Holy Prophecies against Racism & Anti-Semitism (AMW)


The following is copied from Amightywind Ministry website. As it is crucial, I am led to share it as it is be circulated. The link is as follows: https://blogs.amightywind.com/prophecies-against-racism-anti-semitism/


Prophecies against Racism & Anti-Semitism

What is race? GOD has something to say about it—the GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob and CREATOR of the human race.


Full Prophecy excerpts are below, but for the rest of this snapshot list, click this link—a summary of End Time Prophetic Words against racism. [work in progress]

  • Civil war is coming to America (1)
  • GOD calls HIMSELF, “ALL RACES IN ONE”(1) and demands Holiness, even thoughtsof racism are sin (4)
  • As Hitler did before, various groups will be targeted for forced abortions—as acts of genocide (6), and others will be targeted for other forms of genocide, whether by race, age (elderly and unborn) or religion(Jews & Christians etc.) etc (6)
  • Too many Christians are in truth anti-Semitic as they throw out the Jewishness of their MESSIAH, and boast they are not Jews (67)
  • We were all created uniquely, and not meant to all look alike (107)
  • Those who teach there will be no Blacksin Heaven, shall feel the deepest level of hell (107)

We use GOD’S Hebrew Names.

YAH = GOD’S Holy, Sacred Name. (“Hallelu YAH” means “praise YAH” {GOD})

FATHER = YAHUVEH i.e. YAHWEH (roughly means “HE-will-create”) SON = YAHUSHUA (means “YAH saves” or “YAH’S-saving-cry”) In Hebrew, MESSIAH isMASHIACH, and GOD is ELOHIM.

“SH’KHINYAH GLORY” is the Personal Name of RUACH HA KODESH, in English called “the HOLY SPIRIT.”(HaSh’khinah {Shekinah} is Hebrew for GOD’S Abiding, Divine Presence. ABBA YAH means “FATHER YAH” &IMMA YAH means “MOTHER YAH.” (For GOD the FATHER & HOLY SPIRIT are as HEAVENLY PARENTS.)


Click titles for the rest of each Prophecy given to Prophet Elisabeth Elijah.

Prophecy 1 Judgment Starts At The House Of YAHUVEH!December 31, 1996

I AM still a GOD WHO demands Holiness from MY Children. I AM not speaking of outward appearances. This is vanity and man-made holiness. True Holiness comes from within. There is coming and has already begun a civil war to America.

But there better not be a civil war in MY churches. They had better not be prejudiced! Whether it be outward appearance or race! For when MY Children see each other, they had better only see RED! MY Blood! Stop dividing your churches by colors [of skin]!

I see no color. I AM ALL RACES IN ONE. Stop judging one another by outward appearance. For where the spirit of prejudice is, MY RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT) will not stay, will not dwell. Instead, evil spirits will be allowed in. You have been warned.


I choose to use this vessel because she thinks she is the weakest of the lot! But I say once again, I will use the humble and meek, those who no one thinks I will use! For MY power shows up best in weak people!

Others know it is not of them and they don’t boast. For they know it is only MY Anointing that breaks every yoke —fetter, chain, shackle and bondage.

It is not by your might nor power but by MY SPIRIT (Zech 4:6).

Thus saith YAHUSHUA!

I chose to come as a babe, the weakest of all, to prove—don’t look on the outward! Look on the inward! The Anointing knows no gender, race or age!

Prophecy 2 MY Wrath Is As Great As MY Love! January 8, 1997

[Apostle, Prophet Elisabeth writing under the anointing:]

The year 1997 will be a turning point for the churches—those churches that refuse the New Wine (Matt 9:14-17, Mark 2:21-22 & Luke 5:33-39) will be empty or full of occult power. The HOLY SPIRIT [RUACH HA KODESH] will no longer tolerate segregated churches. We are all one and we are to see NO color other than red! We are the people, Blood-washed and cleansed by the saving Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH of Calvary!

Our brothers and sisters, no matter what the race, kindred or tongue, are only those saved, sanctified and filled with the RUACH HA KODESH. We will know them by their fruits and witness with their spirits—satan has tried to make races think they are better. That is pride and YAHUVEH says one of the things HE hates the most is pride (Prov 8:13).

HE is no respecter of persons (Act 10:34-35; Rom 2:11; Deut 1:17; 10:17). HE knows who his children are. And who the children of satan are.

Prophecy 4 Don’t Despair When You Can’t Feel Me By Your Side! MY Wrath Is As Great As MY Love!February 5, 1997

I AM a HOLY GOD and I demand you to be Holy as I AM Holy. I have put MY OWN SPIRIT within you so you know right from wrong—sin is black. It is not gray. Holiness is white and it is no other color.

Some will now allow satan to take that and make a racial connotation out of it. Stop it now! You know what I mean! Only red will wash this sin from your minds, and that [“red”] is the Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH at Calvary. I AM warning now. The reason MY Presence is not being felt as before is because I AM grieving. I AM weeping for what I must do very soon.

Prophecy 6 First I Weep, Then I’M ANGRY!May 1997

I AM speaking forth again out of MY handmaiden to tell you I AM not only weeping for what is to become of the enemies of the Gospel, but I AM weeping for you MY Children. For the way you treat one another is not of MY LOVING SPIRIT at all. Does not MY Word say, ‘By this you shall know them, the love they have one for another’ (Matt 7:16; John 13:35)?

Do you realize it is the enemy that comes at you and says these evil things? To stir up MY warriors to fight amongst themselves and not join in together fighting the enemy, but thinking they can do it all alone!

Does not MY Word say I put a thousand to flight? [“One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the LORD YAHUVEH your GOD, HE it is that fighteth for you, as HE hath promised you” (Josh 23:10, see Josh 23:3; Deut 3:22; 20:4)] How many more demons will be put to flight, if you join together and not against each other (Lev 26:8; Deut 32:30; Is 30:17)?

This is what divided Gideon’s army1—the discord they had for one another. This is what divides many armies. You are in the GREAT “I AM’S” Army. You are the End-Time Battalion I have hand chosen.

Yes the enemy has deceived you, GET OVER IT! I was betrayed by Judas. Do I treat everyone like a Judas? No! I was denied by Peter. Do I deny you? No!

Stop this now! One more time, I choose to speak forth and say the End is in sight. If only you could see how close MY coming is!

Whatever you have been called to do, do it now, with all that I have equipped you with. There are spiritual gifts locked within yourselves that you know not.

You are to stir up one another gifts, not stir up one another’s anger. You are angering ME when you do this. You are not fighting for ME—you are fighting against ME. If you’re not for ME, you’re against ME (Matt 12:30; Luke 11:23). Stop judging one another—by their appearance! How many times must I repeat myself? Why won’t you listen?

Why do you think you’re better than another because of the color of skin or race, outward apparel or appearance?

Do you not yet understand? How long must I strive with you? The enemy divides you even before I can join you together. But don’t think you’re indispensable! For I will raise up other warriors to take your place!

This is your last chance. REPENT!

Prophecy 14 Repent America, The Blood Is On Your Hands!April 10, 1993

Come forth! MY Children who have the SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD within! All those who know and have the Power of the RUACH HA KODESH! Come forth! All those who know you are more than a conqueror in YAHUSHUA’S Name (Rom 8:37)! Come forth! You who know what is right and what is wrong! Come forth! You who understand!

The government—who seeks to give free abortions to the poor and also the majority are “Spanish” or “Black”—will be attempting to commit genocide on those who cannot save themselves.

I created all life. All life is precious in MY sight. Rise up! Speak up! And show the heathen all life is precious—in your sight!

The poor don’t realize the government is doing genocide. It’s cheaper to pay for a baby to be ripped from a mother’s womb—pretending it’s for the mother and baby’s best! Instead the real reason is the government doesn’t want to pay 18 years for that poor mother and child’s expenses. The poor must wake up and realize they are being exploited.

How long before the poor will be forced to have abortions?


How long before the government will force Christians to have abortions?

Never could happen? They already did it to the Jewish people. Hitler almost wiped out an entire race of people—who is next?

What race? What age?

Now they say, “Kill the elderly! They’ve outlived their usefulness. The unborn never lived so what does it matter?”

It matters to ME! The GREAT GOD OF ALL CREATION charge you. Don’t stay the silent majority anymore.

Prophecy 24 Part 1Beware, The Ark Door And Book Of The Gentiles Is Closing!November 15, 1998

The PRICE, MY SON, paid at Calvary was for your salvation! Both Jew & Gentile alike! YAHUSHUA was crucified and tortured—and died and arose again for your sakes! HE paid the RANSOM for your sins.

Both Jew & Gentile! Hear ME!

There is no other SAVIOR, but YAHUSHUA. HE is your SAVIOR, the ONLY WAY of escape from MY wrath that is to come.

MY Children—who I created—who are born Jewish hear ME. You wait for another savior, yet you wait in vain. There is NO other but MY SON YAHUSHUA. The ONE you have been taught to hate is the only ARK OF SAFETY. You cannot love ME and yet hate MY BELOVED SON—YAHUSHUA is the ONE—I sent to Earth to pay the RANSOM for your sins.

This is why Israel—and Jerusalem—knows no peace. Every nation that refuses YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH WILL KNOW NO PEACE!



YAHUSHUA brings a PEACE THAT SURPASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING (Phil 4:9). YAHUSHUA is the PRINCE OF PEACE (Is 9:6). How can you have peace and reject the ONLY PRINCE OF PEACE?

Prophecy 26 Hear ME, Fear ME, Believe ME!January 1, 1999

[A]lthough this handmaiden is of Jewish descent, both mother and father—and I speak this not for her benefit, but for others—it is not whether you are a Jew or a Gentilethat will save you. But rather, have you accepted MY SON YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH?

