unto you this day. LISTEN CLOSELY! Incline your ears to every word I say. Oh, there are so many marriages that I have not ordained. There are so many marriages and in MY eyes I tell you this, I cannot bear the stain of the sin that covers MY Bride for they are the ones that have done this. I tell you this, listen close to what I am about to say.

I speak unto the heathen that they are married to, who cover them with every kind of perversion, evil, guilt, and sin. LET MY BRIDE GO! You have contaminated her with SEXUAL SIN! You are out there whoring and then you come to her. I tell you this; you husbands who have been led astray. I tell you this, those who have husbands who have gone a whoring. Satan seeks to contaminate MY Bride, that which is suppose to be Spotless and White and I tell you this right now. I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE! I tell you this right now; I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS ANYMORE! I am taking MY Sword and I am dividing marriages. Those who are Godly will stand; those which are not will fall. I am not in DIVORCE it is only more bondage.

I come to set MY Children free and that is what exactly it’s going to be. Oh, you who claim to be MINE and are married to Godly women, and yet you surf the internet for sin and porn. You contaminate your eyes, and you commit adultery with your spirit and soul and yet you think no one is going to know. Well, I’ve got news for you and believe ME I am telling you and it’s true for I am a GOD that cannot lie for this sin if you don’t repent, YOU ARE GOING TO DIE for you have contaminated MY BRIDE! Marriage is meant to be holy. Don’t you understand? Marriage is meant to be holy. It is between a woman and a man. The marriage bed is meant to be HOLY for it represents the ONENESS in ME.

For when you are together, truly Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul then you are one with ME and the Holy Trinity. But how can you be one with one that goes whoring around? How can you be one whose mind thinks of every kind of sin? How can you be one that hates MY very NAME? Oh, I tell you this and I am going to make it very plain. I will no longer tolerate MY Bride being contaminated by sexual sin. I will no longer tolerate this and you better take these words seriously, for you see, I am not a GOD that can be mocked and you know MY very voice and I tell you this, be you the husband or the wife, you are not betraying them you are betraying YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! Especially you so called Christian husbands who claim to be MINE and yet MY Spirit you cannot hear and your spiritual eyes are blind. You have not just betrayed that husband and you have not just betrayed that wife. I tell you this, once again you have betrayed YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! I am going to hold you up to open SHAME! It was the beginning when this President of this nation went before the people and said, “Although I have done wrong, it’s none of your business” and the people agreed.

Well, I tell you this, this day. It is the Lord GOD ALMIGHTY’S business for I warn you this day. Church of the pretenders listen closely to what I say. Even if you pretend to be MINE, even if you pretend like the leader of this nation pretends to be MINE I will hold you up to OPEN SHAME as I have done this leader and I will do it again. You who claim to be MINE, you sneak behind the spouses back and you go into adulterous relationships and sexual sin and lust, you have no lack. But I tell you this when you’re in the very act of adultery the very next time, remember this, the very breath you breathe, the very next heartbeat is MINE, you won’t know what day or time. I am going to let the spouse know exactly what you’re all about. The world is going to shake their head and they’re not going to understand why PROSTATE CANCER is so prevalent in man. But I am going to show exactly what I think of sex sin and I am going to show and you have been warned this day that you are held accountable for what you now know.

You had better REPENT and fall on your face and knees and you had better REPENT not only before your Almighty Lord YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH and I will forgive you today, but then you must confess to the spouse you have offended and betrayed. For I tell you this, I am not going to be mocked, no not another day. You may be in the very act of adultery and think you got away with it. But I tell you this; I the Lord GOD will drop you DEAD and you know not when I am going to do it and you will slide on your own SPERM right into HELL! I am telling you this for I am a GOD of mercy, you listen and you listen well. You’re taught, “OH well, I am just a man. I can do whatever I want as long as my wife doesn’t see it then all is well.”

