HOW MUCH OIL DO YOU HAVE SPIRITUALLY? (Matthew 25:1-13 explained)




IT IS ALL ABOUT THE OIL! The Level of Your Spiritual OIL matters a lot!!!

It is time to ask YAH to fill you with OIL to overflowing….


Verse 1:








Sing Hosanna…


What is OIL and why is it vital?

Definition of OIL according to the English dictionary:  a viscous liquid derived from petroleum, especially for use as a fuel or lubricant.

OIL is a very important factor in life. We all need oil physically daily.

  • We used it to cook,
  • We use it to oil our bodies, hair, etc, especially those of new born babies and elderly people
  • Oil is what gets vehicles moving from one place to another.
  • We need oil in order to have light in our lamps. WITHOUT OIL, LIGHT WILL BE PUT OUT! See the FEAST OF HANUKKAH/DEDICATION/LIGHTS and MENORAH teachings for more information on this.
  • Oil is used to ANOINT YAH’S People for HIS Mission.
  • OIL is used to lubricate hinges (doors, windows, tools, etc), mechanics (cars, etc)


In the spiritual realm, OIL carries a great significance as well. When we become born again children of YAH through the blood of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH (a.k.a JESUS CHRIST / YESHUA), we are to fulfil the commandment of being baptised by immersion in water as well as baptised by the RUACH HA KODESH / HOLY SPIRIT.  We become LAMPS and are commanded to produce LIGHT. This world is full of darkness spiritually. Without YAH’S LIGHT, we cannot see or know where we are going SPIRITUALLY.


How do we produce light?

By allowing YAH to dwell in us. We die to self daily and let YAH live through us (Romans 6; Romans 12).

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

19 Or don’t you know that your body is a temple for the Ruach HaKodesh who lives inside you, whom you received from God? The fact is, you don’t belong to yourselves; 20 for you were bought at a price. So use your bodies to glorify God.


OIL is vital both spiritually and physically.

Spiritually, OIL is representative of the presence of and level of the presence RUACH HA KODESH / HOLY SPIRIT.

We need the RUACH HA KODESH in order to continue shining as Lamps (Ambassadors) of YAHUSHUA and ABBA YAHUVEH / YAHWEH.


As per Isaiah 60:1-2, RUACH HA KODESH is also YAHUVEH GOD’S Glory




John 8:12 Names of God Bible (NOG)

YAHUSHUA Speaks with the Pharisees about His Father

12 Yeshua (YAHUSHUA) spoke to the Pharisees again. He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will have a life filled with light and will never live in the dark.”


John 8:12 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

12 Yeshua (YAHUSHUA) spoke to them again: “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light which gives life.”


We who follow YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH are also called to be the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. We need OIL in order to give light or shine for YAH.


Matthew 5:14-16 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

1“You are light for the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Likewise, when people light a lamp, they don’t cover it with a bowl but put it on a lamp-stand, so that it shines for everyone in the house. 16 In the same way, let your light shine before people, so that they may see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven.

Every light that shines in this life whether physically or spiritually requires a source of energy of some kind which is usually OIL. It can be electricity but traditionally, it is OIL.


The main SCRIPTURE in the BIBLE which emphasises the IMPORTANCE OF SPIRITUAL OIL is Matthyew 25:1-13 – THE PARABLE OF THE TEN VIRGINS / BRIDES! Below is the SCRIPTURE written out with light thrown on the SYMBOLS used in the Parable as taught by YAH:


 Matthew 25 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

25 “The Kingdom of Heaven at that time will be like ten bridesmaids who took their lamps (MENORAHS which represent YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) and went out to meet the groom (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH). Five of them were foolish and five were sensible. The foolish ones took lamps (MENORAHS in Hebrew. They represent YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) with them but no oil (Symbol of the RUACH HA KODESH / HOLY SPIRIT), whereas the others took flasks of oil (Symbol of the  RUACH HA KODESH / HOLY SPIRIT) with their lamps (MENORAHS which represent YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH). Now the BRIDEGROOM (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) was late, so they all went to sleep. It was the middle of the night when the cry rang out, ‘The BRIDEGROOM (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) is here! Go out to meet him!’ The girls all woke up and prepared their lamps (MENORAHS) for lighting. The foolish ones (Some Bride of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) said to the sensible ones (Some BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH), ‘Give us some of your oil (OIL OF THE RUACH HA KODESH / HOLY SPIRIT), because our Lamps (MENORAHS which represent YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) are going out.’ ‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both you and us. Go to the oil dealers (RUACH HA KODESH / HOLY SPIRIT) and buy some for yourselves (can NEVER buy YAH’S OIL).’ 10 But as they were going off to buy, the BRIDGEGROOM (YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACHY) came. Those who were ready went with him to the wedding feast, and the door was shut. 11 Later, the other bridesmaids (BRIDE OF YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH) came. ‘Sir! Sir!’ they cried, ‘Let us in!’ 12 But he answered, ‘Indeed! I tell you, I don’t know you!’ 13 So stay alert, because you know neither the day nor the hour.


