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Remember that YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH was the First Born Son of Miryam (a.k.a Mary). YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH is also the First Born Son and only begotten one of YAH (Yahuchanan/John 3:16) Almighty, that is to say SON of YAHUVEH and SHKINYINYAH GLORY Almighty!

YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH as a First Born spent HIS last PESACH/PASSOVER on earth fasting as HIS fate was being decided. HE was eventually crucified and buried. HE resurrected three days later.

My point here is that it is good to follow in YAHUSHUA’S footsteps. It is good for everyone and most especially the First Borns to fast the day before PESACH as well as spend some time in prayer unto YAH from untimely death brought about by Satan as well as other evil programmed into them by Satan from birth so as to stop YAH’S plans from manifesting for generations. Remember that the First Born Child is a Leader of some kind both physically and spiritually.

Reuben’s First Born Right was given to Joseph as a result of his behaviour towards his father, Israel’s (a.ak.a Jacob’s) marriage decision after Rachel’s death. In that way, he defiled his father’s marriage bed. He lost his given birth right of leadership just like that.

Esau on the other sold his own to Israel a.k.a Jacob) his brother. This happened just after he had killed Nimrod. Interestingly enough, Esau died in the same exact way as he had killed Nimrod, all because he regretted his decision of selling his birth right. He tried to take advantage of Israel’s sons after Israels’ passing.

Cain lost his first born right after killing his brother, Abel. Seth replaced him.

When blessing Manasseh and Ephraim, Jacob gave the blessing of the first born to the younger brother instead as led by YAHUVEH GOD Almighty!

If being a first born or the first born right is not important, then Esau would not fight his brother Israel on several occasions to the point of killing him.

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Fasting does not occur if one is too young or has health issues!

Fast of the Firstborn (Hebrew: תענית בכורות‎, Ta’anit B’khorotor תענית בכורים‎, Ta’anit B’khorim); is a unique fast day in Judaism which usually falls on the day before Passover (i.e., the fourteenth day of Nisan, a month in the Jewish calendar; Passover begins on the fifteenth of Nisan). Usually, the fast is broken at a siyum celebration (typically made at the conclusion of the morning services), which, according to prevailing custom, creates an atmosphere of rejoicing that overrides the requirement to continue the fast . Unlike all other Jewish fast days, only firstborns are required to fast on the Fast of the Firstborn.

This fast commemorates the salvation of the Israelite firstborns during the Plague of the Firstborn (according to the Book of Exodus, the tenth of the ten plagues wrought upon Ancient Egypt prior to the Exodus of the Children of Israel), when, according to Exodus (12:29): “…God struck every firstborn in the Land of Mitzrayim (Ancient Egypt)….”

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Exodus 11 Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Tenth Plague—The Death of the Firstborn

11 Then Yahweh said to Moses, “I will bring one more plague on Pharaoh and Egypt. After that he will let you go. When he does, he will be certain to force all of you out of here. Now announce to the people of Israel that each man and woman must ask the Egyptians for silver and gold jewelry.”

Yahweh made the Egyptians kind to the people. And Moses was highly respected by Pharaoh’s officials and all the Egyptians.

Moses said, “This is what Yahweh says: About midnight I will go out among the Egyptians. Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh who rules the land, to the firstborn children of female slaves who use their handmills, including every firstborn domestic animal. There will be loud crying throughout Egypt, such as there has never been or ever will be again. But where the Israelites are, not even a dog will be startled by any person or animal. This is how you will see that Yahweh shows the distinction between Egypt and Israel. Then all these officials of yours will come, bow down to me, and say, ‘You and all the people who follow you, get out!’ After that I will leave.” Burning with anger, Moses left Pharaoh.

Yahweh had said to Moses, “Pharaoh will not listen to you. This is why I will do more amazing things in Egypt.” 10 Moses and Aaron showed Pharaoh all these amazing things. Yet, Yahweh made Pharaoh stubborn, so he wouldn’t let the Israelites leave his country.





This is a time to Re-dedicate yourself as a First Born Child unto YAH or Re-dedicate your First Born Child unto YAH Almighty whether male or female!!!

You or your first born child were the first to break open or forth the mothers’s womb! Every such person belongs to YAH Almighty and is set apart for special assignments because whatever happens to them is usually passed down to the siblings spiritually and sometimes physically as time goes on!

Exodus 13:1-17 Names of God Bible (NOG)

13 Yahweh spoke to Moses, “Set apart every firstborn male for me. Every firstborn male offspring among the Israelites is mine, whether human or animal.”

