NISAN/AVIV 10: THE DAY OF PROPHET (Not Prophetess!!!) MYRYAM’S DEATH a.k.a PASSING a.k.a TRANSITION INTO ETERNITY [Numbers 20; The Legends of The Jews]! 2. MYRYAM’S WELL DRIED UP AND DISAPPEARED WHEN SHE DIED! 3. THE WATERS AT MERIBAH! YAHUVEH’S [YAHWEH] JUDGEMENT upon Moshe [Moses] Pronounced! 4. Who exactly was Myryam and Why is it important to know about plus remember her and her crucial role to ISRAEL? – Monday 11th April 2022/ NISAN 10


*There was a Special Provision to ISRAEL by YAHUVEH [YAHWEH] through Myryam, Aharon and Moshe which stopped or disappeared altogether upon their death.* This Special Provision was tied to THE COVENANT made at Mount Sinai as YAHUVEH calls this Provision, *Wedding Gifts to HIS Beloved Bride, ISRAEL* which were to encourage ISRAEL to affirm the COVENANT which had been made with Abraham having now been delivered from Mitzrayim/Egypt! *Remember that the COVENANT is all about obedience to YAH’S TORAH/LAW!* This is revealed in The Legends of The Jews.

*When Moshe died, MANNA stopped falling. Prior to Moshe’s death, ISRAEL was specifically instructed to gather as much MANNA as possible that would last them approximately 40 days and reserve some for future use.* So, not long after stepping foot in entering into THE PROMISED LAND, ISRAEL having crossed The River Jordan [Yarden], The MANNA supply which ISRAEL had left and YAHUVEH had helped them to preserve from going bad run out. As a result, ISRAEL began to get busy with cultivating the land so as to have food to eat. *Sadly, they got carried way with this and forgot to invest time in reading, studying and memory YAH’S TORAH/LAW. ISRAEL ws rebuked through Yahushua [Joshua] The Son of Nun!*

Forgotten what DIVINE YAHUVEH provision HE made through Prophet and High Priest Aharon. Will share as soon as it returns to mind or we are able to locate the section in THE HOLY BIBLICAL SCRIPTURES where it is recorded. Please bear with us. Thank you.

*Through Myryam, water was provided as well as Honey and Milk for honey and milk flowed out of the rocks from which water was obtained.*