But you forget you have a Heavenly Father even if you’re pretending to be MINE, I know you Oh so well and you so called Christian women who claim to be MINE are NO better. You slip away how many days and you think as long as my husband doesn’t know then everything is all right. But I tell you this day, I am holding you into account and you too know not when I will take your life! You too will be plagued with cancers and there shall be no cure. Take ME at MY Word for these words you know you hear are of MY RUACH ha KODESH and fear has come upon you. For you know who I am speaking to. It’s YOU and YOU and YOU! You can pass all the laws you want, and try and say same sex marriage is holy.

But, OH, these states who pass this law are going to regret it, because I will not be mocked. For the institution of marriage was set up to be Holy! It symbolizes the unity of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. We are one and when you marry, you are one. If you marry a heathen there is always going to be a struggle whether it’s lightness trying to take over darkness, or darkness trying to take over lightness. But I have heard the cries of MY children who are in unequally yoked bondage and I am telling you this day, through this Prophet Sherrie Elijah, I am speaking it forth in a mighty way!

I AM going to require the life of the one that continues to contaminate MY Bride OF YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH! MY Children, those that truly know ME you are to live in this world yet not become like this world. Be ye Holy as I am Holy, live Holy, talk Holy, think Holy and act HOLY! Separate from all that is unholy. Unholiness should have no place in thee. Children pray in the NAME of YAHUSHUA for I will set you FREE. Then have faith it is done and just believe.

I spoke to her in her dream and told her to tell you this; the time has come when it is dangerous to live in the same dwelling as the unbelievers. For spouses shall betray one another, children shall betray the parents and so on. You who have been unequally yokedand yet manage to live together with both serving different Gods although the unbeliever may claim to believe in a God, it is not the GOD you serve and worship and put first. Pray now for a way of escape before you are delivered up to be a sacrifice. For those who have no way of escape and yet have prayed for a way of escape I will make a way of escape for you. I understand, only speak it in prayer and I will do what I have not done before I will crash the wall of Jericho down for you and the unbeliever shall be no longer a hindrance to you in worshipping and serving ME. You will truly be able to say, “As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!”

Many of you I have provided a way out financially and yet you have not moved when I said, ‘FLEE NOW!’ Many of you have places to go and yet choose to remain with the unbelievers. You have made your bed and will lie in it. I grieve for this. Many of you have begged and wept for a way of escape and have found none. These are the ones I will deliver in ways they think not. Not one tear that you have shed at the wickedness that surrounds you in your home, through another in your home, through your spouses or children have gone unnoticed. All the tears are stored up and I will wipe away your tears and bless you in ways you have never deemed possible. AM I NOT YOUR PASSOVER? Did I not say in MY Holy Words, “What does Lightness have to do with Darkness?” MY child there will either be darkness or Light there can not be both. Where lightness is I dwell, where darkness dwells satan dwells. Speak up now and prove to ME which GOD YOU SERVE! As you have been patient so have I been patient but now the time is drawing close and the year is coming close to the end and if you do not listen now next year you will pray you can obey ME and depart from workers of inequity, again for multitudes it will be too late.

The unbelievers will offer you up as a sacrifice and I forewarn you now of what is to come. I ordered MY prophet of old as stated in the Holy Scriptures to command MY priests to divorce from the heathen who worship other Gods did I not? The priests had children by these heathen women and yet I did not decree these marriages. You have seen a house divided against itself cannot stand. As it was then, so it will be again. The priests resisted and I had MY prophet slap their faces and pull their beards. Do you want ME to do this again? Only this time it won’t be a prophet but ALMIGHTY GOD “I AM” who does this and far worse! Despair not MY children; those who desire to be free and yet know not how to do this.

I know who of you are able to do this, and who are not able to do this, I will deliver those who have been unable but they must speak it to ME, pray to ME and put ME first, daring to offend where they had not offended before! MY people must not fear the unbeliever, the scoffer, the mocker, for although this world deems you as one, I have never decreed you are one with the unbeliever. I will deliver as I delivered Joshua at Jericho once again. Believe with not only your mind but with your Spirit. Do a Jericho march around that which you want MY hand to deliver you from. Pray and I will show you MY deliverance. AS I DID IT BEFORE I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

MY Handmaiden speaking forth this word has paid the price for the anointing to speak forth this Prophetic message to set the captives free in the NAME of YAHUSHUA! Only I know the price she pays and those that will rise up against her, for satan will be forced to loose multitudes in unequally yoked marriages and households.

