STAND UP for “THE TRUTH” & SPEAK UP, says YAH! (AMW Prophecy 71, 90 & 95 Excerpts)



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We need to speak up! / So called pastors

Judge Roy Moore (Chief Justice, U.S.A)

Prophecy 71:

You who have denied, removed MY Ten Commandments also called the Torah, you stood by and watched without protest as a tablet of stone was removed in Alabama without lifting up a prayer of protest or weeping and wailing or helping Judge Roy Moore in anyway. I tell you this; YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW ME! I have allowed this test as I told this Handmaiden and partners of this ministry to fulfill this prophecy in Ezekiel 9. How few protested and protest even now. Where are the millions around the world who should be protecting MY Commandments, only a remnant has done so.

Your political leaders pass laws defying I, YAHUVEH, once again. Even as this is written they debate when to strike out the word GOD from your currency, pledge, and rewrite the constitution, while stripping MY 10 commandments from public view. All those who have done this or not protested or not prayed and wept against this, know this, you have been tested as in Ezekiel 9. I, YAHUVEH wrote the Ten Commandments in a tablet of stone, now your hearts are hardened like unto a stone. You were a rebel before the foundation of the earth and you have not changed. All those who don’t weep and protest against abortion, you are a rebel also and have not changed. And can only change depending on the choice you made in the battle good vs. evil before the foundation of the world.

Prophecy 90:

Where were the Holy Children in America and around the world, when Judge Roy Moore was out numbered by the heathen and the American Government? He fought to keep a stone monument that he had designed and erected in honor of YAHUVEH and displaying the Ten Commandments? A Judge is to stand for righteousness and truth. Judge Roy Moore, Heaven promoted you with that title and no one can take it away from you. You are honored in Heaven for what you did on Aug. 27th 2003 in Alabama. Every tear you shed is recorded in heaven and came as a sweet fragrance to YAHUVEH’s nostrils because of your love and loyalty to HIM and YAHUSHUA. Those who set themselves up as Judge and jury over you, and the corrupt Judge, who took away your promotion given to you by Heaven of Supreme Chief Justice of Alabama, will taste what it is like to swim in the Lake of Fire. All who took part will stand before YAHUVEH, the JUDGE of ALL CREATION!

For all the people who did pray and intercede and encourage this man, and wept with him, and grieved with him, your tears are also recorded in Heaven. He sacrificed everything because he refused to compromise the truth. Why did not every church around this world, especially in Alabama and the so called Bible belt support this man and protest with him? I will tell you why, “You feared you would be attacked also.” You let your brother in YAHUSHUA be out numbered by the heathens. You made excuses and said, “Well he did break the law and not remove the monument when he was told to do so.” Howdare you! You were tested and you failed the test. How many storms, droughts, heat waves and floods, will it take to wake you up and fight for what you know is Holy and right. Just wait until YAHUVEH stomps HIS foot and your earth quakes in fear. Just wait until famine, pestilence and disease cover your states and you will pray and ask why?

Holy Ones encourage him; do not forget the price he has paid. He did what so few of you do and that is to stand up against the crowd and speak out against what you know is evil. Homosexuality is running rampant. Children are being brain washed at the age of Pre Schoolers to think homosexuality and same sex marriage is normal. What a stench in the nostrils of YAHUVEH the judicial and political systems have become. The churches of Babylon embrace and encourage their congregation not to speak out against sin or sinners. The organized Churches have that which YAHUVEH calls an abomination, standing behind the pulpits and call themselves preachers. The few Holy remnant in these Churches are chased away, or rejected and insulted. The Pastors lie to the congregation and say, “Any day can be a Sabbath” and continue with the manmade Sunday. They will very soon weep for what they shall reap for teaching and doing this.

Prophecy 95:

John McCain is the son of Cain. I said it once, I’ll say it again. Hillary Clinton, your soul is as black as black can get. There is no lesser of evil running for president. All of you are evil in MY eyes. And the only hope there was, the media will not even give attention. You see I always have a people and they are the hidden ones. Oh how few Judge Roy Moores I have for they will not speak out like he does. America, oh how different it would have been if the one you call Judge Roy Moore, your president he would have been but there’s no desire anymore for morality or Holiness and it goes from one nation to the next!