We can NOT talk about OIL without talking about LAMPS and LIGHT because they go together!


Psalm 119:105 Names of God Bible (NOG)

105 Your word is a LAMP for my feet
    and a LIGHT for my path.







Ask yourself:

Can a Lamp be lit without OIL? Can Light be produced from a Lamp without OIL?



Furthermore, the MIRACLE OF OIL FOR THE MENORAH PROVISION IN THE TEMPLE OF YAH (GOD) during the Feast of Hannukah/Dedication/Lights. In the story of the Maccabees (1st & 2nd Books of the Maccabees), we see The Maccabees RE-DEDICATE YAH’S (GOD’S) TEMPLE to YAH after the battle of good (GOD’s Commandment-Keeping Israelites) against evil (Greek/Syrians). One of the things they did was to light the MENORAH however, they lacked enough oil to keep the MENORAH lit. Remember that in the Book of Exodus, YAH commanded them never to allow / let the light of the MENORAH to be put out completely after YAH lit it for them for the very first time! Sadly, the Jewish Israelites only had OIL enough for one day. During the time of the Maccabees, they had been fighting against the invasion of Antiochus, the Assyrian Greek King who had taken over their land and forced them to worship idols plus eat food sacrificed to idols. They were not in a position to produce OIL from ALMOND BUDS as usual as there was not enough time to do so. It usually took about 7 -8 days to produce OIL. Interestingly enough, YAH kept the MENORAH LIGHT LIT for 7 more days. 

This shows how important the MENORAH and OIL were to YAH particularly in the context of the TEMPLE (a.k.a YAH’S Tabernacle or Dwelling Place amongst HIS people, Israel). It was the ONLY LIGHT AVAILABLE IN THE TABERNACLE AND THE TEMPLE OF YAH. YAH lit the very first light after that, the Israelites had to keep it lit continuously without fail!!!

Remember that in the Book of Revelation, YAH says that in HEAVEN, YAH will be OUR LIGHT! There will be no sun or moon or stars and no need for them either because YAH’S LIGHT AND GLORY WILL BE SUFFICIENT!

The LIGHT emitted by the MENORAH is YAHUSHUA who is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD as seen in John 8. Additionally, YAHUSHUA is also the MENORAH (a.k.a LAMP)! The OIL that was constantly added by the PRIESTS (LEVITES) was representative of RUACH HA KODESH (a.k.a HOLY SPIRIT).


We need both the LAMP, THE OIL AND THE LIGHT in order to see our way in this very spiritually dark world / wilderness.


WE CAN NOT EMIT YAH’S LIGHT OUTSIDE OF YAHUSHUA who is also OUR GREAT HIGH PRIEST. He says in John 14 that HE is THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, no-one can come to the FATHER except through HIM. If we ABIDE IN YAHUSHUA, then we can emit the same LIGHT OF YAH and be able to dwell in YAH’S PRESENCE FOR ETERNITY.

YAH cannot stand darkness and darkness cannot stand YAH and HIS LIGHT (John 1)!!!

Read the scriptures below as they back what I have just said:


“I am the vine and you are the branches. Those who stay united with me, and I with them, are the ones who bear much fruit; because apart from me you can’t do a thing. Unless a person remains united with me, he is thrown away like a branch and dries up. Such branches are gathered and thrown into the fire, where they are burned up.

“If you remain united with me, and my words with you, then ask whatever you want, and it will happen for you. This is how my Father is glorified — in your bearing much fruit; this is how you will prove to be my talmidim.



Note that the HOLY SPIRIT is symbolised in the HOLY SCRIPTURES as:




The wind symbolizes the invisible yet powerful work of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2:2 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Suddenly, a sound like a violently blowing wind came from the sky and filled the whole house where they were staying.

Genesis 1 Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Creation

In the beginning Elohim created heaven and earth.

The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep water. The Ruach Elohim was hovering over the water.



Oil was involved in the anointing of the prophets, priests and kings for ministry to their offices. Oil symbolizes the soothing and healing presence of the Holy Spirit.

Exodus 29:7 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Take the anointing oil, pour it on his head, and anoint him.


Leviticus 24 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Duties in the Tent of Meeting

24 Yahweh spoke to Moses, “Command the Israelites to bring you pure, virgin olive oil for the lamp stand so that the lamps won’t go out. In the tent of meeting, outside the canopy where the words of my promise are, Aaron must keep the lamps lit in Yahweh’s presence from evening until morning. It is a permanent law for generations to come. Aaron must keep the lamps on the pure gold lamp stand lit in Yahweh’s presence.

“Also take flour and bake twelve rings of bread. Each ring will contain four quarts of flour. Put them in two stacks of six each on the gold table in Yahweh’s presence. Lay pure incense on top of each stack. The incense on the bread will be a reminder, an offering by fire to Yahweh. Every day of worship a priest must arrange the bread in Yahweh’s presence. It is a continual reminder of my promise[a] to the Israelites. The bread will belong to Aaron and his sons. They will eat it in a holy place. It is very holy, set apart from Yahweh’s offering by fire. This is a permanent law.”