I have watched the tares, and the wheat grow side by side, and now the time is upon this world where MY angels shall shortly pluck out the tares, and burn them, where they will burn for eternity first in hell, and then in the Lake of Fire. MY eyes always are on guard, for I jealously love, and protect MY sheep, and lambs. Beware you who are unequally yoked, for your own spouses are wolves in disguise. A marriage not ordained by YAHUVEH will not stand in these evil days ahead, evil days for the evil ones.

I’M Angry, but not at those who can hear MY voice. I’M Angry at those who refuse to hear. For hell was not created for a human. Not even the Lake of Fire was created for a human. I sent a redeemer, MY own Son, to keep you out of these places. I gave MY Son, for I love you so much. I redeemed what the first Adam had done and yet how many of you are Hell bent! How many of you are afraid to witness to your family? How many of you live in houses unequally yoked with a spouse that hates MY very NAME? With a spouse that hates all that is Holy? And yet they say, “I am doing this for YAHUVEH’s and YAHUSHUA’s NAME.”

You do not honor ME. In fact you dishonor ME. For Jacob I loved and Esau I hated. Ohhh, how I want to shout this, should I not hate those that hate and despise all that is holy? Should I not hate those that blaspheme MY RUACH ha KODESH? What fellowship does YAHUSHUA have with liars, with Beelzebub’s? What fellowship can lightness have with darkness, yet you insist in staying in these marriages that are not a marriage in MY eyes. It is a bondage that I despise, for I never joined them together and yet you think you’ve done ME a favor and all you’ve done is grieve MY soul. As the children are raised in heathen homes, and I’ve told you a house divided cannot stand and the spouse cries out to ME, “Deliver ME!” Oh, if they only would have listened all along. If only they would have realized I divided long ago.

I don’t tell the women who I have anointed like in the book of Joel 2:25-28 to disobey MY commandments even if it is the woman’s husband saying to submit to him. The instruction to the wife that says, “Wives submit yourself to your husband in everything” is not meant for those that are unequally yoked with unbelievers. MY Word has been twisted to force a woman to conform into a heathen’s image when it is used by a heathen husband. I use MY Daughter now to speak forth this truth so it will set you free. Multitudes of women are struggling with this but the truth is you chose that mate with your flesh and husbands who have mates that reject Holiness and the salvation of YAHUSHUA you choose that wife, for I did not and would not yoke a believer and non believer of YAHUSHUA together, but I will allow you and did allow you to make the choices. I put you in remembrance of Nehemiah and Ezra. (Ezra 9:1-4) (Nehemiah 13: 23-30) The Jews were not allowed to take heathens for a wife. MY Children grafted into the branch of YAHUSHUA although you may not be Jewish biologically, spiritually you are just as much a Jew. These Hebrew laws apply to you also.

If a husband is not following YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA in Holiness, and truth and insisting that the wife disobey the Torah which includes all ten commandments, and hinder MY Anointed women from putting YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA’s will, first in their lives, I, YAHUVEH do not call these marriages equally yoked and I, YAHUVEH will divide a marriage where a man refuses to allow the wife or the husband to be all I have called and chosen them to be. I will do what the husband or wife has prayed unceasingly and in faith for. If they are obedient and Holy I will not allow anything nor anyone to come between I, YAHUVEH Father and Creator and YAHUSHUA the MESSIAH.

