“TWINS” In The Holy Biblical Scriptures:


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There are at least seven main sets/pairs of twins mentioned in the Holy Biblical Scriptures, namely:

  • Cain and Luluwa
  • Abel and Aklia
  • Esau and Jacob
  • Leah and Rachel
  • Peretz (perez in English) and Zerah/Zarah
  • Ephraim and Manasseh
  • Thomas and his unnamed sibling

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Cain and Luluwa then Abel and Aklia

Adam’s and Eve’s first two sets of children were twins and they were born as follows:

  • Cain and Luluwa
  • Abel and Aklia

These were the first ever sets of twins born in the history of mankind and YAH’S creation! After them came Seth. We all know that Seth was born in replacement of Abel. Seth was a great comfort to Adam and Eve as they loved Abel so very much.

There was about two to three years difference between the two sets of twins. The evidence is that the Book of Adam and Eve says that when Cain and Luluwa were weaned, Eve conceived again and later gave birth to Abel and Aklia.

Note that it was YAHUVEH ELOHIM who taught Eve how to nurse her babies as well as raise them. There was no where else to get that information except from her MAKER!

Whenever a new child was born, that child was named on the eighth day if he was a male and sixteenth day from birth if it was a female.

Additionally, Adam and Eve made offerings unto YAH Almighty for each child who was born to them at the appropriate time, that is to say, after forty days of birth for Cain, Abel and Seth then after 80 days of birth for Luluwa and Aklia.


The following Holy Biblical Scriptures are the source of the above information:

Chapter LXXIII – The marriage of Adam and Eve.

1 Then God considered the words of Adam that they were true, and that he could long await His order, respecting the counsel of Satan. 2 And God approved Adam in what he had thought concerning this, and in the prayer he had offered in His presence; and the Word of God came to Adam and said to him, “O Adam, if only you had had this caution at first, before you came out of the garden into this land!” 3 After that, God sent His angel who had brought gold, and the angel who had brought incense, and the angel who had brought myrrh to Adam, that they should inform him respecting his marriage to Eve. 4 Then those angels said to Adam, “Take the gold and give it to Eve as a wedding gift, and promise to marry her; then give her some incense and myrrh as a present; and be you, you and she, one flesh.” 5 Adam obeyed the angels, and took the gold and put it into Eve’s bosom in her garment; and promised to marry her with his hand. 6 Then the angels commanded Adam and Eve to get up and pray forty days and forty nights; when that was done, then Adam was to have sexual intercourse with his wife; for then this would be an act pure and undefiled; so that he would have children who would multiply, and replenish the face of the earth. 7 Then both Adam and Eve received the words of the angels; and the angels departed from them. 8 Then Adam and Eve began to fast and pray, until the end of the forty days; and then they had sexual intercourse, as the angels had told them. And from the time Adam left the garden until he wedded Eve, were two hundred and twenty-three days, that is seven months and thirteen days. 9 Thus was Satan’s war with Adam defeated.



Chapter LXXIV – The birth of Cain and Luluwa. Why they received those names.

1 And they lived on the earth working in order to keep their bodies in good health; and they continued so until the nine months of Eve’s pregnancy were over, and the time drew near when she must give birth. 2 Then she said to Adam, “The signs placed in this cave since we left the garden indicate that this is a pure place and we will be praying in it again some time. It is not appropriate then, that I should give birth in it. Let us instead go to the sheltering rock cave that was formed by the command of God when Satan threw a big rock down on us in an attempt to kill us with it. 3 Adam then took Eve to that cave. When the time came for her to give birth, she strained a lot. Adam felt sorry, and he was very worried about her because she was close to death and the words of God to her were being fulfilled: “In suffering shall you bear a child, and in sorrow shall you bring forth a child.” 4 But when Adam saw the distress in which Eve was, he got up and prayed to God, and said, “O Lord, look at me with the eye of Your mercy, and bring her out of her distress.” 5 And God looked at His maid-servant Eve, and delivered her, and she gave birth to her first-born son, and with him a daughter. 6 The Adam rejoiced at Eve’s deliverance, and also over the children she had borne him. And Adam ministered to Eve in the cave, until the end of eight days; when they named the son Cain, and the daughter Luluwa. 7 The meaning of Cain is “hater,” because he hated his sister in their mother’s womb; before they came out of it. Therefore Adam named him Cain. 8 But Luluwa means “beautiful,” because she was more beautiful than her mother. 9 Then Adam and Eve waited until Cain and his sister were forty days old, when Adam said to Eve, “We will make an offering and offer it up in behalf of the children.” 10 And Eve said, “We will make one offering for the first-born son and then later we shall make one for the daughter.”


