Was YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH conceived and born out of fornication (or in YAH’S Divine Manner/Way)?


Some people around the world particularly some Orthodox Jews believe that YAHUSHUA The Saviour and Redeemer of the world was born on earth to unmarried parents and that these unmarried parents had sexual relations before their actual wedding ceremony took place.

This was used to make an argument in favour of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH being crucified as per the account recorded in “The Gospel of Nicodemus, formerly The Acts of Pontius Pilate.”

Nicodemus (mentioned in The Book of John) amongst others spoke up against this lie.

It is possible that there are some people in today’s generations who still believe this lie and even argue in favour of it.

YAH Almighty respects marriage a lot and cannot allow HIS Only Begotten SON to come into the world in a sinful and shameful manner!

The WORD OF YAH Almighty clearly states that YAHUSHUA’S assigned/chosen earthly parents whose names are known to be Joseph and Myriam (a.k.a Mary) were engaged to be married. The seal had been signed by YAH through RUACH HA KODESH in the Second Temple with witnesses present some time soon after Myriam’s Bat Mitzvah. Myriam was betrothed to Joseph by the High Priest at the time.

The Lost Gospels reveal that throughout their marriage on earth, Myriam and Joseph never engaged in any sexual relations. She remained a virgin all her life on earth. That was her destiny and Covenant with YAH Almighty! She fulfilled it to the letter. To ensure she remained a virgin, RUACH HA KODESH (a.k.a SHKINYINYAH GLORY) planted YAHUSHUA’S embryo (which was a Divine Combination of ABBA YAHUVEH and SHKINYINYAH GLORY’s spiritual seeds) into Myriam’s womb after which she became pregnant with YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. The seeds manifested physically hence Myriam was not only pregnant spiritually but also physically.

The Messianic Jewish/Christian Archaeologist Ron Wyatt’s research/investigations further proved that YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH was not human and if HE was, HE was only part human. HE came to earth in human form but HIS Blood that was found fresh on the Ark of the Covenant was found to have supernatural chromosomes from HIS ABBA/FATHER. Myriam’s chromosomes showed in HIS Blood but Joseph’s were not found! YAHUSHUA’S Blood was as fresh as the day on which HE died when found by Ron Wyatt on the Ark of Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant had been burried so far down the ground somewhere in Jerusalem that it took supernatural insight and enduarance to locate it.

Joseph was betrothed to Myriam so as to offer the fatherly/masculine support to her during her pregnancy plus when raising YAHUSHUA from infancy to adulthood as well as not to encourage the idea that it is okay to bear children out of wed-lock and/or be a single mother.

“The Gospel of Nicodemus, formerly called The Acts of Pontius Pilate” says that several Jews stood up against those who made false claims against YAHUSHUA’S conception and birth however, they ended up getting overpowered by the opposing Jews, sadly because of the hunger to crucify HIM!

Yes, Joseph struggled a lot when he learned that Myriam got pregnant before their wedding ceremony and was in fact greatly disturbed by the discovery. He lacked understanding of YAH’S Divine Plan for him and for mankind through him. YAH’S Holy Angel Gabriel appeared to him to clarify what was happening plus encourage him not to abandon Myriam as a result of the news but he still struggled. It took him time to adjust and accept the news as well as to submit to the WILL of YAH Almighty!

Note that if YAH did not plant YAHUSHUA’S embryo into Myriam at that time, it is possible that something else that is not part of YAH’S Divine Plan for Joseph and Myriam would have happened. It also had to be a particular time of the year and a particular year so as to fulfil YAH’S Prophecy of the Great 5,1/2 days (5,500 years).

So, some men may make negative statements as a result of Joseph’s response to Myriam’s pregnancy news but it doesn’t mean they are right.

In conclusion, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH was Never and would Never be conceived nor born as a result of fornication and/or out of wed-lock!!! HE is GOD (ELOHIM) Almighty! HE had to set a good example for mankind as we’re required to walk in HIS footsteps.