Have you had a Blood transfusion from YAHUSHUA’S Blood shed at Calvary?

Prophecy 31 Your Passover Dwells Where Your Faith Dwells!March 30, 1999

MY Beloved Jewish People, I sent MY SON as ONE of your own. HE is not a SAVIOR only to the Gentiles but to you, Beloved, also. MY desire is both Jew & Gentile become as ONE in YAHUSHUA.

Why do you wait for another savior? —when I have given you MY BEST! —satan seeks to deceive you with his best.

I send MY Prophets and I AM sending them again to tell you oh [Israel] Beautiful and Wayward Daughter of MINE. Listen to your own Scriptures. Look with new eyes of discernment to your own feasts and celebrations. Do not just love half of ME. Love ALL of ME!


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem so I can bless you. Pray for the nations who the hand of war has been sent against by NATO. Pray, MY people, and grieve for what is being done. Once again MY Holy Days are being defiled by the heathen. I AM not a GOD to be mocked.


YAHUSHUA is both the Jew & Gentiles’ Passover. There was and is no other PERFECT SACRIFICIAL LAMB that can be slain for the remission of sins—washing them away as though they never were—but ONE!


Prophecy 35 Betrayed With A Kiss May 16, 1999

Did I not say in MY Word your worst enemies will be found in your own home (Matt 10:36; Micah 7:6)? Did I not say MY SON YAHUSHUA would divide with a sword (Lk 12:51; Matt 10:34; Heb 4:12)!

Read MY Word. Study MY Word.

The Sword of MY RUACH HA KODESH is the Sword of Truth (Eph 6:17; Heb 4:12; 2 Cor 10:4-5; Rev 19:15; 2 Thes 2:8). And MY enemies seek not to know the truth, but rather believe the lies that are soothing—like a finger in an itching ear or eye (2 Tim 4:3-4).

When MY finger of conviction comes upon the ungodly ones, they seek to instead point that finger of conviction back in your direction. And turn it instead [in]to a finger of accusation—accusing you of prejudice, or insanity, or stupidity! Your enemies accuse you of hate crimes when I have put no spirit of hate in you except [hatred] for satan and ungodliness.

Prophecy 37 Bless And Pray For The Peace Of JerusalemOctober 19, 1999

I AM the ONLY DELIVERER of this world—the ONLY REDEEMER! There is NO other.

So I speak not only to Jerusalem, but to this world.

Get ready for what is to come! You will not survive if you don’t call upon the NAME of YAHUSHUA! Loving just MY FATHER YAHUVEH [alone], is not enough!

HE sacrificed ME—not only for MY Jewish People, but for people of all kindreds [families] and tongues! HE gave HIS ONLY SON to this nation—so you [all] would have a covering for your sins!

All have sinned and all have fallen short of YAHUVEH’S Glory (Rom 3:23)! I and MY FATHER alone are Holy and perfect. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve no human created is without need of a SAVIOR and of MY BLOOD SACRIFICE!

Jerusalem is so blessed—for it was on this soil the only pure Holy, healing resurrecting, delivering, Blood of YAHUSHUA was poured forth! On this ground in Jerusalem!

Why do you think satan hates this land so much? Why do you think this land is fighting for survival since it was birthed? Why do you think it is war torn and every nation on the face of this earth wants to control it?


They pay a price just for carrying the name of Jew and I shall protect this nation called Israel in ways no one has ever dreamed possible. I shall protect anyone with a love for Jerusalem!

Although they deny MY SON YAHUSHUA now, there is coming a time when the Name of YAHUSHUA will again be revered. This is now why the evil tries to pass laws that will forbid the Name even to be spoken under penalty of prison, torture and death—satannow controls the government of this nation and nations around this world.

You are to submit to the governments only as much as they submit to YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA. For the government is [meant to be, is] upon the shoulders of YAHUSHUA!

HE alone paid the price! MY People are to obey the GOD they serve and not man. […]

[A]lthough in this nation [Israel,] the Name of YAHUSHUA is now despised, I shall turn them back to their FIRST LOVE, and then they will realize through their suffering, they and YAHUSHUA are MY Beloved—and MY Beloved is MINE!


I shall send forth this handmaiden I prophesy through now […] Will you be one to help her? Will you be one to hinder her?

Each one reading this should remember if it was not for that tiny nation called Israel, where would your SAVIOR have been birthed, ministered, died and resurrected? It was for your sake [for salvation of people from all nations] and your sake alone Israel pays this price.

For satan hates Jerusalem & Israel with a hatred like none other!—he brings his anti-christ to rule and reign in Jerusalem. Beware! For all those who do not accept the only TRUE LIVING GOD will fall under the power of the evil reign to come. […]

I have a Revelation for the so-called “Gentiles.”

If you are a believer [and you] love, worship and [have] accepted YAHUSHUA as LORD & SAVIOR, you have been grafted in. And YOU ARE JUST AS MUCH OF A JEW AS MY SON YAHUSHUA IS. No longer are there Jew & Gentile. No longer are the feasts called Jewish Feasts and Holy Days—they and the Sabbath are for you also!

I have a Revelation for the full-blooded “Jews.”

Hear ME!

You reject YAHUSHUA for you think HE is [only] for the Gentiles. But YAHUSHUA was born from a Jewish handmaiden and YAHUSHUA is a JEW!

Oh Israel, MY Name is “I AM!” I have blessed you. No longer curse HIM for “I AM” is not half of HIM. WE are ONE!

Those who curse, reject and deny MY BELOVED YAHUSHUA, curse, reject and deny the GREAT GOD “I AM.” For this there is no forgiveness of sin—you have dug your pit in hell you will reside in.

Those who reject MY RUACH HA KODESH—reject both FATHER & SON.

For there is no way one can be saved unless MY RUACH HA KODESH draws you into the loving confirming knowledge that YAHUSHUA alone saves. And to Heaven there is NO other way! No Holier Name!

Prophecy 39 Anointed Holy Eagles, Come Forth! August 10, 2000

Anointed Holy Eagles, you must gather and fast and pray for this world. The unholy vultures seek not one religion as prey, the unholy vultures seek not one nation or country or province. The unholy vultures that gather against you seek to corrupt and control the ENTIRE WORLD.

[…] When one loses their religious freedoms, you all lose it. All will lose their freedom to worship. Now will you care for one another?

[…] satan seeks to go ahead of MY timing—satan seeks to destroy before the time I have set. I will allow this if you do not gather together and pray that you will not become food for the unholy vultures.

Do not let race, creed, tongue or religious beliefs stop you from fighting this beast that comes in the form of an unholy vulture. But is a beast of great proportion. For it is like a fatted beast—and it has been eating little by little at your freedoms in all ways. Until the word “freedom” no longer speaks of freedom, but is bondage in disguise!

The unholy vultures come in this form to mock MY RUACH HA KODESH, which came in the form of a DOVE.

The unholy vultures even poison the air that you breathe and will mark you in ways you least expect, setting you apart from others, for they know who are MY Anointed Holy Eagles and who are the young to the unholy vultures.

Beware your very blood will betray you and will be forced to cry out and identify who you are [i.e. biometrics]. No race or nationality will be kept secret once the blood is forced to cry out. Be cautious of all surgical procedures for your own body [i.e. implanted microchips etc.] will cry out and betray you.

Learn of MY natural medicines and seek the hidden Anointed Holy Eagles I have trained and nurtured and raised for such a time as this. Scoff not at their Wisdom. For it is I, YAHUVEH, WHO has taught them how to save your lives when you can no longer go to the physicians […]

Prophecy 41 Will MY Real Bride Please Stand Up!September 17, 2000

MY Bride has anxiously waited for ME and I’m coming to claim MY Bride. I never see race or religion. Doesn’t matter what your race or what your religion is—I seek relationship with ME and I look for one thing, which is the color red which is MY Shed Blood at Calvary.

So I say again MY Home in Heaven will shortly be your Home. You will be caught up to meet ME in the air to be drawn by MY side while alive. MY feet shall not touch the ground of the wicked world as it is now, so get ready MY Bride to be caught up while you are alive.

Let them scoff and mock, I’m standing at the door and I’ll knock. All they have to do is to open the door of their heart and repent and invite ME in and I AM faithful and I will forgive them of all of their sins (1 Jn 1:9; Heb 8:12).

Prophecy 42 SURRENDER!!! Enemies of Mine Drop Your Weapons! Both Spiritual and Carnal!December 18, 2000

Oh surrender! Thus saith, YAHUVEH! Oh surrender, surrender, surrender.

Again, I say, to the enemies of MINE!

The enemies that circle and surround this anointed Apostolic, Prophetic Ministry—this handmaiden of MINE Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah! The enemies that have surrounded other anointed Apostolic, Prophetic Ministries! I speak it again! All those that surround Israel! All those that surround Jerusalem!

Drop your weapons both spiritual and carnal before I the GREAT ELOHIM “I AM” will cause fire to fall from Heaven and I will totally annihilate and obliterate all of you (Ezekiel 38:23-24).

I the GREAT ELOHIM “I AM”—in MY mercy—warn every nation, every people, everykindred, every tongue!

Prophecy 43 – Part 1 “I AM” GOD THE POTTER, YOU ARE MY CLAY! MY GIFTS ARE NOT FOR SALE!!February 3, 2001

Yes I exhort [encourage] through MY Apostles and Prophets, but I also use them to rebuke and send warnings of Repentance. […]

[T]his is why I AM sending this Handmaiden to wake up MY true Apostles and Prophets and to expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing that seek to silence MY Apostles and Prophets in anyway they can, making MY Apostles and Prophets think if they don’t belong to a certain group or go to school to prophesy or if they don’t speak in proper grammar, then they dare not speak and they are not called.