Acts 10:38 Names of God Bible (NOG)

38 You know that God anointed Yeshua (YAHUSHUA) from Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power. Yeshua (YAHUSHUA) went everywhere and did good things, such as healing everyone who was under the devil’s power. Yeshua (YAHUSHUA) did these things because God was with him.


1 Samuel 16:12-13 Names of God Bible (NOG)

12 So Jesse sent for him. He had a healthy complexion, attractive eyes, and a handsome appearance. Yahweh said, “Go ahead, anoint him. He is the one.” 13 Samuel took the flask of olive oil and anointed David in the presence of his brothers. The Ruach Yahweh came over David and stayed with him from that day on. Then Samuel left for Ramah.


1 Samuel 10:1 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Saul Anointed by Samuel

10 Samuel took a flask of olive oil, poured it on Saul’s head, kissed him, and said, “Yahweh has anointed you to be ruler of his people Israel. You will rule his people and save them from all their enemies. This will be the sign that Yahweh has anointed you[a] to be ruler of his people.


Exodus 30:22-33 Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Oil for Anointing

22 Yahweh said to Moses, 23 “Take the finest spices: 12½ pounds of powdered[a] myrrh; half as much, that is, 6¼ pounds of fragrant cinnamon; 6¼ pounds of fragrant cane; 24 12½ pounds of cassia—all weighed using the standard weight of the holy place—and 4 quarts of olive oil. 25 Have a perfumer make these into a holy oil, a fragrant mixture, used only for anointing. This will be the holy oil used for anointing.

26 “Use it to anoint the tent of meeting, the ark containing the words of my promise, 27 the table and all the dishes, the lamp stand and all the utensils, the altar for incense, 28 the altar for burnt offerings and all its accessories, and the basin with its stand. 29 In this way you will dedicate them for their holy purpose. Then they will be most holy, and anything that touches them will become holy. 30 Anoint Aaron and his sons as well. In this way you will set them apart for their holy duties of serving me as priests.

31 “Say to the Israelites, ‘For generations to come, this will be my holy oil used only for anointing. 32 It must never be poured on the bodies of other people. Never make any perfumed oil using this formula. It is holy, and you must treat it as holy. 33 Whoever prepares a perfume like this or puts it on anyone who is not a priest must be excluded from the people.’”

2 Kings 4 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Elisha and the Widow’s Olive Oil

One of the wives of a disciple of the prophets called to Elisha, “Sir, my husband is dead! You know how he feared Yahweh. Now a creditor has come to take my two children as slaves.”

Elisha asked her, “What should I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?”

She answered, “I have nothing in the house except a jar of olive oil.”

Elisha said, “Borrow many empty containers from all your neighbors. Then close the door behind you and your children, and pour oil into all those containers. When one is full, set it aside.”

So she left him and closed the door behind her and her children. The children kept bringing containers to her, and she kept pouring. When the containers were full, she told her son, “Bring me another container.”

He told her, “There are no more containers.” So the olive oil stopped flowing. She went and told the man of Elohim.

He said, “Sell the oil, and pay your debt. The rest is for you and your children.”




Fire speaks of the holiness of God and the judging of sin in the life of the believer.

Zechariah 2:5 Names of God Bible (NOG)

I will be a wall of fire around it, declares Yahweh. I will be the glory within it.’


Zechariah 11 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Zechariah Is Told to Take Care of the Sheep

11 Open your doors, Lebanon,
    so that fire will be able to burn down your cedars.

Isaiah 4:4 Names of God Bible (NOG)

Adonay will wash away the filth of Zion’s people.[a] He will clean bloodstains from Jerusalem with a spirit of judgment and a spirit of burning.


Acts 2:1-13 Names of God Bible (NOG)

The Believers Are Filled with the Holy Spirit

When Pentecost, the fiftieth day after Passover, came, all the believers were together in one place. Suddenly, a sound like a violently blowing wind came from the sky and filled the whole house where they were staying. Tongues that looked like fire appeared to them. The tongues arranged themselves so that one came to rest on each believer. All the believers were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them the ability to speak.



The dove represents the gentleness and peace which the Holy Spirit provides the believer.

Luke 3:22 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

22 the Ruach HaKodesh came down on him in physical form like a dove; and a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, whom I love; I am well pleased with you.”



2 Chronicles 1:7-10 Names of God Bible (NOG)

That night Elohim appeared to Solomon. He said, “What can I give you?”

Solomon responded to Elohim, “You’ve shown great love to my father David, and you’ve made me king in his place. Now, Yahweh Elohim, you’ve kept the promise you made to my father David. You’ve made me king of people who are as numerous as specks of dust on the ground. 10 Give me wisdom and knowledge so that I may lead these people. After all, who can judge this great people of yours?”