Chapter LXXV – The family revisits the Cave of Treasures. Birth of Abel and Aklia.

1 Then Adam prepared an offering, and he and Eve offered it up for their children, and brought it to the altar they had built at first. 2 And Adam offered up the offering, and asked God to accept his offering. 3 Then God accepted Adam’s offering, and sent a light from heaven that shown on the offering. Adam and his son drew near to the offering, but Eve and the daughter did not approach it. 4 Adam and his son were joyful as they came down from on the altar. Adam and Eve waited until the daughter was eighty days old, then Adam prepared an offering and took it to Eve and to the children. They went to the altar, where Adam offered it up, as he was accustomed, asking the Lord to accept his offering. 5 And the Lord accepted the offering of Adam and Eve. Then Adam, Eve, and the children, drew near together, and came down from the mountain, rejoicing. 6 But they returned not to the cave in which they were born; but came to the Cave of Treasures, in order that the children should go around in it, and be blessed with the tokens brought from the garden. 7 But after they had been blessed with these tokens, they went back to the cave in which they were born. 8 However, before Eve had offered up the offering, Adam had taken her, and had gone with her to the river of water, in which they threw themselves at first; and there they washed themselves. Adam washed his body and Eve hers also clean, after the suffering and distress that had come over them. 9 But Adam and Eve, after washing themselves in the river of water, returned every night to the Cave of Treasures, where they prayed and were blessed; and then went back to their cave, where their children were born. 10 Adam and Eve did this until the children had been weaned. After they were weaned, Adam made an offering for the souls of his children in addition to the three times every week he made an offering for them. 11 When the children were weaned, Eve again conceived, and when her pregnancy came to term, she gave birth to another son and daughter. They named the son Abel and the daughter Aklia. 12 Then at the end of forty days, Adam made an offering for the son, and at the end of eighty days he made another offering for the daughter, and treated them, as he had previously treated Cain and his sister Luluwa. 13 He brought them to the Cave of Treasures, where they received a blessing, and then returned to the cave where they were born. After these children were born, Eve stopped having children.


Jacob and Esau 

Jacob and Esau, sons of Isaac and Rebecca, are the  second third set of twins mentioned in the holy Biblical Scriptures (Genesis 25:19-28). The story of Jacob is told in Genesis 25:19-37:36 and 42:1-50:3. The story of Esau is found in Genesis 25:19-28:9, 32:1 -33:20, and 35:27-36:43. From Jacob the twelve tribes of Israel descended. Esau became the father of the Edomites (Genesis 36:19,43; Obadiah 1:6; Malachi 1:2-3).



Leah & Rachel were twin sisters just like Esau & Jacob were twin brothers!

They were also about 56 years younger than Jacob/Israel, their husband.

According to some pieces of Jewish Literature, Esau was meant to marry Leah while Jacob marry Rachel but this did not happened as it was of the LORD YAHUVEH! It was through Jacob that Laban, his Uncle even conceived both Leah and Rachel. Esau was not interested in walking faithfully with the LORD YAHUVEH or even being prayerful. He did not spend time sitting at his fathers’ (that is to say, Shem, Eber, Noah, Abraham, Isaac) feet learning about HIS Maker/Creator YAH as Jacob did. This was recorded in the Book of Jasher.

Esau ended up dying on the day of Jacob’s burial because he failed to totally forgive and let go of the exchange between him and Jacob some years before that.