I call the ‘educated’ & the ‘uneducated’ to speak forth MY Words— in all languages, using all ages.

Everyone who hears MY Words and accepts them will hear what I want them to hear. Certain Words/words will have dual meanings—at least—just as the Bible does! When you read and meditate on it more than once, you will hear something by MY RUACH HA KODESH that you did not hear or see before.

I AM sickened as MY Prophetic Messages are edited to sound correct —according to fleshly education.

WHO is to say what is proper grammar?

Do all Apostles and Prophets only speak one language? Are they all the same age, race or gender? Are they all from the same nation?

NO! I even speak out of the mouth of babes.

Stop trying to put “I AM” in a box! Stop trying to say what I will do—and what “I AM” won’t do. I do what mankind least expects! No man nor woman can really know—the MIND OF “I AM”!

Prophecy 46 Warn The Enemies Once…And If They Don’t Listen, Tell Them To Count The Days Before YAHUVEH’s Wrath Falls!April 20, 2001

[A]ll lukewarm Christians and all enemies of MY true Apostles & Prophets! Although you mock MY Apostles & Prophets, I send you this Prophecy! It is your choice what you do with the Words.

You will be held accountable for calling this a cult—for calling what is good evil and calling what is evil good. For this is not the work of a person’s hands, this is a work of the RUACH HA KODESH (HOLY SPIRIT).

[…] I AM warning you [Barbara Engle] that your mouth is as a open tomb and you have filled in the grave with an abundance of dirt as you shovel out your hatred, anger, gossip, slander, malice, jealousy, envy, racism and anti-christ spirit.

Beware, for you are blaspheming the RUACH HA KODESH.

You have a spirit of religion and not a loving, obedient, relationship, with the ONE you call your SAVIOR, but I don’t even know you as MY Child anymore. You have gone so far astray. You are likened to the Prodigal Son and the world is your pigpen—although you attend church. The church you attend is only a formality and you and others use it as idolatry. That pastor is not the good shepherd. I, YAHUSHUA, AM the only GOOD SHEPHERD & SAVIOR.

I alone have paid that PRICE at Calvary. I will use these Words to warn others although it is your hatred of this Apostolic Handmaiden that has stirred up MY anger—for you say you will destroy her and this Ministry?

You and what army of satan? You cannot destroy what I ALMIGHTY GOD has built.

Beware all enemies of this Apostolic Ministry and other true Apostolic Ministries! For I set this Ministry up as a blessing to the world and not to be a curse. And yet the way you treat this Minister and Ministry is the way I shall minister back onto you!

You have been warned and I always send MY Apostles and Prophets to warn before I send MY Judgment.

I exhort, encourage as well as rebuke and warn to repent only those whose hearts are not as cold as the evil Pharaoh will have ears to hear. When people look at you, do you really think they see YAHUSHUA? You are grieving me, for attendance in church is not going to get you into Heaven and neither how much you tithe, I AM not impressed with your pew warming, your fashion shows, or your cliques.

I AM ALMIGHTY GOD and I have been merciful thus far but you are testing MY patience when you speak against this apostolic handmaiden and disrespect Shandra, who is a mighty woman of GOD and also a Prophet of MINE. You see the child in her and refuse to see the woman of age nineteen. I grieve as I hear the words you say that cuts her to the marrow of her bones. I AM the ONE that hears her weeping as she longs to be loved and appreciated—and yet you think she is for sale? What price tag do you put on her? For she is priceless in MY eyes and, [Elisabeth’s] MY daughter’s eyes.

I raised up MY handmaiden [Elisabeth Sherrie Elijah], and although the color of her skin is different than yours, both of them share MY RUACH HA KODESH—with a desire to love and bless others and lead them to Heaven. This is not about a denomination but about a personal relationship with YAHUSHUA. What kind of relationship do you really have with ME? What kind of faith do you really have in ME?

Prophecy 48 Yisrael, Your Enemies Seek To Make You A Scapegoat!May 29, 2001

Yisrael and MY Children around the world beware, for now the enemies seek and the enemies will use those who worship YAHUVEH in truth as a scapegoat and blame you for atrocities you have not done. Blame you for murders that were done by those that seek to set you up. Your greatest enemies look like you, talk like you and yet have sold you out—just like Judas sold ME out for 30 pieces of silver. Remember Judas, was also a Jew that looked like you—satan seeks to find out what your price is to sell out the ELOHIM you serve.

What is your price? The price of a soul is priceless as is the Kingdom of Heaven.

You have enemies that war against you and yet you don’t even realize even the war coming against you is a political ploy to divert your attention from the real enemies that seek to destroy you and your faith in the ELOHIM you serve. This enemy seeks to destroy the country you live in—although they live in the same country, the same nations—hell will be their next abode.

Famines not of MY making! Droughts not of MY making! All created by man to destroy man! To play “elohim”! Diseased animals that are not of the CREATOR’S making, but rather man created! Not ELOHIM created!

All for the same reason as Judas! For the sake of greed! People are dying worldwide and healthy animals being destroyed!

And no one even questions, “Why?”

It is so the enemies can control your food supply and the cost of it. Starvation in lands that have never known famine and drought—and yet [they] will know famine and drought before the end of this year! You shall hear of atrocities done! “And ELOHIM,” they say, “will be the blame!”

Yet ELOHIM has not done anything to curse MY Beloved Children only bless them—satan and his servants lie to you and make you think HA SHEM ADONAI is deaf to your prayers, and tormented cries! But that is a lie! For your FATHER ELOHIM weeps with you, and will vindicate you and take vengeance on the enemies and deliver all those that dare to believe HE is the same ELOHIM that delivered in Times of Old!

Beware, for now is the time that was foretold when good is spoken of as evil, and evil is spoken of as good. How many will stand up and decree they stand for Holiness. The Scriptures state what Holiness is. Let not man set those standards.

I grieve over what must happen to Yisrael before you repent for rejecting the one and only MESSIAH! For I AM YAHUSHUA. There is no other MESSIAH, that has paid the PRICE I have.

There is another [coming]—[the] false messiah! Beware for he is the son of perdition and will come shortly to deceive you and put you into a greater bondage than the evil Pharaoh, or Herod.

Even Hitler will not be able to compare with the evil antichrist that is to come and that of the false prophet. He comes to you Yisrael to deceive you—first!

I, YAHUSHUA was born in Bethlehem and was tortured for others’ sins. No man killed ME. I willingly laid down MY life for you and died for all who sin. And I arose from death—not in a foreign land but, again, in Jerusalem—on MY Sabbath.

I ascended to Heaven from Jerusalem and I will come again to Jerusalem. I, YAHUSHUA will not plant MY feet atop any mountains other than Mount Olives. I, YAHUSHUA will rule and reign from Jerusalem defeating the evil ones, on the soil of Yisrael. Yisrael, Oh Yisrael do you not understand how much love HaShem ADONAI and I YAHUSHUA, have for you?

We are even raising up Apostles and Prophets around the world to remind you of how much WE love you. How long will you try OUR patience? How much blood must flow before you turn back to Holiness and forsake the prince of darkness? WE are ALL-KNOWING and already know what it will take. And so it must come to pass. For WE know how long will it take before you get back, and forsake the modern-day way of worship—merely with your lips—praying, reciting words with your mouth and not with your heart or spirit?

But I forewarn you now, there is a plot to make you a scapegoat, MY People who only desire peace and yet have never known peace, are already being lied about and slandered and there are those that seek toturn the world against MY tiny nation I call Jerusalem.


Yisrael, Oh Yisrael, you are an apple in MY eye, but right now there are worms in it. Discern the worms and expose them. Beware you shall be regarded as a scapegoat and blamed world wide for destroying what you have tolerated thus far.

The enemy seeks to destroy you so much!

They will destroy what they know they can rebuild. For man’s hands built that dome and the enemies know that man’s hands can and will build that temple again.

But the TEMPLE that cannot be built by man’s hands, is within you. I, HA SHEM ADONAI will raise up and defend Yisrael when it seems all nations are against you. When you admit, your help only comes from Heaven and no other place. When you call upon HA SHEM ADONAI’s NAME in the NAME of YAHUSHUA, I will come and deliver you.


MY SON YAHUSHUA first was sent to the Jews, then the Gentiles. Because you rejected MY BELOVED SON, and threw HIS saving Blood back in HIS face, I sent him to the Gentiles. Now I send HIM back to you again O’ Yisrael. How many will repent and accept YAHUVEH’s gift at Calvary? How many will harden not your hearts and be willing to lay your reputations, religions, down? And yes even the love of your families, as you do what the first commandment teaches, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy ELOHIM with all thy heart” (Deut 4:29; 6:5; 10:12; 30:6; Josh 22:5; Ps 119:2; Jer 29:13; Joel 2:12; Mt 22:37; Mk 12:30; Lk 10:27 ).

And HOW many of you will put the ELOHIM OF YOUR CREATION & SALVATION first in your lives—even if it means having to lay your life down for another, if need be?

How many will have the faith of Joshua? Multitudes are going to reap the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. I will not be mocked. What was sin then, is sin for today.

Prophecy 49 Beware! You Are Like Sheep Being Led To The Slaughter!October 2, 2001

[Elisabeth writing under the Anointing:] Beware! YAHUVEH says we are Sheep being led to the slaughter. Even many of the pastors are setting up the Sheep & Lambs for slaughter. […]

[Prophecy:] Ah, but it has been foretold and already predestined, yet don’t rush MY timing! There is yet time if only all who claim they know “I AM” will not remain silent any longer. This World War [III] can be delayed longer. There will be no other. After this will be a war against Heaven itself!