Then Moses said to the people, “Remember this day—the day when you left Egypt, the land of slavery. Yahweh used his mighty hand to bring you out of there. Don’t eat anything made with yeast. Today, in the month of Abib, you are leaving Egypt. Yahweh swore to your ancestors that he would give you the land of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Hivites, and Jebusites. When he brings you into that land flowing with milk and honey, you must observe this ceremony in this month.

“For seven days you must eat unleavened bread. The seventh day will be a pilgrimage festival in Yahweh’s honor. Only unleavened bread should be eaten during these seven days. No sourdough or yeast should be seen anywhere in your territory. On that day tell your children, ‘We do this because of what Yahweh did for us when we left Egypt.’ This festival will be like a mark on your hand or a reminder on your forehead that the teachings of Yahweh are always to be a part of your conversation. Because Yahweh used his mighty hand to bring you out of Egypt, 10 you must follow these rules every year at this time.

Rules Concerning the Firstborn Child

11 “When Yahweh brings you to the land of the Canaanites and gives it to you, as he swore to you and your ancestors, 12 sacrifice every firstborn male offspring to Yahweh. The firstborn male offspring of each of your animals belongs to Yahweh13 It will cost you a sheep or a goat to buy any firstborn donkey back from the Lord. If you don’t buy it back, then you must break the donkey’s neck. You must also buy every firstborn son back from the Lord.

14 “In the future when your children ask you what this means, tell them, ‘Yahweh used his mighty hand to bring us out of slavery in Egypt. 15 When Pharaoh was too stubborn to let us go, Yahweh killed every firstborn male in Egypt—human and animal. This is why we sacrifice every firstborn male to Yahweh and buy every firstborn son back from the Lord.’ 16 So this festival will be like a mark on your hand and like a band on your forehead, because Yahweh used his mighty hand to bring us out of Egypt.”


It is an ancient and widespread custom for the firstborn to fast on the day before Passover. This commemorates the miracle which spared the firstborn Jewish sons from the plague which struck down the firstborn sons of the Egyptians.

By right, this fast should be held on the anniversary of the day on which the miracle occurred: on the night of the fifteenth of Nissan. However, since the fifteenth is already Passover, and we do not fast on Festival days the fast is pushed back to the fourteenth.

There is an additional reason why we fast specifically on the fourteenth. The firstborn of the Jews were saved in Egypt because they humbled themselves before YAH, admitting and declaring that all greatness, power, and sovereignty are His alone.

This stood in contradistinction to the Egyptians who, filled with foolish pride and egotism, declared: “I am, and besides me there is none other.”

Thus, the fast on the fourteenth of Nissan commemorates the fact that the First Born of Israel humbled themselves on that day and accepted the yoke of YAH’S sovereignty.

Abstention from food and drink is a sign of a heart subdued before YAH.


There are different customs that are associated with this fast:>

  • Some maintain that every firstborn, male and female, whether the firstborn is that of the mother or of the father, must fast!


  • If there are no children, then the oldest member of the household must fast. They base this on the fact that there was no Egyptian household that was spared from the plague, every household in Egypt was struck whether there was a firstborn son or not. We commemorate, therefore, that all of the Jewish households were miraculously spared.


  • Others maintain that the obligation to fast applies only to firstborn males.

If the fourteenth of Nissan falls on a Shabbat, the fast is observed on the previous Thursday [the twelfth of Nissan], for if a fast is suspended because of Shabbat, it is not held on a Friday. However if the fourteenth of Nissan falls on a Friday, the fast is held on that day. There are some who are lenient, however, and maintain that in this case one does not fast.


  • There are those who hold that the firstborn sons who are fasting should not fast for the entire day, in order not to enter the Festival suffering, and thus should eat a small amount before the Festival begins.


  • This fast is treated leniently. Thus, if there is a festive meal held that is connected with a mitzvah, for example, the celebration of a circumcision or a siyum, the firstborn son participates in the meal rather than fasting.


  • It is therefore customary to arrange for a siyum to take place in the synagogue after morning prayers on the fourteenth of Nissan. The firstborn sons who are present participate in this festive meal and, having broken their fast, may continue to eat for the rest of the day.

[A siyum (Hebrew: סיום‎) (“completion”) is the completion of any unit of TORAH study. A siyum is usually followed by a celebratory meal, or seudat mitzvah, a meal in honor of a mitzvah, or commandment. Siyum also refers to the celebration.]


  • The First Custom states that a healthy individual must fast if he can sustain the fast without undue suffering and without any subsequent weakening that would affect his ability or inclination to heartily partake of his Passover Seder meal (and specifically the matzah). (If one is obligated to partake of a festive meal that day, such as if he is the father of an infant on the day of circumcision, this opinion requires him to undertake a reciprocal fast at the soonest opportunity.)