The next mention of the birth of twins after that was that of Esau and Jacob then Leah and Rachel.

Sadly, Cain and Esau had something in common which was that, they had no love for YAH (a.k.a ELOHIM) at all during their lifetimes.
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Cain was jealous of Abel and eventually murdered him. Esau was so angry with and jealous of Jacob that he tried to kill him (using his son, Eliphaz) however, YAH gave favour to Jacob who prevailed against Eliphaz. This happened so that YAH’S prophecies would be fulfilled. Note that if Jacob had been killed on that day, the nation of Israel would not be birthed.


Peretz (Perez in English) and Zerah/Zarah

Another set of twins we see in the Holy Biblical Scriptures was born to Tamar and Judah. Tamar was Judah’s daughter-in-law.  The twins’ names were:

  • Perez  


  • Zerah


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Genesis 38:27-30 Names of God Bible (NOG)

27 The time came for Tamar to give birth, and she had twin boys. 28 When she was giving birth, one of them put out his hand. The midwife took a piece of red yarn, tied it on his wrist, and said, “This one came out first.” 29 As he pulled back his hand, his brother was born. So she said, “Is this how you burst into the world!” He was named Perez [Bursting Into]. 30 After that his brother was born with the red yarn on his hand. He was named Zerah [Sunrise].

Judah’s daughter-in-law, Tamar, was widowed and did not want to be childless. Wrapping her face in a veil and disguising herself as a prostitute, she intercepts Judah on the road and he sleeps with her. The result of their union was Perez and Zerah (Genesis 38:12-30). From Perez would come the family of David (Ruth 4:18-22).



Ephraim and Manasseh

It is also suggested that Epharaim and Manasseh were also twins.

The Holy Biblical Scriptures do not directly state that the two sons of Joseph and Asenath were twins, but there is good reason to believe they were.

  • First, Genesis mentions they were both born “before the year of famine came” (Genesis 41:50).


  • Second, two conceptions are not mentioned in the text.


  • Third, if they are twins they fit nicely into the pattern seen in the lives of Isaac and Judah: both their younger twins inherited the birthright, just as the younger Ephraim was blessed first by Jacob (Genesis 48:19). Jacob promised that both Ephraim and Manasseh would become patriarchs of a multitude, which began a traditional blessing said in Israel: “God make you as Ephraim and as Manasseh” (Genesis 48:20).

 Thomas and his unnamed sibling 

Thomas was one of the twelves apostles (Matthew 10:3; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:15; Acts 1:13). His name means “twin.” His surname was Didymus (John 11:16; 20:24; 21:2), meaning “double,” or “twofold.” Thomas is perhaps best known as “Doubting Thomas” because of the resurrection story in John 20:24-29, but other stories in the Gospel of John reveal Thomas to be a man of great devotion of to Christ (John 11:16; 14:5).


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The following Scriptures give us more information regarding Leah and Rachel being twins:

Book of Jasher, Chapter 28

1 And in those days, after the death of Abraham, in that year the Lord brought a heavy famine in the land, and whilst the famine was raging in the land of Canaan, Isaac rose up to go down to Egypt on account of the famine, as his father Abraham had done.

2 And the Lord appeared that night to Isaac and he said to him, Do not go down to Egypt but rise and go to Gerar, to Abimelech king of the Philistines, and remain there till the famine shall cease.

3 And Isaac rose up and went to Gerar, as the Lord commanded him, and he remained there a full year.

4 And when Isaac came to Gerar, the people of the land saw that Rebecca his wife was of a beautiful appearance, and the people of Gerar asked Isaac concerning his wife, and he said, She is my sister, for he was afraid to say she was his wife lest the people of the land should slay him on account of her.

5 And the princes of Abimelech went and praised the woman to the king, but he answered them not, neither did he attend to their words.

6 But he heard them say that Isaac declared her to be his sister, so the king reserved this within himself.

7 And when Isaac had remained three months in the land, Abimelech looked out at the window, and he saw, and behold Isaac was sporting with Rebecca his wife, for Isaac dwelt in the outer house belonging to the king, so that the house of Isaac was opposite the house of the king.