Pray that you will be on Heavens side and not the side of the anti-messiah.

Prophecy 50 Hear Oh Yisrael! THE POWER! THE POWER! THE POWER! Is In YAHUVEH’s Name!October 8, 2001

Oh! I AM heartbroken. I AM heartbroken. I AM heartbroken. Think that your ELOHIM YAHUVEH cannot be heartbroken? Oh I AM heartbroken. Oh I weep!

I give man a choice. I give them free will! And what do they do? I give them knowledge. Do you not know why I told you not to eat of the fruit of good and evil? It’s because I knew that man would choose to eat of the fruit of good and evil. It’s because I knew that man would choose to eat of the fruit of the bad knowledge.

I give them knowledge and what do they do? They make weapons of warfare to annihilate the human race.

Each one wants to be greater than the other. Each one is not satisfied with what I have given them, and so they want to be just like Cain who slew Abel and kill their own brother. MY Children, MY Children, MY Children! Do not blame ME for what you are doing. For I have given you a free will.

It is you, who chose these leaders. It is you who put them in office. It is you. You did not seek what spirit they were of. You who did not care whether or not they prayed and which god they prayed to! It is you who did not care whether they keep the Commandments and the Torah! It is you who did not care whether they loved Yisrael!


But you America and those that join in the United Nations, I warn you now, don’t come against the apple of MY eye. Although she’s done much wrong, she has done also what is right in MY eyes. The People of Yisrael are as one large family. When you hurt one, you hurt them all. When you kill one, it is like their own family.


I, YAHUVEH, do have an ark for you. All MY Children who trust ME, will hear MY voice clearly. Just believe! And keep asking ME! Do you think that I, YAHUVEH, have brought you thus far to fail you now?

I, YAHUVEH, will not spare Israel because her people are “more holy.” In truth her sin runs just as rampant! The stench rises to Heaven as it does in nations around the world!

Not one nation or people are better than the other.

I, YAHUVEH, will not allow Israel to be destroyed completely for I, YAHUVEH, have made a covenant with Abraham and his seed.

MY Children who are grafted in by the Blood of MY SON YAHUSHUA, do not fear.

I, YAHUVEH, will honor the Blood Covenant that I have with you also. Through the spiritual bloodline of YAHUSHUA, you are Jews also!

Those that refuse YAHUSHUA’s Blood Covenant and say it is because they are Jews, those who reject YAHUSHUA as MY SON and your MESSIAH—be warned! Since you have refused MY gift I, YAHUVEH, gave you at Calvary, then those who only believe and have the faith that keeping the Torah, the Sabbath and the feasts will save them…

I, YAHUVEH, remind you that without a sin sacrifice when you do sin, there is no holy sinless offering and you will be judged, not by YAHUSHUA—but by Moses and the laws of Moses. Woe be unto you when this happens! There is no grace or mercy when Moses will judge at the Day of Judgment. If it was that easy do you think I would have sent MY BELOVED SON YAHUSHUA to suffer and die in your place? All have sinned and fell short of a PERFECT CREATOR.

How much better for MY Children who know they are sinners and yet do the best they can to obey and repent, asking forgiveness in YAHUSHUA’S Name—and know that YAHUSHUA is their BLOOD COVENANT, WHO also was sacrificed for their sins! YAHUSHUA will judge those who have accepted HIM as such, not the law of Moses, nor Moses. YAHUSHUA will judge the heathen who refuse to live Holy lives before ME and refuse the only HOLY SINLESS BLOOD ATONEMENT for sins.


I, YAHUVEH, AM the CREATOR of all mankind. You need not fear what the evil ones will do, for I, YAHUVEH, AM using the simple things, like your prayers, to confound the so-called “wise” of this world.

I, YAHUVEH, AM even able to change your DNA. Did you know that? Yes, if I so choose. I, YAHUVEH, can even change the color of your skin and your eyes. Marvel not.

I, YAHUVEH, AM the CREATOR remember?

I, YAHUVEH, AM able to make you invisible if I, YAHUVEH, so choose. You have no idea what standard I shall raise up against the evil ones.

The very bondages, diseases, and plagues that the evil ones, who are called satan’s children, seek to loose upon you—shall confound them. Multitudes of MY Children will not be harmed. Instead, the evil ones’ own families shall come down with the diseases and the plagues, and they will have no answer as to the reason why.

All they will have to admit is that I, YAHUVEH, did it.

The evil ones strive to protect themselves, and they think themselves wise to even inoculate their own families and loved ones and friends. And yet, I, YAHUVEH, will nullify that protection. To the degree that the evil ones, the pretenders, seek to harm MY Children—that is the degree that the harm will come back upon themselves.

Start praying for this now. There is great power in prayers said to I, YAHUVEH, in the Name of your MESSIAH, MY ONLY BEGOTTEN YAHUSHUA. Pray that I, YAHUVEH, will give you greater spiritual weapons to use against the carnal ones who raise up against MY Beloved Ones who seek MY face and will daily.

Pray that as Elisha saw the mantle fall from Elijah of old, so you shall behold it again. And you shall be endued with even more of the RUACH HA KODESH’S Anointing Power. When this happens, you will not need to be concerned how you will get to a certain nation. When I, YAHUVEH, send you, you will just appear.

Do you think this is strange?

Read your Scriptures and see how many already had the power of translating! And know that the evil ones already use such powers for evil purposes.

Prophecy 57 BEWARE OF THE TROJAN HORSE!June 30, 2002

Arafat is the lesser of two evils. The Palestine leader to come will make Arafat look like a schoolboy. He will be a traitor. He will be a “Judas.” He will be as like unto a Judas. He will betray his own people.

It is only a matter of time that Arafat will be removed. But woe be unto those who applaud the removal of Arafat, for a greater evil will come. To those who rejoice they will mourn. Those that laugh now will be scorned.

Prophecy 58 AMERICA, REPENT OR PERISH! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!September 12, 2001

I have sent these out with the warnings of Jonah and how few listen until I allowed the horror [of September 11th] that befell America today.

MY Children, tell ME this—as you sit transfixed to your televisions and radio’s and watch in horror and shock, wondering why this is happening—what is the differencebetween America suffering the impact of terrorism and Israel suffering terrorism orKosovo or Africa and many other places around the world?

You casually read it in your newspapers, hear it on your radios and televisions, or watch the headlines appear on your computers.

And yet no country feels the pain until I allow you to feel it hit your own countries! Until the death toll is your race, kindred, tongue and your nations! Hypocrites! You weep and wail now only because it is your own nation.

Now will you take seriously when others suffer from wars? […]

Prophecy 60 Hide Yourselves MY Children, For Just A Little While Longer!August 31, 2002

How few of you have bowed your knee to ME to repent for this, for the sins, the sins of the countries you live in. I speak to the world, not just to America, but to the farthest corners and the recesses of this earth—sin is no respecter of a person. The sin is in all the nations, from the smallest country, provinces, cities and towns. Some so small they don’t even have names and yet the sin remains the same.


Get ready MY children but do not be afraid. Incline your ears MY children to every Word I say.

Discern the spirits that speak, for many false prophets have arose and assure you of false words of “prosperity” that will come to a nation, a country or a state that despises and thrown out—from the schools to the government, to the laws—all that I have proclaimed as Holy.

You will see this nation, this country, the cities, the states, the provinces—no matter where they are on the face of this world—come under MY judgment, and come under MY decrees. Vengeance is MINE, I will repay.

MY Babies, Bride, Chosen Ones and Elect! Go and hide yourselves in your houses. Go and bolt your doors. For the time is coming MY children when you will have to hide for a little while. You’ve already anointed your homes. Stand and believe on Psalm 91 that you are sheltered under MY wings!

As the evil ones continue [man’s] inhumanity to man! As they continue to pass the laws that will make it hard for MY children to stand!

[…] Remember, I AM with you always even unto the ends of the earth. Remember, MY Children, even those of you who will die for MY SON’S Namesake—

They can only kill the body. They cannot kill the soul. And you will be with ME in Heaven in your Eternal Home. And when you hear the words, “World War III,” you will see the greatest level of iniquity.

Pray for Israel. Do not forsake Israel. For I love Israel so much. I sent MY SON YAHUSHUA there. HIS Blood was poured into the ground. Do not give up on Israel. For I do have a remnant there.

Prophecy 61 Where Are All My Holy Men That Lift Up Their Holy Hands To ME, YAHUVEH?September 11, 2002

Everything that I said is an abomination, why does this earth now lift up? As if in pride they take the sins of this earth and fling it in MY face. And now dare say, “We are the creators. We will create a new human race“!

Where are all MY Holy men that lift up their holy hands to ME? Why are they not the spiritual head of the households? Why are the wives ruling the marriages? Why are the men cowering in the corners? Again I have to raise up the Deborahs around this world to do the jobs the men are supposed to be doing.

It is the women who know MY Word. Not all, but in so many cases it is the women that say, “This is the true Sabbath day, we will honor it.” It is the women who take the children and raise them up spiritually.

And then you wonder why a home divided fall[s]. You wonder why juvenile delinquency rises. You wonder why your schools are a place even the most hardened criminal would fear. You wonder why the children rule the parents.

It is because MY voices [i.e. the Prophets], you will not hear. MY Voice you will not hear.

MY Good Book is only referred to as “another book.” The laws are referred to as “outdated.”

I observe today, what do MY Children do with the new knowledge that they did not have before. For you are held accountable for what you know. If you did not know that these Holy Feasts were Holy Days unto ME, then you were not held accountable.

