Nisan/Aviv 14: ABRAHAM RESCUES LOT WITH THE HELP OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL [name meaning: “Who Is Like Unto EL?”] ON PASSOVER [PESACH]! ….Written and Audios…. 2. Abraham goes to MELCHIZEDEK to offer TITHE [THANKSGIVING OFFERING UNTO YAHUVEH a.k.a YAHWEH] After THE GREAT PASSOVER BATTLE OF 4 Kings against 5 Kings! – Genesis 14; The Legends of The Jews; The Book of The Jasher/Upright or Just Man! – Wednesday 13th April 2022/NISAN/AVIV 12


Who Is MELCHIZEDEK and What About Him? The Implications (Genesis 14:18-20; Psalm 110:4; Hebrews 5:6; Hebrews 7:17)

AUDIO: Recording 381: PT4: Adam, Abraham & Lot on PASSOVER, etc [Tues 12-4-22/Nisan 11]

YAH’S APPOINTED TIMES/FEASTS/FESTIVALS existed in the HEAVENS from the “Beginning of Time”

Nisan/Aviv 10-15: THE FAST and PLEA OF QUEEN ESTHER HADASSAH [A Benjamite] THE REDEEMER OF ISRAEL 🇮🇱 🕎 just like Prophet & King Moshe and KING OF Kings and LORD OF Lords YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH [Esther 4:16; Additions To Esther; The Legends of The Jews]! *Written and Audios…* 2. SOME OF THE EVENTS THAT LED TO THE INSTITUTION OF THE APPOINTED TIME Called PURIM/LOTS Occurred in NISAN/AVIV Week of PASSOVER! 3. Haman the Amalekite [Exodus 17; 1 Samuel 17] Decreed the death of ISRAEL 🕎 on NISAN 13 to occur on ADAR 13 of the following year! He fell into the pit he dag for ISRAEL, HalleluYAH 👏👏👏! – Tuesday 12th April 2022/ NISAN/AVIV 11