“It is Finished:” The Interesting Connections throughout YAH’S Holy Biblical Scriptures

TAV: Hebrew letter meaning End. In Greek, it is Omega!

The Connection amongst:

  • YAH’S Sabbath;

  • TORAH Portion Devarim/Words;

  • YAHUSHUA’S Last Words on The Cross


  • YAHUSHUA’S Words in Revelation 21:6-7


End of Exodus in the wilderness and Time to enter the Promised Land

In TORAH Portion “Devarim/Words,” we see Prophet Moses recounting the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt over the last 40 years in such a way that says, “IT IS FINISHED!”

The Book of Deuteronomy and Book of Yahushua/Joshua depict this theme throughout. The Children of Israel had arrived very close to the Promised Land. All they need to do was to cross The Yarden/River Jordan but before doing so, they needed both spiritual and physical preparation for what was to come!

End of Creation; Seventh Day

After YAHUVEH, YAHUSHUA and SHKINYINYAH GLORY created the world and everything in it, they declared that IT IS FINISHED! Everything was beautiful and perfect in their sight. They then declared the seventh day of the week as the Day of Perfection and Rest and Shalom!

End of The power of sin and Eternal death; YAHUSHUA’S death on the cross

When YAHUSHUA completed HIS Mission on earth, while on the cross, HE declared, “IT IS FINISHED” and died. Redemption from the power of sin and eternal death had come to mankind, Praise YAH!

End of Evil; New Beginnings

It is recorded in the Book Of Revelation that after the Final Battle is completed and won and everything was perfect all over again in the future, YAHUSHUA, once again says, “IT IS FINISHED!”