But I AM showing you now the High Holy Days, how the Holy Feast Days were good enough for MY SON YAHUSHUA to observe! How much more should you observe them?

Prophecy 63 O’ Israel, Where Is Your Blood Sacrifice?September 16, 2002

Yes, I, YAHUVEH CREATOR OF ALL—CREATOR OF EVEN TIME ITSELF—I weep for I have poured out MY LOVE, poured out MY MERCY, given MY VERY BEST, MY BELOVED SON YAHUSHUA. I, YAHUVEH gave YAHUSHUA, WHO even poured out HIS Blood to redeem the sins of Adam and Eve.

O’ Israel! The Blood of YAHUSHUA still saturates your soil.

Why do you think satan hates you? Why do you think he hates you more than any people or any nation? Because I, YAHUVEH came to you in the flesh through MY SON YAHUSHUA, MY BELOVED SON.


YAHUSHUA’s Blood sacrifice is the only human sacrifice that is Holy enough to wash away the sins of all mankind.

If mankind will but accept and obey this NEW BLOOD COVENANT I gave at Calvary through MY BELOVED SON YAHUSHUA—this is MY promise to MY faithful children who love YAHUSHUA and accept this new Blood Covenant…

As I didn’t leave MY BELOVED SON in the tomb—I raised HIM from the dead and HE ascended into Heaven—so will I do the same for you. All MY Children have to do is receive, believe, love and try your best to obey MY Commandments.

Is this so hard?

Prophecy 65


Get ready. Get ready. Get ready. Get prepared MY Children for the evil times are coming upon you.

I AM not sending forth this nation to go into war. If they want a war, they shall get a war, but it will be MY weapons the weapons of Heaven the arsenal of the weather, the arsenal of the elements.

I shall shake the nations up, those that dare to defy ME and boast in their own strength will see that their strength—has come to naught—is void and is powerless. The leaders of this nation [America] wrestle not against man. The leaders of the United Nations wrestle not against man; instead they wrestle against I, YAHUVEH, the GREAT GOD “I AM.”

They say “I will do it my way and not YAHUVEH’s way.”

Those that hold the power in this world with their inventions think they can control the weather and the elements, but I AM about to confound them as I turn their own weapons against them—their own machines, their own inventions, their own poisons that they seek to give others, they shall drink of themselves. Not even their loved ones will be protected although they said that they will do it,




Trust in the GOD that created you who knows every molecule, every atom, every cell, every one of your DNA and each one of you is individual, but I know each one of you by your GOD given names

Prophecy 67 “Meteor Destruction Coming, Pray For A Delay In Judgment!”December 19, 2002

You who call yourself Christians and yet follow not the ways of MY Son YAHUSHUA in observing even the Holy Times.

You who call yourself Christian, who boast and say, “I’m not a Jew” and yet I said you are grafted in when you follow YAHUSHUA and accept HIM as MESSIAH—loving and putting YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA first in your lives, striving to obey MY laws, knowing you have an intercessor, a SAVIOR in MY SON YAHUSHUA when you do sin—but not purposely grieving the RUACH HA KODESH and [purposely] sinning endangering your very soul.

How few of you remember that you all must work out your own salvation with fear and trembling?

The majority of you who call yourself Christians for the most part are anti-Semitic!

You shun the Hebrew ways, the Torah, the Tanakh and only want to claim the New Testament. You only want to gather together on a man-made Sabbath [Sunday], not on the true Shabbats. How many Christians only want to celebrate man-made pagan holidays and shun the true Hebrew Holy Days? How many of you only use what you call church to pacify me or as a fashion show or a gossip fest. You Christians don’t realize that Pentecost is not found in most of your churches because you have grieved MY HOLY SPIRIT and chased the RUACH HA KODESH out.

You read of the 12 disciples and quote the Jewish scriptures and claim the Bible as your promises—yet you cut yourself off from all that is Hebrew and brag you are not a Jew. You dare to boast how I, YAHUVEH, cut off the natural vine to graft you Gentiles in, so the natural vine would become jealous and yet then you reject the natural vine and reject the things I, YAHUVEH taught them!

You who call yourself Christian allowed Rome to supposedly change the only day I set apart, blessed and sanctified and you say any day will do, to call Sabbath. I didn’t choose any day; I rested on the Seventh Day [Friday sunset to Saturday sunset].


Christians, you will once again be handed over to the Roman Empire. You who call yourself Christians, I shall judge you for you have followed Constantine’s laws and not YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA! Christians, you have celebrated pagan holidays, not YAHUVEH’s Holy Days! Christians, I shall judge you for saying you serve the KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS and sing songs of praise to YAHUSHUA and yet, with knowledge and forethought, insist on calling him a Greek name, “Jesus.” You do this no longer in ignorance. YAHUSHUA said, “In MY Name you shall cast out devils.” That is the Name of YAHUSHUA for MY Name is YAHUVEH, YAH is included in that Name! Is YAHUVEH’s Name in the spelling of Jesus? What is MY Name? I AM known by many names, but what does your Scripture say? Stop just studying the Greek start studying the Hebrew and Aramaic translations.

“Our help is in the Name of YAHUVEH, MAKER OF HEAVEN & EARTH”. Psalm 124-8

You who call yourself Christians I, YAHUVEH, charge you this. You who preach YAHUVEH and YAHUSHUA is Love, and yet do not show it, nor live it. You serve the King of Jews and yet you shun MY Jewish People, you mock and slander and allow others to do this. You secretly follow the truths in this ministry and yet do nothing to support it. You do nothing to defend this ministry and you recognize the voice of your Heavenly Father speaking forth and yet stay silent as this apostolic handmaiden gets mocked and slandered all because I use this ministry to teach the Jewishness of YAHUSHUA whom you call Jesus Christ. You are the only religion that maims, beats, and tries to kill or do kill those of your own religion. You won’t find this in any other religion.

This is the Judgment I decree and speak forth out of MY Apostle Elisabeth Elijah; don’t get angry with her, for she is only the messenger. Multitudes call themselves Christians and have a form of godliness and yet are gentile Pharisees. You who know the truth and refuse the truth, you call yourself Christians and because you have rejected MY Jewish people and the Laws and true Holy Days and feasts, you have been like a Judas again to YAHUSHUA.

Because you dare to think you are better then the Jewish people and boast how you were grafted in and they were cut off for a season, you boast how the Jews are so stupid not to see YAHUSHUA, whom you call Jesus, as Messiah. Instead of praying for them, loving them, realizing it is I, YAHUVEH, that blinded their eyes for a season, you are under the curse to dare boast how I cut off the natural vine and grafted you into it by the Blood of YAHUSHUA. What does MY Word say, when you boast and mock the natural vine the unbelieving Jewish People who have not had the revelation yet that YAHUSHUA is the MESSIAH in Greek called Jesus. Does MY Word not say if I did not spare the natural vine why do you think I will spare you who boast they are better than the natural vine? You, who insist on following Constantine, listen to ME.

The first attempt, fatally successful, was made by hasatan in the form of a serpent in the Garden of Eden (Gen 3:1-22). Satan tricked Eve, and Eve caused Adam to sin into thinking that nothing is to be gained by observing YAHUVEH’s laws, also called the Torah, which includes the Ten Commandments. Another example is the case of Cain who was told that obedience to YAHUVEH’s instructions brings salvation and blessings, but decided he knew better and as a result was cursed as he murdered his brother Abel.

And then we have Korah who tried to undermine Moses’ authority and met with a terrible end, as the earth opened up and swallowed Korah and his followers alive into the pit of hell and then the earth closed over them.(Num 16:1-35). Moses warns us about a false prophet who would try to teach the people commandments not of YAHUVEH and even encouraged others to disrespect Moses and his anointing.(Deut 18:20-22)

Woe be unto you for all those that do not have spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see that the Christian churches as well as the Temples are full of Korah’s today and will suffer the same fate.(Num 16:1-35) Just as in the time of Moses so too I prophesy again through MY Daughter Elisabeth a warning to you who call yourselves Christians but have no Christ in you. Mock, slander and ignore now and you shall reap what you have sowed.

Woe be unto those who have refused or stopped supporting this ministry, for you say you are not Jewish, nor want to support a Messianic Jewish Ministry. Oh, but I will rise up others to take your place it will be them that receive the blessings and rewards that would have had your name on it. (Deut 28:1-14) Now instead curses of YAHUVEH as it is written in (Deut 28:15-68) will be your lot.

Go ahead and mock, you churches, false prophets and those with the evil spirit like Korah and those followers of Korah (Num 16:1-35). You won’t be mocking when this comes to pass. All you spiritual leaders that lead MY Children to not follow MY Laws that I gave Moses will see the empires they call houses of god come tumbling to the ground and hell shall swallow you along with those with the spirit like a Korah again. All those who call themselves Christian but do the same as the spiritual leaders, you also have the spirit like unto a Korah and will suffer the same fate if you refuse to heed the same warning I am giving to you through this handmaiden daughter of MINE. Mock not the words of Mercy and Grace for those words come at a high price, at the cost of MY Son YAHUSHUA’s life and Blood that I, YAHUVEH, had HIM sacrifice on Calvary so you would have an Intercessor before I, YAHUVEH, the God of all Creation.

Daniel spoke of a “Beast” who would wear out YAHUVEH’s Saints and would change the times and laws of YAHUVEH! (Dan 7:25) Paul did not cancel the Sabbath, how could he? Is he the one that created the Sabbath? No, “I AM” created the Shabbat for your rest, resting in ME so I may restore you. Paul’s words were mistranslated, for never would he teach you to disobey the Torah. His words have been twisted to conform to man’s image not I, YAHUVEH,. Paul was speaking to the Jewish People and saying, “Let no one judge you for keeping certain days Holy, or observing the Holy Days.” Never did he say he did not keep the Sabbath and encourage others to do the same. Paul kept MY Jewish laws. Paul taught there is grace and mercy through YAHUSHUA but he also taught obedience to YAHUVEH.