If a husband or wife is not interfering with the way a husband or wife worships their Creator and Messiah in truth and obedience, and has an open mind to salvation, I will have more tolerance and patience with him or her. The wife shall still be like unto a Deborah of old and I shall use her mightily as she intercedes for her husband as long as he does not harm her in anyway nor forbid her from obeying MY commands and the calling I, YAHUVEH, have placed on her life. I speak forth, together you shall do spiritual warfare to pray, and intercede for the nations and people of all races, kindred’s and tongues to accomplish that which I have sent you forth with the reminder that many are called and few chosen depending on how much you want to grow spiritually. Herein lies your choices. Will you love and obey the ways of this world? Or will you obey ME, YAHUVEH, and MY Son YAHUSHUA? It is your choice. Before the foundation of this world, I, YAHUVEH already knew whose name is found in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Now I have warned you about unequally yoked marriages, but you insist on hanging onto that mate. Knowing that MY very NAME and the NAME of YAHUSHUA they abhor despise and hate. So hang onto your mates. Do what I have forbidden you to do. You do not yet see MY Children that I have the best waiting for you. That which I have not joined together, that who’s name is not found in the Lambs Book of Life. That which you still claim to be your husband or your wife, they will sell you to the highest bidder in the coming evil times ahead. That will be MY Children that will not realize they were wrong until they lost their heads.

Those who are in unequally yoked marriages that I never yoked, it’s like it is a rope around their neck and you are being hung, but when I come to cut the rope you say, “No, no let me hang.” Away from ME you disobedient so-called Bride. You are a Bride no more. In your eyes you call yourself a Bride, in your prayers you claim to be a Bride, but I test your obedience for I know your heart. I know who you love the most.

Some of you have your greatest battles in your own homes. You can get along with your spouse in every way except when it comes to the Truth of what I say. This is your test. This is your trial. Who will you love more? Who do you desire to please more? Who will you obey? Will you listen to the words they say? Or will you obey the Words that I say? What is the price of your soul? For if you cannot make this decision now, I guarantee you, you will not make the right decision in the Great Tribulation to come. This is your soul. What woman, what man is worth your soul? I gave MY Body and MY Blood. I arose again from the dead for all to see that satan did not have victory over ME. So you?d no longer be unequally yoked.

Who are you going to fear, saith YAHUVEH? MY Beloved Son …….. , who do you fear more? Who do you fear of offending, of disobeying?

You are being tested. (Exodus 20:20, Zechariah 13:9) There is not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, not one, of the Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH that is not being tested right now to see who they obey, to see who they fear offending. It better be I. It better be I. It better be I, YAHUVEH. It better be YAHUSHUA, your MASHIACH. For did HE not set the example? That HE refused to disobey YAHUVEH. HE refused to disobey HIS Heavenly FATHER.

The time is so short. I’ve been weeding them out one by one. There’s no more free rides. I told you I am on a countdown of MY patience. Why do you think I keep asking you, “Are you counting down the Omer?” (Leviticus 23:15-16) If you cannot hear ME now, how will you hear ME then? This Ministry has the anointing to give the desire to the people whose names are written in the LAMB’S Book of Life to hear MY voice, to do MY will, for you are an example unto them. What will you do …….? I already know.

It would be so easy for ME ………. to do it the easy way for you but how would you have passed your test? How would you prove obedience? How would you prove who you love more? This goes for all the men right now. And all the women right now who are in unequally yoked marriages. It was not by MY hand they were put together. What will you do when the time of the Great Tribulation comes and if you are not found worthy to be called MY Bride, if you are not found worthy to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA? For remember whatever is YAHUSHUA’S is MINE. And whatever is MINE is MY SON YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S. What will you do when you are left behind? Will it be worth it? For the very ones that you have yoked yourself to will be the very ones that will betray you. What will you do? You think it’s hard now? You don’t have a clue. At that time husbands shall betray wives and wives shall betray husbands. Children shall betray parents and parents shall betray children. There will be no loyalty. The only family that will count will be the family in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. These are the only ones you will be able to trust. Even when you meet a stranger, you will recognize who they are. It will be evident for all to see.

So …….. and …….. , and the other men that Niko is ministering to, I am not going to cancel your tests. That’s what you want ME to do. All are tested. Does not MY Word say, “The trials of your faith are more precious than gold.” (1 Peter 1:7) The one I speak through now, these five that represent the Five Wise Virgins, all have been tested. Adam walked away from that which he called his home for many, many years. He walked away from a lucrative job and oh how long he waited for it to become union, yet I told him to walk away. Joainneyah, she had to leave her biological family, her own child from her loins. All of you, all of you, all of you, the mother’s heart that comes before ME so battered and broken and bruised. You miss your children but you laid them on the altar of sacrifice and that goes for you too Niko and you said, “Do with them as YOU will for they are not my children, they are YOURS.” So I raise you up spiritual children that cry to you like a Momma and a Daddy and they desire your mentorship and they desire your love. They want to obey ME and I tell you to lead them and to guide them. And I am about ready to give you a shock, these spiritual children love you more than your biological children could ever love you. They respect you. They honor you. Take none of them for granted. As you have patience with your biological children, have patience with your spiritual children. Do not throw up your hands and say, “I have had enough.”