8 And the king said unto Isaac, What is this thou hast done to us in saying of thy wife, She is my sister? how easily might one of the great men of the people have lain with her, and thou wouldst then have brought guilt upon us.

9 And Isaac said unto Abimelech, Because I was afraid lest I die on account of my wife, therefore I said, She is my sister.

10 At that time Abimelech gave orders to all his princes and great men, and they took Isaac and Rebecca his wife and brought them before the king.

11 And the king commanded that they should dress them in princely garments, and make them ride through the streets of the city, and proclaim before them throughout the land, saying, This is the man and this is his wife; whoever toucheth this man or his wife shall surely die. And Isaac returned with his wife to the king’s house, and the Lord was with Isaac and he continued to wax great and lacked nothing.

12 And the Lord caused Isaac to find favor in the sight of Abimelech, and in the sight of all his subjects, and Abimelech acted well with Isaac, for Abimelech remembered the oath and the covenant that existed between his father and Abraham.

13 And Abimelech said unto Isaac, Behold the whole earth is before thee; dwell wherever it may seem good in thy sight until thou shalt return to thy land; and Abimelech gave Isaac fields and vineyards and the best part of the land of Gerar, to sow and reap and eat the fruits of the ground until the days of the famine should have passed by.

14 And Isaac sowed in that land, and received a hundred-fold in the same year, and the Lord blessed him.

15 And the man waxed great, and he had possession of flocks and possession of herds and great store of servants.

16 And when the days of the famine had passed away the Lord appeared to Isaac and said unto him, Rise up, go forth from this place and return to thy land, to the land of Canaan; and Isaac rose up and returned to Hebron which is in the land of Canaan, he and all belonging to him as the Lord commanded him.

17 And after this Shelach the son at Arpachshad died in that year, which is the eighteenth year of the lives of Jacob and Esau; and all the days that Shelach lived were four hundred and thirty-three years and he died.

18 At that time Isaac sent his younger son Jacob to the house of Shem and Eber, and he learned the instructions of the Lord, and Jacob remained in the house of Shem and Eber for thirty-two years, and Esau his brother did not go, for he was not willing to go, and he remained in his father’s house in the land of Canaan.

19 And Esau was continually hunting in the fields to bring home what he could get, so did Esau all the days.

20 And Esau was a designing and deceitful man, one who hunted after the hearts of men and inveigled them, and Esau was a valiant man in the field, and in the course of time went as usual to hunt; and he came as far as the field of Seir, the same is Edom.

21 And he remained in the land of Seir hunting in the field a year and four months.

22 And Esau there saw in the land of Seir the daughter of a man of Canaan, and her name was Jehudith, the daughter of Beeri, son of Epher, from the families of Heth the son of Canaan.

23 And Esau took her for a wife, and he came unto her; forty years old was Esau when he took her, and he brought her to Hebron, the land of his father’s dwelling place, and he dwelt there.

24 And it came to pass in those days, in the hundred and tenth year of the life of Isaac, that is in the fiftieth year of the life of Jacob, in that year died Shem the son of Noah; Shem was six hundred years old at his death.

25 And when Shem died Jacob returned to his father to Hebron which is in the land of Canaan.

26 And in the fifty-sixth year of the life of Jacob, people came from Haran, and Rebecca was told concerning her brother Laban the son of Bethuel.

27 For the wife of Laban was barren in those days, and bare no children, and also all his handmaids bare none to him.

28 And the Lord afterward remembered Adinah the wife of Laban, and she conceived and bare twin daughters, and Laban called the names of his daughters, the name of the elder Leah, and the name of the younger Rachel.

29 And those people came and told these things to Rebecca, and Rebecca rejoiced greatly that the Lord had visited her brother and that he had got children.

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Some of the above information has been obtained from: https://www.intoxicatedonlife.com/2012/10/15/all-the-twins-in-the-bible/