Do you not yet see the Book of Daniel is being decoded before your eyes? What was once a mystery and closed to you is now opened, if you will but seek ME for wisdom and now new revelations are coming forth from MY anointed ones such as the vessel I am prophesying forth from. Listen and join together and warn together for you need one another in a new way in the coming year of 2003. This is why I have given this dream to MY handmaiden to warn you to start assembling together.

The enemies do not attack alone, a wolf travels in packs and so must YAHUVEH’s Sheep and Lambs. Christians, you must stop shunning the Jews, Holy Days, Feasts and what you call the Old Testament. I am both the Old and New Book, stop trying to divide what never was meant to be divided, for a house divided cannot stand. Christians, reach out to the Jewish people and embrace Israel in love for they are blinded now for a season, but Israel shall be saved as MY Son YAHUSHUA opens the eyes of the blind in Israel once again. I, YAHUVEH, decree the blind eyes and deaf ears in Israel shall once again behold MY Son YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH. Read and show thyself approved, all those that are recognizing the words of your Heavenly Father YAHUVEH, study the below words in the Torah I have instructed MY Daughter to put you in remembrance of.

Prophecy 68 “Mock ME, YAHUVEH, If You Dare!”December 26, 2002

It is only because of the mercy and the love I have shown through MY Son YAHUSHUA that I do not erase the entire human race. But I have those that I call MY Children, those that weep before ME, those that intercede before ME, those that try their best to obey ME, and honor ME. It is for these that I do not destroy the entire human race. MY Son is coming again! You need not only depend on the testimony of men, read MY Word, study MY Words. Those that truly love ME, MY Son YAHUSHUA loves. Those that truly desire ME, those MY YAHUSHUA truly desires. These MY beloved children are your sisters and your brothers.

This you have in common and this is the reason you should have love for one another. It is not important what your name on earth is called. You shall recognize each other by the anointing of the Spirit, you shall behold the love of YAHUSHUA in each others eyes and you shall recognize the anointing of the RUACH ha KODESH inside. I am separating the sheep from the goats and I am ripping off the masks of the goats, as they have been masquerading as a sheep or a lamb, this is part of separating the chaff from the wheat, for the chaff is only fit to be burnt!

Prophecy 73 “JUDGMENT! JUDGMENT! JUDGMENT!”June 2, 2004

Think not the other nations of this world have not displeased ME. Because this prophet is from America, so I say, I speak forth the judgments that shall come to America. If she were from Germany, I would speak forth the Judgment on Germany. If she were from Australia, I would speak forth the Judgment reserved for Australia. If she were from Canada, I would speak forth the Judgment reserved for Canada for there is not one nation on the face of this earth that I have not reserved judgment for.


Because you think there is nothing wrong with murdering a baby while they are yet in the mother’s womb your own babies I shall kill, I shall slay them before you. By the hand of Almighty Living YAHUVEH, I will show you I am a God that is not mocked. Because you have mocked ME for MY mercies very shortly now you will see there is no more mercy. I will not apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and the other cities besides. I will not apologize to Ninevah, for your sins are even greater still than all of them combined! The stench of your sins reach MY nostrils. How few humble themselves and fall on their face. Oh, if it were not for the Blood of YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, I would erase you all from the human race.

But I have a few, oh so very few, who I call MY Children and MY treasure, who weep and who wail before ME, who say, “Let not this sin be counted against us.” And just as surely as I spared Noah and his family, just as surely as I spared Lot and his family except one, just as surely I will provide a way of escape, a way to bless, a way to hide MY beloved ones. Go and hide yourselves, MY Children. You had better crawl underneath the shelter of MY Wings; you had better make sure the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA is covering every sin. For MY wrath is mighty, as mighty as MY Name and the Great Tribulation that is to come is not so very far away.

You want to start wars on those who have not instigated wars. You want to trample them underfoot just because you can. I have seen the weapons of man but they cannot compare with the weapons of Heaven.


America I have reserved the last judgment for you. You watch around this world as you take one nation after another but MY eye is upon you. I see your heart, the hearts of the politicians, the blood money that is exchanged, the death of the soldiers, the women and the men they die in vain, they suffer in vain, for they have pledged their allegiance to a Country that does not represent ME. Oh, you other nations that listen to this word, think you’re not better off, for again I say I reserve MY Judgments, and your own prophets speak, for you are no better, it is just that America is bolder in their wickedness. For they have lost their fear of their Creator, the one that set them apart.

I speak not this warning to MY Children; I threaten not MY Children, those that are MY beloved, those that are MY Babies, Bride, Chosen and Elect. You need not fear the wrath of your Father as long as you’re doing what I tell you to do. I will keep you safe, I will keep you hidden under the shelter of MY wings, it is in that anointing that you enter in.


JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT, JUDGMENT not only in America but in every Nation that has defied ME


Where are the ones who will grieve, weep and lament at the sins of this world, that brings ME so much grief? Why do you only cry over your own Soldiers? Why do you not cry over others? Your enemy is not that which your Government says is your enemy, your enemy is Lucifer. Your enemy is anyone who calls themselves MY enemy. Your enemy is against all that is Holy. Your enemy tells you that what is wrong is right. I am watching, MY eyes go to and fro across this earth, to see who truly cares and I know this MY Children, for you will be lifting this up in prayer. Your enemy is those that rip the innocent babes from their Mother’s wombs and throw them in a garbage can or grind them up and put them in cosmetic’s. These are your enemies.

I gave you a warning in Ezekiel 9; I am sealing those who will be protected from MY wrath as your eyes are focused on war after war. You forget, oh enemies of MINE, I will have the last word. I speak from the sky and very quickly you shall see that I am not a Creator YAHUVEH that will be mocked easily. I am reserving MY wrath for MY enemies, for all those that take the word marriage and defile even the name. The same sex marriages to this world they proclaim. They march in their gay parades; they flaunt their sins before the world. Oh but foolish men and foolish women I, YAHUVEH, will have the last word. You are only working your way down to the level of Hell of which you will descend.

The stench of the sins of this earth have reached Heaven and now I have no alternative but to proclaim war on this earth from Heaven. Your eyes will see in the sky that which you will not want to see. But it won’t be by any weapon of man, so do not be deceived for I, YAHUVEH, give this proclamation of war as I did in times before, so I will do again. So MY Children, I forewarn you of what is to come, see that your hands are not to blame, see that your mouth has warned, so the blood of the wicked will not be on your hands. It is only by MY mercy that I even have the Prophets warn for even MY own Children shake their heads and these Prophecies some scorn. But I do nothing without first telling the Prophets, so again I speak forth from this Ring Maiden this is a proclamation of war!

Those that repent before ME, those that shed tears of remorse, those that turn to YAHSHUA ha MASHIACH, those who will obey and turn from their evil sins this day, I am faithful and I will forgive before it is too late. But I tell you this MY Children; it is only a small remnant of this Human Race. Oh America and England and all those who are puffed up with pride. Need I remind you, pride cometh before a great fall and a great fall is coming and no one will be able to save you? So Children you have been warned. You will know what it means when you see the fire in the sky. So hide yourself MY Children for just a little while.

Prophecy 75 I, YAHUVEH, Will Sanctify And Meet You In Your Sukkot! I Command You to Keep and Honor MY Holy DaysAugust 27, 2004

I could have chosen for YAHUSHUA to be born from any nationality but I, YAHUVEH, honored the Hebrew People by honoring their bloodline. You who accept YAHUSHUA’s Blood transfusion now are no longer gentile and you should not follow the gentile pagan ways or their holidays. Instead follow the Holy Days as I, YAHUVEH, have decreed to be a blessing unto thee. You are held accountable for what you now know, what you do with it is not MY Daughter Elisabeth’s responsibility, her responsibility is delivering you the words I, YAHUVEH, speak forth from her. This she has now done.

Prophecy 76 Beloved Bride of YAHUSHUA, Arise and Prepare Yourself for Your Bridegroom Doth Come!September 12, 2004

They will remain under YAHUSHUA’s Grace, the bloodline that YAHUSHUA drew at Calvary and satan can’t cross that bloodline.

Prophecy 80 Bride of YAHUSHUA, Pray That I, YAHUVEH, Send Your Enemies to the Winepress of MY Wrath!

Bride of YAHUSHUA, this year of 2006 you are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in a way you have not done before. Realize as you pray for the peace of Jerusalem, you are praying for the Prince of Peace who is MY Son YAHUSHUA to hasten HIS return and rule this earth as King of Kings, removing all that is unholy from this earth for a set and appointed time. Bride of YAHUSHUA, realize as I, YAHUVEH, command you to do this, realize that YAHUSHUA cannot return and rule and reign until Yisrael suffers greatly. Much lamentation, weeping, travailing, and blood will pour forth and only I, YAHUVEH, foreknew what it would take to get Yisrael to again walk in obedience to MY Torah Laws I gave them through Moses, and to love I, YAHUVEH, where they no longer are afraid to speak forth MY Sacred Name where there is anointed Power.

They will rebuke the lies that have been passed unto them. Yisrael will acknowledge YAHUSHUA as not only YAHUVEH’s Son but also the only MASHIACH (Messiah). They will accept the Holy Blood Sacrifice which is YAHUSHUA’s gift HE gave at Calvary, HIS saving, delivering, healing, resurrection power in the Blood of the only perfect Lamb of YAHUVEH. Yisrael will not see the Prince of Peace come again to their nation until this is done. Satan will send a false peace for a short time to deceive them but then it will be as though Hell broke forth around this world when that short time is over.