Dream and Parable

For those called to be the Bride of YAHUSHUA,
that are in Unequally Yoked Marriages
August 12, 2008

Transcribed from audio tape:

This dream was on August 12 and it was after reading what Stephen B. had written (on the YDS forum) and my beloved husband Niko and I knew Stephen did not hear from YAHUVEH, so Niko started working on gathering Prophecies together about what YAH thinks of unequally yoked marriages. And as usual we just wait for a Word to come forth. We already had the Prophetic Words from YAHUVEH so I wasn’t really expecting this dream. When I had this dream I wasn’t going to tell Niko because I thought it was stupid (laughs) and sometimes our most “stupidest” dreams are the deepest dreams.

This time YAHUSHUA gave me a dream that was a parable, my very first parable. (Laughs) “Parables are terrible” if you don’t have (laughs) discernment. Niko gave me a look like you wouldn’t believe, but it’s the truth. I just want to add one more thing, I woke up with the worst head pain right in the center of my forehead, where I know that the seal is, the seal for the Bride. My son saw it before, when I was first ordained as an Apostle. I didn’t know what it was then. Now I do. And it was that horrible, horrible pressure pain. But the miracle part was when I started telling Niko the dream, when I felt led, and I kept hearing, “You’ve got to tell Niko the dream.” And I thought, “No, he’s not in a good mood. I don’t think so.” But (chuckles) as I obeyed and I did tell him by the time I spoke the whole dream, the pressure in my head was gone and not only that, I had discernment. This is for all those in dangerous unequally yoked marriages, we have 5 men right now, like the “5 Wise Virgins”, plus we’ve got K of course but we’re talking about the men right now and all of them are spiritually unequally yoked and all of them are not to be in these unequally yoked marriages as YAHUVEH has decreed. These men are going to prove who they love the most, whether it be their rebellious heathen wives, those that want to walk in rebellion, or whether it be their Beloved YAHUSHUA our MASHIACH. Some of these men have already made their decision for YAHUSHUA, PRAISE YAHUSHUA!

Here’s the dream. Boy I hope I can do this. I need help in remembering because so many things have been coming at us, like an onslaught, like an avalance. Ugh?.OK.


I was engaged to be married to a man and the man wasn’t very nice to me. There was a set date for the marriage and I was supposed to be out buying my things that a “Bride-to-be” buys and it was going to be a big, beautiful, fancy wedding but the man who I thought YAHUVEH wanted me to marry, that was the only reason I was going to marry this man was because I thought YAHUVEH wanted me to marry him. And he knew I thought YAHUVEH wanted me to marry him. So he got in this great big huge fight with me on purpose to delay the wedding, so I could not prepare for the wedding or buy my wedding garment. And he knew that any time he wanted to he could manipulate me and say, “The wedding is back on.” But he wanted me to make sure that I do not get all the blessings that a bride would prepare and buy before hand when she plans her big wedding. I was very, very depressed and very unhappy because I didn’t want to marry this man but I thought I was being forced to because of what YAHUVEH wanted.

In between this, I saw Kathrynyah, in my dream. Kathrynyah also was engaged to be married and she was with her Bridegroom. I just knew that she kept popping in and out of the room that I was in and she would say just one thing, “Oops! Gotta’ go shopping!” And she was laughing, happy and rejoicing that she has a loving generous bridegroom. I looked at her sadly each time she did this and I’m thinking, “That should be me! I should be able to go shopping for my wedding!” But instead I was engaged to this evil man. I’m going to call him evil now because I didn’t like him at all. He was controlling and very manipulative and my family felt sorry for me and they kept saying, “Don’t worry. He’ll say the marriage is back on again. It’s just his timing.”