  • According to the Second Custom (quoted by the Magen Avraham in the name of the Maharash Levi), the fast may be broken at any festive meal celebrating a circumcision or a redemption of the firstborn.


  • According to the Third Custom, based upon the Maharshal (Yam Shel Sh’lomoBava Kamma 7:37), the fast may even be broken at a seudat mitzvah for a siyum celebrating the completion of study of a tractate of Talmud. The latter custom is commonly observed.


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The following First Born Prayer Points could be useful to you during the fast. Remember that you can fast on behalf of someone like your fast born child and pray for them.


Gen. 49:1-6 Psalm 139

Before Praying the following, ensure you have repented with the help of Psalm 51 as well as read the given scriptures so as to sharpen your SPIRITUAL SWORD and ROD very well. This will increase your empowerment in the spiritual realm against the enemy, Satan. YAHUSHUA says that if we have any sin in us and go into spiritual warfare, we would be fighting a losing battle which I pray will not be our portion in YAHUSHUA’S name, AMEN!

Our Breastplates of Righteousness should no chinks, says YAH through HIS Amightywind Ministry.


CONFESSION to be said by the first born (everyday).

I am the first born (male or female) of my family
The Excellency of dignity and POWER, the might and future of my family
Therefore I shall excel in every area of my life that I have failed in the past.
The curses operating in the lives of first born shall no longer affect my life because YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH has redeemed me from all curses.
The blessings of Abraham shall come upon my life and I shall experience breakthroughs everyday of my life.
I shall not be a failure but a reference to SUCCESS for those who aspire to be successful
I refuse to be a slave to my younger ones and I shall not worship them before I feed
So shall it be in YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH’S name, AMEN!

Gen. 49:3,4 Galatians 3:13,14

1. O ABBA YAHUVEH, I absolve myself of every evil ancestral curse and inheritance in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
2. You evil ancestral pattern of first-born failure,I disconnect myself from you in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
3. I release myself from every collective family captivity in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
4. Evil family altars crying against my life, be destroyed by RUACH HA KODESH fire, in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
5. Inherited family curses hanging over my destiny, be nullified in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
6. Inherited wars and unrest in my life, die down in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
7. Foundational problems in my life, die in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
8. Inherited barrenness and poverty in my life, die by RUACH HA KODESH fire in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
9. O YAH,exempt me from inherited iniquities of my family lineage by fire in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
10. Every evil flow of destiny pollutants from my family into my life,dry up from your source in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
11. Powers assigned to be transferring my virtues to my younger ones and those who are not qualified for it, hear the voice of the Lord be suspended and return my virtues back to me in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN
12. Every inherited curses of thou shalt not excel connected to my position as first born of the family or operating to stop destiny of glorious children, I am no longer your victim therefore be canceled by the power of YAHUVEH GOD in YAHUSHUA’S mighty name, AMEN.
13. I shall not struggle to shine among my mates and siblings in the name of YAHUSHUA, therefore my star arise and shine in YAHUSHUA’S name, AMEN.
14. Whatever I have tried that didn’t work, henceforth it shall work for me in YAHUSHUA’S name, AMEN



Praise Worship

Scripture Reading – Numbers 3:40-51.

Repentance – Psalm 51

Confession – Genesis 22:17

1. Every power sponsoring repeated problems and resurrection of affliction in the life of my firstborn, to stagnate his/her advancement in life, receive thunder fire of YAH and die, in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN
2. Every witchcraft padlock used to lockup the marriage the business, the womb and the brain of my firstborn, RUACH HA KODESH fire, break them and set them ablaze, in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
3. Every river evil family pattern flowing down to my firstborn from ancestral line, dry up now by RUACH HA KODESH fire, in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.
4. Divine power of reformation and restoration fall upon my firstborn and give him/her divine transformation in all areas, in YAHUSHUA’S name, AMEN.
5. You my first born I speak to your life, YAH will add value to you, you will always be the head, you will not serve your juniors in YAHUSHUA’S name, AMEN.
6. By the power that changes times and season, O YAH arise sit on the situation of my firstborn, and let the story of His / her life change for better, in the name of YAHUSHUA, AMEN.


Confession to be said by parent by 12am (everyday)

( mention name of your first born ) shall not lack in every good things of life, He/She is the head and shall not be the tail.
SHKINYINYAH GLORY shall shine upon his/her life throughout his life and the LORD YAHUVEH shall cancel every inherited curses or curse I have ignorantly placed upon your life through your childhood affecting your life negatively.
Henceforth you are free from bondage and u shall walk into your SHKINYINYAH GLORY in YAHUSHUA’S name, AMEN.