Yisrael is a cup of trembling terror to the entire world, for it is where the end time battle will be fought, good against evil. Satan will send his son to rule the world from this one nation because satan mocks ME and counterfeits all I, YAHUVEH, do.


As Haman sought to kill every Jew, so too do satanic rulers on this earth and they will seek to kill every Messianic Jew also who has accepted YAHUSHUA the only MESSIAH. Ezekiel 9 has already begun. My Holy People are sealed by MY hand alone. I prewarn now, destruction is on the way to the unholy and reprobate. I have a remnant in Yisrael who are hidden and yet are part of the members of the Bride of YAHUSHUA. Now is the time to arise and contact this one I am speaking forth these words from, for you are one.

From this year on, you shall see the betrayal of this world’s governments more than you have ever seen before. Whatever I, YAHUVEH, have decreed as an abomination unto ME shall be flaunted in MY face by the reprobates for all the world to see. Nations shall turn on one another in words and wars with a thirst for power, greed and blood, with an insatiable thirst as unto leeches or blood sucking vampires, politicians making poor excuses to murder one another and making wars. Oh how long rebellious people of this earth, do you think you can shake your fist at your Creator I, YAHUVEH, and MY Men and women of Holiness while trampling MY Holy scriptures under your feet in mockery and hatred for all that is Holy? How long do you think I will wait before you people of rebellion will suffer the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah?


Nations who slaughter MY Holy people as if they were sheep being led to be slaughtered now weep for themselves when I sent the earthquakes and tsunamis and judgment for murdering innocent Christians who had no blood on their hands, men women and children were and are being murdered because of one reason, they refuse to deny YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH who they called Jesus Christ who is the MESSIAH and I, YAHUVEH’s only begotten Son.

All nations including Indonesia, I demanded your blood and your loved ones because you demanded and took the lives of true Holy Christians. And so it will continue to the people of all nations to this earth. You shall reap what you sow, if you sow holiness and obedience to MY Holy Scriptures and put I, YAHUVEH, your Creator and acknowledge YAHUSHUA as I, YAHUVEH’s Son and your MESSIAH, you shall reap MY blessings from Heaven.


There would not have been any Hebrews on the face of the earth left if Haman had succeeded. What Haman attempted to do once will be tried again in the same way. Bounties will be placed on all Jews and believers in YAHUSHUA. That same Spirit came again through the Spirit of Hitler, so it will be done again, when the son of perdition comes, who is the son of satan. Bride of YAHUSHUA, study the book of Esther.


Elisabeth, you feared going to Africa, you say, “My skin is too light what will they think, will they hate me?” I tell you, those with MY SPIRIT will embrace and love you the way your sister does. They don’t look at the color of your skin, just like you don’t look at theirs. And I send you there to show you this, in Africa, that you are one.

Prophecy 87 Israel, Oh Israel, Hear Oh Israel, Jerusalem And The Rest Of The World, What I, YAHUVEH, Have To Say!August 27, 2006

Hear oh Beloved Israel, Jerusalem and the rest of the world. Can’t you hear your Creator weep and travail at how far you have gone astray from MY Holiness?


I, YAHUVEH, bless those who are a blessing unto I, YAHUVEH & YAHUSHUA. I cannot bless the rebellious. I must chastise those that I love or I cannot say that I love you. I grieve for what I must do. For only a remnant of Israel shall be saved. Oh Israel, you punish your enemies far more than I intended, for you forget that Abraham is before MY face reminding ME, your enemies are also the seed of Abraham through Ishmael. You deny MY SON YAHUSHUA’S Holy Saving Blood that drenches Jerusalem’s soil, as they do.

Even thousands of years later one drop of YAHUSHUA’S Saving Blood covers the world, yet you refuse to accept the gift I gave as your BLOOD SACRIFICE, greater than any animal blood sacrifice.

I not only allowed MY BELOVED SON YAHUSHUA to be crucified for the sins of this world and die and be buried in a tomb, I rose YAHUSHUA from the dead as a sign to Israel. Not only is there life after death but I, YAHUVEH, chose Jerusalem for YAHUSHUA to die and be buried on your soil and rise again! Oh Jerusalem! The time is at hand when the world shall say, “You shall surely die and never rise again” but when Israel REPENTS and obeys, I shall raise Israel up once again.

Hear oh Israel, Jerusalem and the rest of the world. I, YAHUVEH, did this for more than one reason.


Only a faithful remnant shall be saved in Israel and only because they returned back to Holiness keeping the first laws I, YAHUVEH, wrote engraved with MY own finger of authority and that they accept and worship MY SON YAHUSHUA as their MESSIAH and repent of their sins.

I only will protect those who bless the Name of YAHUSHUA. He was born on this earth from a Hebrew virgin woman without the seed of a man. Proving YAHUSHUA is I, YAHUVEH’s, ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, WHO was sent to Earth with MY Words and Authority!

YAHUSHUA is the LIVING TORAH and you denied HIM oh Israel, Jerusalem and the majority of the world. When you deny HIM you deny I, YAHUVEH. I sent YAHUSHUA first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles to demonstrate MY Authority and Glory.


Hear oh Israel, Jerusalem and the rest of the World, there is no royal blood on this earth except through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH.

Only those whose names are already written in the LAMB’S Book of Life (Rev 17:8) before the foundation of this Earth can claim the royal bloodline through the royal blood of the KING of the UNIVERSE, KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, KING OF THE JEWS!

All others who call themselves of a royal earthly bloodline are imposters and there is nothing royal in them. Only MY People grafted in through the bloodline of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH are royal in MY eyes. Only YAHUSHUA’s Bride will be coroneted in Heaven.


Abraham is constantly before MY face and says, “What will you do with the children of Ishmael? Do you not love the seed of my other son? Send your messenger to my seed. And give them a chance to believe!” This is why you weep for Lebanon for are they not the seed of Abraham? I have spiritual Israel that sits in Lebanon that have accepted YAHUSHUA as MESSIAH.

I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in Lebanon. I have MY Bride in Iraq and Iran. I have MY Bride in Syria. Remember to pray for the Bride of YAHUSHUA no matter where she is scattered around this world. I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in China, I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in Russia, I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in Hong Kong, I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in Australia I have MY Bride in America, Canada, Germany, France and Europe, I have them scattered all over the world. I have MY Bride of YAHUSHUA in India, Indonesia, Africa, South America and all over the world.

Just because your countries label another nation their enemy, do not make it your enemy, for the governments of this world are not of ME. They do not speak for ME, they do not respect ME and they want no part of ME. Your enemies are who I decree are your enemies. The seed of satan is your enemy. Who is the seed of satan? It is all those whose names are NOT found in the LAMB’S Book of Life. They never were MINE when they were born on this earth.


Oh Israel, oh Jerusalem, I weep and I wail over you. You have a form of godliness but where is the GODLINESS within? You want the world to have mercy on you—but where is your mercy oh Israel? You have a right to defend yourself, but you have crossed the line when you pick up the weapons of biological and chemical warfare—I AM nowhere in these battles.

You do not call on I, YAHUVEH, for help. You try to do it by your own hand using the weapons of another land. When you use biological and chemical warfare, you punish your enemies far more than I have ever allowed. Beware for you shall reap the whirlwind of I, YAHUVEH’S wrath as what you send comes back in your face. The nations that give you these weapons shall reap the same fate.

When I send forth MY Two Witnesses, I send them forth to both of Abraham’s seed [Ishma’el & Isra’el]. I send them forth not only to the Tribe of Judah but all of the Israelites, Arabs & Gentile nations shall hear. What they speak in Israel shall be broadcast on the airwaves and newspapers all over the world.

I chose this time with its technology—for MY Words will be heard all over the world for there is no time such as this—satan has used this technology to further his agenda, but I AM using the technology to hasten MY agenda!

Oh, where are the lamentations? Where is the weeping and wailing? Why do people just shake their heads and say, “Isn’t that too bad?”

Why isn’t spiritual Israel rising up? Why do they not pray for I have a remnant seed in Lebanon? What if that was your babies?What if that was your wives, your husbands, your loved ones, your families and your neighbors? What if that was your homes?

Insanity has taken its seat in the governments.

Oh Israel! Oh Jerusalem! Your people weep and wail. They run in confusion. I weep over all! It will only be when I,YAHUSHUA, comes there will be peace between the brothers, [Isaac & Ishmael]—the peace on Abraham’s seed. Until that time, as it has always been, you both will continue to try to wipe each other off the face of the earth. When the false peace [of the anti-christ] comes, the anger and the hatred will still be there.

There is no peace until the PRINCE OF PEACE (Isa 9:6) comes and it is I, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH!

Prophecy 90 What Is The Name Of The RUACH ha KODESH?February 27, 2007

I AM the ONE that puts the sweet fragrance in a baby’s skin. I AM the ONE that makes each human unique. Even identical twins have their own uniqueness. I AM the ONE that determines each of your DNA. I AM the ONE that gives you unique, identifying palm prints and finger prints.


YAHUVEH created the rainbow and [the HOLY SPIRIT] chose the color spectrums for that rainbow.


The son of satan, called the antichrist will proclaim he is “Jesus Christ”—he will demand all worship him and honor him and attend and gather in churches on Sunday and take his “mark” (Rev 13:16-18)—proving their loyalty. The antichrist, who is really the begotten son of satan—will come with the spirit of Judas and Hitler once again—whom the Scriptures call the “son of perdition” or the “son of hell.” The son of satan will do signs, wonders and false miracles in satan’s power for satan’s glory.