In the meantime there’s another man. He wanted to be my Bridegroom. He loved me so much. He said, “There’s not anything I won’t give you. I don’t want you to be unhappy. I don’t want you to be miserably married. Come marry me instead. I won’t insult you. I won’t abuse you. I won’t be cheap with you. I won’t manipulate you.” And I did, I loved this other man, but because I thought I had made a vow to YAHUVEH, and HE wanted me to marry the mean guy, I was confused and I was torn and I didn’t know what to do.

So the ending of the dream is?the mean bridegroom was laughing at me and he was saying, “Yeah, well, you could be with the other guy you know.” I looked at him and I said, “You know that I really believe that YAHUVEH had told me to marry you.” He just laughed at me because he knew he was in control of the situation. Everything was going to be his way. And basically it would be if I would marry him I was doomed to be miserably married. Then the telephone rang and I woke up with a horrible pain in my head until I spoke this dream.

End of Dream

When I first started telling Niko I didn’t have a clue what the dream meant. Niko kept saying, “I’m not cheap am I?” I said, “Well, in the beginning of our marriage you were but you’re not any more.”

Niko: “Erase that off the tape?”

Elisabeth: (Chuckling) I got comments from the “Peanut Gallery” over here. He’s so precious. But he is, he’s a wonderful husband and he kept thinking that he was the mean one so I didn’t know what to say. I said, “Don’t worry honey I didn’t want to tell you. I know you’re not my mean bridegroom. This has got to have a spiritual meaning.

All of a sudden YAHUSHUA said, “I have given you a parable in the dream. It’s the ‘5 Wise Virgins’, and it pertains to the Bride”. And I’m like, “Yeah! Whoa! I now got the meaning”, so here goes. And some of you will even get more of a meaning.

Dream Interpretation:

There are part of the Bride, both male and female, some who are miserably married. They are miserably married and they have put up with the insults, put up with the manipulation, they have put up with the control because they made a vow a long time ago and they think YAHUVEH told them to do it. But YAHUVEH didn’t. And then there are those who are not miserably married yet they are in a spiritually unequally yoked marriages. That is the whole key to all of this. YAHUVEH did not put them in this marriage it was their own flesh. YAHUVEH wants you to be free. Kathrynyah is in the dream. She already knows she can go shopping. She has access to everything in Heaven and nothing is her Bridegroom withholding from her. Kathrynyah is in this position because she has divorced her spiritually unequally yoked husband in March of this year. This is why she is getting ready for her marriage to YAHUSHUA, our MASHIACH.

In the dream I have somebody who loves me very, very much. As the Ringmaiden I have to play both sides of the party I guess, those of the miserably married ones and those of the Bridegroom. And I have someone who loves me very, very much and HE wants to give me everything. HE wants to give me all access to Heaven. HE wants to call me HIS Bride. But in the dream I’m torn. In reality I’m not torn. I just want to put that on record. In the dream I have to show the other side of those who are torn in these unequally yoked marriages.

The main message of the dream is you’ve got a choice, you can stay in your miserable marriages, thinking you’re pleasing YAHUVEH when you’re not, for a vow you made a long time ago. Or you can be the Bride of YAHUSHUA, our MASHIACH, who wants to give you a life of happiness and all access to Heaven. One of the blessings is you won’t have to go through the Great Tribulation if your Rev. 14 Bride. HE loves you so very, very, very much, just as HE loves me in the dream. I’ve made my choice. I gave up my miserable marriage of many, many years, thinking I had to keep a vow to a GOD I didn’t even know back then. And now I’m very happily married not only on this earth but I belong to YAHUSHUA who is my BRIDEGROOM, my first BRIDEGROOM. And like Niko said, “It’s no coincidence we have five men right now who are making this decision and some have chosen YAHUSHUA over their heathen wives,” and all of them made earthly vows. So that is the meaning. That is the parable of the dream. If others get more out of it let me know but it wasn’t a foolish dream. It was a dream to set people free. And it’s not even just for the Bride, it’s for all those who love YAHUSHUA. HE does not want people who belong to HIM to be miserably married. That is not what marriage is about.

