The Death of Adam, The First Man


Mankind was not meant to experience earthly death at all. It was never part of YAH’S plan. Come to think of it, if Adam did not take part in the eating of the forbidden fruit, he would have ended up living forever more and watching his wife pass on.

Adam, the first ever man to be created on this earth and to walk the earth was a hero, a very special one.

He was meant to live for 1,000 years on the earth at least but YAH cut them short by 70 years as a result of his disobedience in the Garden of Eden/Gan Eden.

Sadly, when Adam and all his descendants after him up until YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S resurrection passed, they spent part of their eternity in hell the lake of fire. That’s how YAH (or ELOHIM) planned it and revealed it to Adam when Satan set the Cave of Treasures on fire at some point after leaving the Garden of Eden. YAH put out the fire but the heat remained for a long time so as to grlet Adam to understand in advance what hell the lake of fire would be like. Adam and Eve cried a lot during this time due to the discomfort. Satan and his fellow fallen angels were so angry with Adam and Eve. They really wantedto destroy them plus the gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh that were inside the cave. This is all recorded in the First Book of Adam and Eve.


Praise YAH Almighty for as YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH rose from death on the third day after his death and burrial which was the Prophesied Great 5500 day of earth, Adam and Eve as well as all the patriarchs and matriarchs who had lived holy lives before their passing, rose out of hell the lake of fire and got raptured up to the Shammayim/Heavens where they sit now.

This is recorded in the Gospel according to Pontius Pilate (on this website).

The Gospel even partly mentions the Great 5500 Day Prophecy. 


The Tanakh/Tanach does not tell us much about Adam’s passing however the Lost Books of the Bible do.

Interestingly it is recorded that,

  • Adam died on the very day of the week on which he was created by YAH Almighty – The Sixth Day/Yom Ha Shishi

  • Adam died at the same hour as at which he left the Garden of Eden


As said above, the TORAH does not give much information about the death of Abraham as seen in Genesis 5:5.

Genesis 5:1-5 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Adam’s Ten Descendants—Adam to Noah

This is the written account of Adam and his descendants.

When Elohim created humans,
    he made them in the likeness of Elohim.
He created them male and female.
    He blessed them and called them humans
when he created them.

When Adam was 130 years old, he became the father of a son in his own likeness, in his own image. He named him Seth. After Adam became the father of Seth, he lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. Adam lived a total of 930 years; then he died.



The more detailed account is as follows:


The death of Adam.

WHEN Adam had ended his commandment to Seth, his limbs were loosened, his hands and feet lost all power, his mouth became dumb, and his tongue ceased altogether to speak. He closed his eyes and gave up the ghost.

2 But when his children saw that he was dead, they threw themselves over him, men and women, old and young, weeping.

3 The death of Adam took place at the end of nine hundred and thirty years that be lived upon the earth; on the fifteenth day of Barmudeh ( , after the reckoning of an epact of the sun, at the ninth hour.

4 It was on a Friday, the very day on which he was created, and on which he rested; and the hour at which he died, was the same as that at which he came out of the garden.

5 Then Seth wound him up well, and embalmed him with plenty of sweet spices, from sacred trees and from the Holy Mountain; and be laid his body on the eastern side of the inside of the cave, the side of the incense; and placed in front of him a lamp-stand kept burning.

6 Then his children stood before him weeping and wailing over him the whole night until break of day.

7 Then Seth and big son Enos, and Cainan, the son of Enos, went out and took good offerings to present unto the Lord, and they came to the altar upon which Adam offered gifts to God, when he did offer.

8 But Eve said to them “Wait until we have first asked GOD to accept our offering, and to keep by HIM the Soul of Adam His servant, and to take it up to rest.”

9 And they all stood up an prayed.




Adam was the first….

AND when they had ended their prayer, the Word of God came and comforted them concerning their father Adam.

2 After this, they offered their gifts for themselves and for their father.

3 And when they had ended their offering, the WORD OF GOD came to Seth, the eldest among them, saying unto him, “O Seth, Seth, Seth, three times. As I was with thy father, so also shall I be with thee, until the fulfilment of the promise I made him-thy father saying, I will send My Word and save thee and thy seed.

4 But as to thy father Adam, keep thou the commandment he gave thee; and sever thy seed from that of Cain thy brother.”

5 And God withdrew His Word from Seth.

6 Then Seth, Eve, and their children, came down from the mountain to the Cave of Treasures.

7 But Adam was the first whose soul died in the land of Eden, in the Cave of Treasures; for no one died before him, but his son Abel, who died murdered.

8 Then all the children of Adam rose up, and wept over their father Adam, and made offerings to him, one hundred and forty days.

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Seth becomes head of the most happy and just tribe of people who ever lived.

AFTER the death of Adam and of Eve, Seth severed his children, and his children’s children, from Cain’s children. Cain and his seed went down and dwelt westward, below the place where he had killed his brother Abel.

2 But Seth and his children,

p. 68

dwelt northwards upon the mountain of the Cave of Treasures, in order to be near to their father Adam.

3 And Seth the elder, tall and good, with a fine soul, and of a strong mind, stood at the head of his people; and tended them in innocence, penitence, and meekness, and did not allow one of them to go down to Cain’s children.

4 But because of their own purity, they were named “Children of God,” and they were with GOD, instead of the hosts of angels who fell; for they continued in praises to God, and in singing psalms unto HIM, in their cave–the Cave of Treasures.

5 Then Seth stood before the body of his father Adam, and of his mother Eve, and prayed night and day, and asked for mercy towards himself and his children; and that when he had some difficult dealing with a child, He would give him counsel.

6 But Seth and his children did not like earthly work, but gave themselves to heavenly things; for they had no other thought than praises, doxologies, and psalms unto God.

7 Therefore did they at all times hear the voices of angels, praising and glorifying God; from within the garden, or when they were sent by God on an errand, or when they were going up to heaven.

8 For Seth and his children, by reason of their own purity, heard and saw those angels. Then, again, the garden was not far above them, but only some fifteen spiritual cubits.

9 Now one spiritual cubit answers to three cubits of man, altogether forty-five cubits.

10 Seth and his children dwelt on the mountain below the garden; they sowed not, neither did they reap; they wrought no food for the body. not even wheat; but only offerings. They ate of the fruit and of trees well flavoured that grew on the mountain where they dwelt.

11 Then Seth often fasted every forty days, as did also his eldest children. For the family of Seth smelled the smell of the trees in the garden, when the wind blew that way.

12 They were happy, innocent, without sudden fear, there was no jealousy, no evil action, no hatred among them. There was no animal passion; from no mouth among them went forth either foul words or curse; neither evil counsel nor fraud. For the men of that time never swore, but under hard circumstances, when men must swear, they swore by the blood of Abel the just.

13 But they constrained their children and their women every day in the cave to fast and pray, and to worship the most High God. They blessed themselves n the body of their father Adam, and anointed themselves with it.

14 And they did so until the end of Seth drew near.

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