I have used this Ministry to warn. When you see the mandatory Sunday worship law passed, do NOT enter into the Sunday Churches, or you will LOSE YOUR SOUL! I have warned to learn now what the True Sabbath-Day of Rest is—[Friday sunset to Saturday sunset].

This has been a hard Message for Elisabeth to deliver because the Christian Churches don’t want to hear it.

Prophecy 91 John Hagee, “You are Doomed,”saith I, YAHUVEH!Received October 17, 2007 – Released November 11, 2007

[…] I tell you this! All these new laws that have been passed are an abomination unto ME! They’re telling you America, put your trust in them and not your trust in ME, the GOD “I AM” and I AM the ANCIENT OF THE DAYS. I know the beginning from the end and I know exactly how each nation will pay. These are the Words that I have to say this day.

Prophecy 94 I, YAHUVEH say, Do Not Underestimate MY Anger For It’s Been Building Up As A Raging Inferno.December 22, 2007

For Elisabeth I have raised you up and now a Word is going to come forth defending those who are truly MINE in Israel, who feel all alone. You call them Messianic Jews. They don’t have a Prophet.

But I’ve raised up a Prophet and I’ve placed you right where you are and you shall be used to bring them fresh manna from Heaven. You shall be used to pronounce MY Judgment on the others. You shall be used to bring forth MY new wine.

For I have Holy that are locked in the Gaza strip. I have Holy who are being tormented along with the enemies. I have the Bride locked in Gaza. And I AM calling you to pray them free. I have the Bride in Lebanon. Yea, I have Bride in Iraq even. So hidden, so neglected—needing a Word from Heaven. I have Bride in China. They are MY Chinese Bride so satan seeks to muzzle you, to silence you—but I tell you, you’ll only shout louder.

Prophecy 105 I, YAHUVEH, Say, “In 2009 I’m going to shake everything that can be shaken!”December 29, 2008

Take not your family for granted and the family are those who belong to the Body of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH. For you will find your worst enemies can be found in your own household through your own bloodlinebut not through the bloodline of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH. This is your true family, these are the ones who will not betray you.

You are coming close now as to the date of the Holocaust. Learn the lesson well from those who survived, to those who were not caught. Your allegiance is to I, YAHUVEH, not to the laws of a man. If they do not line up with what I say throw them away! You know what the Word says. For I will tell you to do what you think not. I will tell you to say what you think not. I will hide you in a way you think not.

Prophecy 106 I, YAHUVEH, Say, “CLEAN YOUR HOUSE”!!!January 4, 2009

I’m shaking this entire world. Judgment starts at MY house. (I Peter 4:17) Holiness will only desire Holiness. Sin must be kicked out. A repentant spirit is not someone who only repents with their mouth, it is someone that repents with their head and their heart and determined not to displease ME.

I told you, [world], you are on the verge of a Holocaust. Do you want ME to hide you? Do you want ME to protect you?

[…] I have already forewarned your worst enemies can be found in your own physical bloodline.

I speak forth MY judgments through this Prophet. (Hosea 6:5) I speak forth MY love and MY guidance through this Prophet. I speak forth MY truths through this Ministry that carries neither the name of a man or a woman but only the Name of the HOLY TRINITY. I shall always have a mouthpiece. (Amos 3:7) I sent YAHUSHUA to this earth to be MY mouthpiece. The Prophet that is above all Prophets for YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH is the very SPIRIT OF PROPHECY.

Prophecy 107 Hang On! Hang On! Hang On! Do Not Lose Your Blessed Hope!February 7, 2009

MY Darling Daughter, do not fall into satan’s traps. The only “chosen ones” that count on this earth are those who are washed in the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH.

It matters not what race you are. It matters not which language you speak. It matters not what color your skin is.

Do not fall for the spirit of racial discrimination. But MY Darling One, I have given you eyes to never see color, but look how many dreams satan fills you with—where you are to notice the color of the skin. This is not I, so rebuke the spirit of racial discrimination.

An Ethiopian Jew is not a guarantee to a trip to Heaven—only through the shed Blood of YAHUSHUA, only in the obedience of MY Word, only in the Name of YAHUSHUA your MASHIACH, are MY chosen ones. There shall be all different kinds of tongues and nationalities in Heaven (Isaiah 56:6-8).

I AM the ONE that chooses the color of theskin, but again it has nothing to do with the spirit within. For I love all nationalities. I love all kindred, in [all] tongues.

Those who belong to ME have the blood of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH.

But this does not mean the biological bloodline must be of Hebrew origin. It means they have the spiritual bloodline of YAHUSHUA MASHIACH! Remember, these are the ones who are adopted and these are the ones who are grafted in.

If this were the case, then everyone with Hebrew blood coming from their bloodline, then all would be guaranteed a way to Heaven. A guarantee to Heaven? And yet look at Israel! Look at Jerusalem! How few of a remnant have accepted YAHUSHUA as MASHIACH and until they do, they are doomed. They will not see Heaven. They know the Torah. How few obey the Torah? They know which day the Shabbat is. How few honor that Shabbat? It is more than just taking a rest. It is more than just a ritual. YAHUSHUA is the LORD OF THE SHABBAT.

Woe be unto those who teach the false heresy, the false doctrine that say no Blackswill be allowed in Heaven. They will know and they—[who have already died]—have already felt the deepest level of hell.

I judge not MY beloved ones on the color of their skin or their nationalities. For I created each one [as an] individual. If I wanted you all to look alike, I would have created you all to look alike. I AM not a boring YAHUVEH. If I wanted you all to have the same personality, I would have put all of you in the same category of the personality.

I created each one of you—each one of you down to the very strand of your hair. I gave each one of you the DNA that you were born with. You are so fearsomely and awesomely made. I AM the ONE, your ABBA YAHUVEH that has determined the number of chromosomes in your body—the number of atoms that hold you together and molecules.

I, YAHUVEH, not only know the number of hairs on your head (Matthew 10:30), I know the number of hairs on your body. I know the number of hairs on your arms. I know the width of your nails. I AM the ONE that put the lines in your palms. Each one of you are so awesomely made.

Oh how I grieve. Oh how I mourn. Oh how I AM filled with rage and fury with what they do with the unborn. To throw those out—those precious babies out! To slice them and dice them! To take their body parts out! To take instruments of torture and rip and tear their little bodies in shreds!

And the final insult is when that child survives an abortion—to hear the words, “Let it die. Throw it out.”!

I have prophesied and I will say again, great sinkholes shall be under these places that do these atrocities. For those of you who approve of abortion, you do not even begin to conceive the horror that I have waiting for you. For all eternity you shall hear the screams of the unborn. For each one of these little babies I, YAHUVEH, took the time—knowing they would not be allowed to be born alive and those that survive the abortions would be forced to die—yet, I took the time and I put every identifying mark of YAHUVEH on them.

I AM the ONE, WHO called them human.

You spawn of satan, who are you to call that which I call human, nothing more than garbage?

Do you not know these that pass these laws—and now America you compound your sins and say you will pay for the abortions of other nations. Is there not enough blood on your hands of the aborted babies in your own land?!—

Do you not know that these children are put on an altar of sacrifice to Molech (Psalm 106:38, Lev. 20:2)?! It is no different—in the Biblical Times of Old and the same warning, again, I speak forth. Woe be unto those who sacrifice the babies to the false god Molech! Woe be unto those who do not protest against this, who wink at this sin!

Oh these little ones, be assured of this, they are in Heaven now. They shall continue to come to Heaven. But know this! If they had been allowed to be born they would have been such special children.

As I prophesied before, I’ll prophesy again, great sinkholes shall be underneath these places who do these abortions.

Doctors who compromise, in the past you said, “I will not have no [i.e. any] part of this,” but now you have sold ME out. You have sold humanity out. And because you are threatened—because they say, “We will take your license, your right to practice away,” now you too do these abortions, these atrocities of sin. Be assured of this! I’ll accept none of your excuses. The blood is on your hands. Hospitals that once said, “I’ll have no part of this. We will not abort the babies.” But you’ve compromised. You believe the governments threats and lies. You did not even try to fight back. Nurses, the blood is on your hands!

Children now in school are taught, “What you don’t want—just throw it out! Humanityis nothing more than a disposable pan! You use it once, throw it away! Never to be seen again!” This is what it’s boiled down too.

Prophecy 115 Beware Of The Totalitarian Dictatorship Coming To America And The World!Received September 30, 2009 – Released October 12, 2009

No longer is America ‘the land of the free and the brave’. There is not one thing that you have not compromised as sin [that now] is legalized. Once you stood for morality. Once you rebuked other nations that tortured. Now you are the torturers. Once you [held] up the Geneva Convention. Now you mock it.

Anything goes in America. The world looks on America—and watches before its eyes—to those who peacefully protest, [they] are beaten and locked up […] a socialist agenda—where once America stood against socialism, communism. Now they have a President who shrugs his shoulders and says, “So what’s wrong with communism?”

Prophecy 119 2011 A Call To Repent Or Perish, YAH Has Your Number!!!Received December 24, 2010 – Released January 1, 2011

Tell them MY Daughter, you be that brave Prophet. Stop caring what women and men say.

You tell them MY Daughter, you tell them for ME for that is the ringing of the telephone. You have a call to be a Prophet. You answered it long ago. I’ll not let you not pick up that telephone. It is a calling upon your life that you cannot escape for I have called you MY Daughter to warn this human racebefore the Tribulation is here, the time of Jacob’s trouble. Oh and for so, so many it will be too late.