I remember a long time ago HE told me, HE said, “Elisabeth, if you think there’s a reward waiting for you in Heaven because you stayed miserably married, you’re wrong.” That’s what HE told me. I guess I did think I was going to get a reward for staying miserably married but when HE tells you to leave, you leave, because if you don’t, then you’ve chosen that miserable marriage. (Read Elisabeth’s Testimony)

Niko: You won’t be married to YAHUSHUA if you are called to be HIS Bride and you choose to stay in an unequally yoked marriage, this is the bottom line.

Elisabeth: That’s just the harsh reality. The Bride of YAHUSHUA, when they’re told to split, they have to split. And that’s that heathen husband or wife’s choice because the time is now dangerous to be in an unequally yoked household. They’ll be the ones that turn you in and Niko and I also got this revelation, we always thought that the danger would be during the Great Tribulation. We no longer believe that. We’re seeing YAHUSHUA use the dividing sword so many times. You’re not doing HIM any favor by seeing you cry and be miserable and insulted and manipulated and controlled, constantly having to choose, being forced to compromise or you can’t live with that spouse. So this is the meaning of the dream and I look forward to seeing what others say. The new parable of the Five Wise Virgins, get out of these miserable marriages while you can before it’s too late and will cost you your life.

Niko: It’ll cost you being the Bride of YAHUSHUA.

Elisabeth: It’ll cost you being the Bride.

Niko: That’s the most important thing. You can’t be married to YAHUSHUA if you stay in this heathen marriage. HE won’t marry you because you’re choosing this other heathen woman or man.

Elisabeth: That’s exactly what it means. It means you love that heathen woman or man more than you do YAHUSHUA. I know what I chose and I pray that whoever listens to this you’ll make the right choice too because our YAHUSHUA, our Beloved MASHIACH, only wants the best for you and not the worst. Over and out!

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Mat 10:32
Then everyone who shall confess Me before men, I will confess him before My Father who is in Heaven.
Mat 10:33
But whoever shall deny Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father in Heaven.
Mat 10:34
Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I did not come to send peace, but a sword.
Mat 10:35
For I have come to set a man against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.
Mat 10:36
And a man’s enemies shall be those of his own household.
Mat 10:37
He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.
Mat 10:38
And he who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.
Mat 10:39
He who finds his life shall lose it. And he who loses his life for My sake shall find it.
Mat 10:40
He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.
Mat 10:41
He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward. And he who receives a just one in the name of a just one will receive a just one’s reward.
Mat 10:42
And whoever shall give to one of these little ones a cup of cold water to drink, only in the name of a disciple, truly I say to you, He shall in no way lose his reward.

Neh 13:23
At that time I also discovered that many of the Jewish men had married women from Ashdod, Ammon, and Moab.
Neh 13:24
Half of their children spoke the language of Ashdod or some other language and didn’t know how to speak our language.
Neh 13:25
I reprimanded the men, called down curses on them, beat them, and pulled out their hair. Then I made them take an oath in God’s name that never again would they or their children intermarry with foreigners.
Neh 13:26
I told them, “It was foreign women that made King Solomon sin. Here was a man who was greater than any of the kings of other nations. God loved him and made him king over all of Israel, and yet he fell into this sin.
Neh 13:27
Are we then to follow your example and disobey our God by marrying foreign women?”
Neh 13:28
Joiada was the son of Eliashib the High Priest, but one of Joiada’s sons married the daughter of Sanballat, from the town of Beth Horon, so I made Joiada leave Jerusalem.
Neh 13:29
Remember, God, how those people defiled both the office of priest and the covenant you made with the priests and the Levites.
Neh 13:30
I purified the people from everything foreign; I prepared regulations for the priests and the Levites so that all of them would know their duties;
Neh 13:31
I arranged for the wood used for burning the offerings to be brought at the proper times, and for the people to bring their offerings of the first grain and the first fruits that ripened. Remember all this, O God, and give me credit for it.

Apostle Elisabeth (Elisheva) Elijah